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All Rights Reserved. Shareable On Social Media. Unauthorized use not permitted. I'm out here being a StreamQueen -- about to upchuck my green smoothie because this beta drama fetish that Hollywood has I don't get it All of us have been there at some point and time But it's so rampant that I need people to really start snapping daf out of it Maybe I'm just super enlightened, or super over the nonsense of excuse-focused activities that deflect and hinder.

Or maybe both. Who daf knows? I just know that once I detect it in real life or a streamable story plot I just wanna gag. Imagine that? The sun set into a vanilla sky June 4 Blackactors Since we're home streaming let's also support majority black casts and streams with dynamic black actors as well. Let's celebrate Black people doing their thing It's about giving support where support is rarely found. June 03 To some my confidence borders arrogance It is confidence. And looking back only to laugh at the bullet you dodged in the process.

Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury. Published by Bantam in Please scroll through for condition. October on Mars. Gotta cut up sometimes You don't need a reason My virtual office Martians and I have some more designs to do in the next few weeks I lov sleep It could always be worse.

ShowerTime www. One day I'm going to write a book My girl squad for the competition of which I was the captain. Cherish those who bring honesty and authenticity to your life. I went to Quirkcon to take my peeps out on an adventure and made connections and bonds that I hope I never see break. Part of the experiences at Quirkcon is what inspired the BuyMartian brand and all the push toward MartianMusic projects with musicby Every experience brings something to the table.

Never leave the table hungry fill up on all the experiences that come your way. Life is too short not to enjoy life. Continue being an innovative force. And be safe. Te amo raybradbury nunca te mue Te amo Ray Bradbury!!!

Well loved, please scroll through for condition. All the mountains which had names. I love it because the world it creates is very cool, but there is also a lot going on thematically. This is one of my favorites by Bradbury and I highly recommend it for anyone who loves science fiction! About Us. Contact Us. Remove Content.

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If you create a free account and sign in, you will be able to customize what is displayed. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Synopsis: In the near future after a nuclear war, an automated smart house still stands, attempting to serve the humans who no longer exist. Sierpien


"There will come soft rain" / "VendrĂ¡n las lluvias suaves"




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