VCC Voltage Note 2. All voltages are with respect to GND. All currents are positive into the specified terminal. Consult Unitrode databook for information regarding thermal specifications and limitations of packages. Note 2: In normal operation VCC is powered through a current limiting resistor. Absolute maximum of 12V applies when VCC is driven from a low impedance source such that ICC does not exceed 30mA which includes gate drive current requirement.

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PDF , 3. Extract from the document. PDF , 61 Kb , File published: Mar 23, The switch-mode power supply primary current is often sensed using a power resistor.

Using an op amp to amplify the current-sense signal can reduce cost and improve noise performance and efficiency. This report reviews the advantages of using an op amp circuit and analyzes the design criteria needed to choose the proper op amp. PDF , Kb , File published: Sep 5, The UCC IC has several innovative features for general purpose current-mode controlled applications: high speed circuitry, undervoltage lockout, an op-amp type error amplifier, fast overcurrrent protection, a precision reference and a high-current totem-pole output.

The popular UC control-circuit architecture has been recently improved to deliver even higher levels of protection and perfor. It covers practical circuit design considerations such as slope compensation gate drive circuitry external control functions synchronization and paralleling current-mode controlled modules.

Circuit diagrams and simplified equations are included. PDF , 42 Kb , File published: Sep 5, The UCC offers numerous advantages that allow the power supply design engineer to meet requirements for lower power for battery-operated equipment higher switching frequencies for reduced magnetics size higher levels of circuit integration for improved reliability and lower cost. The application performs three functions: control, switching, and output rectification. A circuit schematic and a list of materials are included.

One significant drawback of the boost topology is that, even with the boost converter off, the output voltage approaches the input voltage and does not go to zero. Since these devices have traditionally used relatively high-voltage 35V bipolar processes powering was not a concern. In addition many of these ICs contained high-current protection zeners to keep higher voltages from damaging the devices.

With a numb. PDF , 60 Kb , File published: Sep 5, This design note describes an output converter for battery-powered and automotive applications.

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