The vegetation of the region is characteristic. Maurice Ravel was born in in the small coastal village of Ciboure in the Basque region of France. His father, from the Jura, was an engineer and his mother a Basque, from Ciboure, and it was from her that he inherited an interest in Spain. His Rapsodie espagnole was completed in , after a two-piano version of the work the previous October. Typical of the vegetation of the region is the cactus, and of its agricultural activity the breeding of bulls. Roman in origin, the town of Medina-Sidonia became the property of the Guzman family, with their ducal title taken from the place.

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In offering listeners a selection of some of the finest, and most stylistically diverse, classical piano works written by Cuban composers, Piano Cubano provides a historical snapshot of the composition and performance of piano music in Cuba. Cuban music is a fusion of a variety of African and European—primarily Spanish—musical traditions.

The piano was introduced to the island in the colonial period and, over time, was adopted as a means of musical expression by all levels of Cuban society. Local composers began to incorporate elements from folk music into their works in the 19th century, a process that reached its height in the 20th century.

Ernesto Lecuona was born in the Guanabacoa district of Havana in and died on the island of Tenerife in An internationally famous pianist in his lifetime, he is also now thought of one of the finest Latin-American composers of piano music—his works in the genre are perhaps the most widely known of all such Latin American compositions.

The album opens with two movements from his Danzas afro-cubanas , a collection published in They reflect the African influence on his music, not just in their titles but in their means of rhythmic and melodic expression.

He wrote orchestral and chamber music, works for piano and for guitar, ballet scores, incidental music for the theatre and film soundtracks. His Sones sencillos for piano were written between and , while Alta Gracia dates from Cruz Montero draws on her own innate Cuban spirit to highlight these elements in her performance.

His compositions move between a number of different spheres, including classical, jazz and Cuban and Latin-American popular music. The theme is set out first, like a song without words, and is followed by three variations in the European manner of prelude, study and three-part invention.

Next comes a Cuban contradanza with its characteristic habanera rhythm, then a variation loosely inspired by the melody of the theme. The finale is reserved for a Cuban toccata, crowned by a concluding coda. Cruz Montero plays her own improvisation at the point indicated in the score. Piano Cubano Y. Cruz Montero. Close the window.


Sheet Music

Home Help Search. Sheet music for "Malaguena" by Ernesto Lecuona Read times. Hi all, i'm not sure if this is the place to ask for sheet music, but if you guys have the score for "Malaguena" can you please post it here? I have been looking for it for a long time. Member Posts: Just emailed it to you!!





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