Maharashtra Legal Metrology Manual For official use only. Legal Metrology Organization is one of the i mportant organizations of. Government of M aharashtra.

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Short title and commencement. Courses to be imparted at the Institute. Obligatory functions of the Institute. Qualification of persons to be eligible for admission in the Institute. Regulation of admission to the Institute. Advisory Committee. Power of Institute to grant certificate, diplomas. Repeal and savings. Legal Metrology Approval of Models Rules, 1.

General provisions relating to laboratories. Recognition of Laboratories. Application for the approval of models. Submission of the models of weight or measure. Tests for the approval of model. Procedure for the issue of certificate of approval. Procedure where issue of certificate of approval is not recommended.

Resubmission of disapproved model for approval. Contents of a certificate of approval. Mark of approval. Revocation of certificate of approval. Suspension of certificate of approval. Revocation and suspension of certificates to be published. Deposit of Models or its drawings. Provisions relating to weight or measure for which model approval is ordinarily not necessary.

Provisions relating to testing of substitute materials. Fees for testing of model of weight or measure to be deposited. Licence to manufacture weight or measure when to be issued. Legal Metrology General Rules, 1. Reference standards. Secondary standards. Working standards. Power to specify any other reference, secondary or working standard.

Reference standard balances. Secondary standard balances. Working standard balances. Power to specify the standard equipment. Measures other than measuring instruments. Weighing and measuring instruments.

Procedure for carrying out calibration of vehicle tanks, etc. Registration of Importer. Conditions, etc. Prohibition on sale of non-standard weight or measure within the country.

Maintenance of record in relation to non-standard weight or measure. Sample checking of weight and measure. Checking of non-standard weights and measures sample which are to be exported. Permission to get manufactured non-standard weight or measure for scientific investigation or research.

Time within which unverified weight and measure to be verified and stamped. Register and reports to be maintained by persons referred to in Section 17 or the Act. Scale of fee. Use of regional languages. Periodical verification of weights or measures. Qualifications of Legal Metrology Officer.

Nomination of Director by a Company under the Act. Verification by Government Approved Test Centre. General provisions relating to Government Approved Test Centre. Recognition of Government Approved Test Centre. Duties of the Principal Officer. Fee for verification or re-verification. Mark of verification. Inspection of records. Place of verification. Supervision of Government Approved Test Centre. Contents of Government Approved Test Centre certificate. Mark to Government Approved Test Centre.

Revocation of certificate of Government Approved Test Centre. Suspension of certificate of Government Approved Test Centre. Renewal of Certificate. Fees for applying for Government Approved Test Centre of weights or measures to be deposited. Expenditure on assessment or re-assessment or inspection of Government Approved Test Centre during the calendar year.

Compounding the offences. Legal Metrology Numeration Rules, 1. Procedure for making Numeration. Manner in which numbers exceeding three digits shall be written in words. Manner in which numbers shall be written. Legal Metrology Packaged Commodities Rules, Short title, and Commencement.

Definitions 3. Application of Chapter. Regulation for prepacking and sale etc. Specific commodities to be packed and sold in recommended standard packages. Declarations to be made on every package. Principal display panelits area, size and letter etc 8. Declaration where to appear. Manner in which declaration shall be made.

Declaration of name and address of the manufacturer, etc. General provisions relating to declaration of quantity. Manner in which declaration of quantity shall be. Statement of units of weight, measure or number. Declarations with regard to dimensions of certain commodities. Declaration with regard to dimensions and weight to be made on packages in certain cases. Declarations to be made with regard to the number of usable sheets to be stated. Declarations with regard to the dimensions of container type commodities.

Provisions relating to wholesale dealer and retail dealers. Inspection of quantity and error in packages at the premises of the manufacturer or packer. Action to be taken on completion of inspection of packages at the premises of the manufacturers or the packer. Inspection of quantity and error in packages at the premises of the wholesale dealer or retail dealer.

Establishment of maximum permissible error on package. Deceptive packages to be repacked or in default to be seized.

Declarations applicable to be made on every wholesale package.


Maharashtra's legal metrology department to test taxi meters now

The doctors keenly observe weight of expectant mother and accordingly medication is prescribed. After the birth of a child, weight of newborn infant is noted. This is a beginning of a human being, which goes hand in hand with legal metrology. In the pre-medieval era, we find standard prescribed for weights and measures. One is astonished to notice beweldering nature of the then weights and measures, which has an antique value in the present Century. Various standards in respect of weights and measures in Harrapann civilization stands a mile-stone in the history of urban civilization.


Maharashtra Legal Metrology Manual 2011

Means that part Metrology which treats units of weighment and measurement, methods weighment and measurement and weighing and measuring instruments in relation to the mandatory technical and legal requirement which have the object of ensuring public guarantee from the point of view of security and accuracy of weighment and measurement. In order to ensure uniform enforcement of laws related to matters in Legal Metrology through out the country, the Govt. Controller of Legal Metrology Department is the competent authority to grant the licence. Application for licence should be submitted to the Inspector of Legal metrology who will inspect the firm and forward the same to Controller of Legal Metrology with recommendation for consideration. Any person or a firm, which pre-packs any commodity whether in a bottle, tin, wrapper or otherwise in units suitable for sale, is a Packer.

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