I cannot guarantee that your child will be potty trained at the conclusion of the 3 days, but together we can make a valiant go of it. Thank you for helping me these last few weeks and giving me the 'extreme' method. I got more than my money's worth which the other books don't offer. Although my son did take a lot longer to train than I expected, the positive reinforcement and methods you taught have really paid off.

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It took about 20 minutes to get through the whole book. Gotta love that! If nothing else, her book helped me shift from overwhelmed to confident and excited. She provides a clear strategy and lists items that will be needed and tasks that should be done ahead of time.

Aaaand check! This morning my daughter went pee in her potty right after waking up and received her much anticipated first pair of panties. Totally unnecessary. Early morning was super easy. Loving her new panties and the action of pulling them up and down she went pee in the potty a zillion times. I got over confident.

Lora insists that we keep the child in our sight the entire time, but my daughter was doing so well I forgot it was my job to ensure her success. So when Gigi yelled accident and she started crying I ran her to the potty, chastising myself the whole way. Also, I got her a little too preoccupied playing in the backyard and she had a BM but she came running to me and tried to make it to the potty. My heart has never before swelled with pride over poop, but it did today.

We had a lot of fun outside though. As day 1 wrapped she began encouraging me in the restroom. I guess after almost twelve hours of discussing and celebrating every potty success she felt it was fair game ; — Overall, my sweet girl had a fantastic day. She received quality time, love and support. She was celebrated and so were her successes. I really enjoyed it too, although it was pretty exhausting. Guess that probably depends on how many times I have to change the sheets tonight.

In her book, 3 Day Potty Training , Lora Jensen stresses the importance of letting everything else go for this short period of time. Did I listen to her? My precious girl slept great last night. She had an accident and slept right through it. I tossed and turned, obsessed with helping her get to the potty before she went pee in the bed.

I finally woke her up at am and took her to the potty. The trip was successful, but we never got fully back to sleep after that. Daniel preserved the integrity of this operation by opting to work from home today. The hour he usually commutes home from work is allocated as a break for me. Bless that man. I need some time to recover from my poor choices, and this is my one free pass. There is just no other way. I will do this. One of the most surprising things about the last two days is how intensely she is soaking in my undivided attention.

I had imagined some frustration on her part, but all she seems to notice is that for now we are glued at the hip. Go figure, she likes it. There is a real world out there, and in that world I need to finish our taxes and locate some maternity clothes I accidentally put in storage. But this experience has reinforced something it has taken me awhile to figure out. Time together does not always equate quality time. Our relationship thrives when I intentionally make her my sole focus on a regular basis.

Right now, that means the zoo every Friday morning. The time we spend there enjoying each other makes the other six days of the week a thousand times easier.

I started this day feeling completely defeated. The advice was so good I plan on using every single piece of it to get to the finish line. Remember how I said I was done being superwoman? Scratch that. She, um, started packing and made up this crazy story about having planned a trip to my sisters long in advance.

Like I am going to buy that! Love you, Gigi. Have I mentioned yet that Daddypotamus is sick? Yeah, that too. So it is me vs. Bring it on!! The upside of making mayonnaise and starting the pizza and tortilla dough is that I got to see a beautiful full moon. Not sure if this would affect anything but we do co-sleep with her. If she does have accidents during the nights, the best way to teach her how to wake prior to when she would release is to pin point when the accidents are happening.

Once you have an idea of when they occur, then you should begin taking her to the potty just prior to those times, before the accident takes place. If you do this consistently to where she has multiple dry nights, then she is going to learn to wake herself and go potty before releasing in her bed. It could take a few nights to get your times accurate enough, but once you do, it will be smooth sailing from there. Last night, my girl stayed dry from 7pm — 4am. Nine hours!

I checked her at 4am and she was dry. Five minutes later she started moving around and was sopping wet. Today we prepped for night time training by laying in bed and pretending to be asleep. Tell me if you need to go potty, ok? She was dry for 2 hrs at naptime until I dawdled in bed for 30 seconds after she woke up. Sheesh, no margin here! As part of our Day 1 ceremony we packed away all of her cloth diapers and put the changing table in the garage. So I have a few questions for you moms who have already blazed this trail.

It has been exactly one month since my sweet girl put on her first pair of big girl panties. Lora Jensens 3 Day Potty Training method helped us make a lot of progress, but things have not worked out quite as expected. She still wears regular panties during the day but I called Kristi over at Hip Green Baby to talk nighttime pants. To my surprise, she offered me five pairs of barely-used trainers that her sister-in-law was getting rid of for free!

Gotta say, that is one of the perks of supporting local businesses. They care and stuff. Turns out when it comes to getting my child to go potty or eat her veggies I am a reward mama after all. All-in-all, I would say my little girl is trained ish. She is more aware of her body and tells me immediately if there is an accident. Hi, I'm Heather Dessinger , founder of Mommypotamus.

I'm on a mission to help you put delicious, healthy meals on the table, find effective natural remedies for common complaints, make your own fuss-free personal care and home products, and save time and money in the process. Read My Comment Policy. I have never read this book.

But it sounds just perfect! I always say it is more about training US in the first week. Recognizing their signals, staying close to them, Never-ever letting them know we are frustrated accident after accident. My best advice is even after a couple of weeks, when you start going out in panties, and she seems to be doing perfectly… still keep the same attitude and ALWAYS a spare pair of panties and pants That is when the frustration can really creep in and can make them feel embarrassed.

Accidents are no big deal! Have fun with it! Thanks for your encouragement, Jessica. We understand that children need positive reinforcement to change their thinking, but I am finding that I need it just as much. Advice and encouragement from other moms has been a lifeline as I prepared and began this process. I totally agree with being with them a solid 3 days or really even the whole week. Also YES on the positive reinforcement. Jumping and screaming when they do good and getting them so excited!

We do the candy or fruit snack or something she loves every time she pees and then if there are no accidents after a set number of days, she gets a reward like a toy she really wanted. So keep it up! Go Katie! I totally agree that letting them wet the bed a few times is well worth it if it trains their brains to send wake up messages, rather than just relying on pull-ups, which can have the opposite effect.


3 Day Potty Training Lora Jensen Free Pdf

It took about 20 minutes to get through the whole book. Gotta love that! If nothing else, her book helped me shift from overwhelmed to confident and excited. She provides a clear strategy and lists items that will be needed and tasks that should be done ahead of time.


How to Potty Train in 3 Days

As far as being a parent, I can boast very few untarnished wins—namely, they are: 1 making my daughter believe that frozen grapes are a totally acceptable dessert, 2 teaching her to love Swiffer-ing, and 3 potty training. Potty training was the biggest surprise success as I was fully prepared for drawn-out doom. I had read about the 3-Day Potty Training method in my Facebook mommy groups, but it sounded too good to be legit. Three days? My shipments of Huggies took longer than that. Spoiler alert: It worked!


3 Day Potty Training

One mom shares the highs and lows of toilet training her toddler over a long weekend, boot-camp style. Find out how it worked. By Caroline Starr July 4, Like some clueless first-time parents, we had this idea that our son would potty train himself. As he passed age two and a half, we occasionally convinced him to go outside his diaper, mostly in locations he found intriguing, like by the side of the road, in parks, on the grass and in the scuzziest restaurant bathrooms he could find.

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