The Chinese government's State Administration for Religious Affairs has proposed considering Christianity the official religion of the Lisu. Christian missionaries had been working in the Lisu area since the early 20th century. Fraser with the China Inland Mission , who also developed the written Lisu language and the Fraser Alphabet , which today is officially adopted by the Chinese government. As an originally orally-based culture , Lisu hymn singing has become a centerpiece in Lisu Christian worship and practice. Lisu pastors are trained at the Theological University of Kunming.

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The Bible has been translated into many of the languages of China besides Chinese. These include major minority languages with their own literary history, including Korean , Mongolian , Tibetan , Kazakh , Kyrgyz , Russian and Uyghur. The other languages of China are mainly tribal languages, mainly spoken in Yunnan in Southwest China.

Amity Press published the Jingpho Bible in and again in The complete Bible was first published in Lahu in Lisu is part of the Tibeto-Burman family. Samuel Pollard and James O. Fraser prepared simple Christian literature while they were in the first stages of learning the Miao and Lisu languages, later moving on to translating the New Testament. He then handed on the translation task to Allyn Cooke and his wife, Leila, coming back to help the team with revision in the mid s.

Isobel Miller Kuhn also worked on the translation. The New Testament was finished in , and the complete Bible in Metcalf , was first published in in Hong Kong, however no copies ever got back to Yunnan. Sam Pollard began work translating the New Testament into the Large Flowery Miao language of northeastern Yunnan in , [3] [4] publishing parts of it, [5] however died of typhoid in before he could finish it. Colleagues completed the work. The book was typeset in Japan, and eventually 85, copies were distributed.

In the late s, Miao Christian leaders decided to finish Pollard's work and translate the Old Testament. After discussion with the Yunnan Christian Council and the Three-Self Patriotic Movement , semi-official organizations, a translation team was formed in Kunming. One question was whether to continue to use the Pollard script , which was familiar to Christians from their reading of older materials, or to use the new script promulgated by the government in In the end, a modified version of the old script was used.

Since Pollard's Miao characters are not included in Unicode , standard computer word processing programs could not handle the text. Consultants from among the missionaries created keyboard shortcuts, but their unique characters could not be copied or the text checked.

The new translation was launched at a ceremony in Kunming in September , with an initial printing of 10, copies. The entire Bible was completed by Wa Christians in the nineties, and a trial version was published. Since the trial version, the Bible Society of Myanmar has been worked on a thorough revision of the text, and a finalized Wa Bible was published in April The Bible was first translated into Xishuangbanna Dai in Amity Press has published the New Testament in Yi.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Main article: Bible translations into Chinese. Thor Strandenaes - "In Chinese Bible translating this foreign dominance is evident during the 19th Century and continued well after the Brill, pp. Tiedemann, ed. Mark in Naxi , tr.

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