Government which allows you to register for free during the lottery open season. These are the benefits of using our service: you can register days of the year, we guarantee you'll submit a qualified entry, you can apply in 7 different languages and each application and photo will be personally reviewed by our customer support representatives. What is the Green Card Lottery? The Green Card Lottery was created by the U.

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All is here: fiction, documentaries, experimental film and animations. The best Lithuanian short films from the recent years will be presented in 3 programs, shown from the 9th to the 11th of August in Berlin cinemas Acud-Kino, Filmrauschpalast and Sputnik-Kino. During the screenings viewers will be invited to vote and select their Favourite movie, which will close the festival on October 12th in Sputnik.

Just before going on a big night out, Milda learns of a painful loss. Will this change her plans? A little boy lives in a silent world full of colorful fragments. He loves his daughter and tries desperately to win her back. When a man is assaulted in the street, the emotional damage hurts him more than the punches taken.

A city can turn into a jungle in a flash. Suffering from the bullying classmates and the loss of his loving grandmother, the superhero —a Storkman — is born. A young couple meets in a train compartment. At first sight, and for no apparent reason, they find it hard to communicate. The very next day, he calls to ask him an important question.

Three friends in their twenties plan to have a fun Friday night out. Yet too many choices and a fear of missing out on something better, makes it overwhelming. When two sectarians attempt to convince Mary, a struggling sales agent, of their controversial truth, she stands up in the name of all neglected women. People are bound to act upon learned patterns. While a couple repeatedly attempts to put their sick dog to sleep, the lurking issues of their relationship come to surface.

After loosing his wife, a successful businessman decides to kill himself, but is interrupted by a beggar with ambiguous intentions. Suddenly, Dalia, a woman in her fifties, finds herself free to make her own choices. Two best friends Olivija and Matas decide to go on a kayaking trip in late autumn.

Both are eager to share their plans for the future. A remote provincial school lacks two pupils to satisfy the governmental quota.

While awaiting an official visit, the principal does his best to mask the shortage. When an elderly lady becomes aware that her flat is haunted by a smoking ghost, she does everything to win the former peace in her household back. Two very immoral weeks, recorded in real and trashy film negative.

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