The Kathamrita is a regarded as a Bengali classic [1] and revered among the followers as a sacred scripture. Mahendranath Gupta famously known simply as "M. M had the habit of maintaining a personal diary since the age of thirteen. Sometimes I had to keep awake the whole night Sometimes I would keep on writing the events of one sitting for seven days, recollect the songs that were sung, and the order in which they were sung, and the samadhi and so on. The pre-history of the Kathamrita has been discussed in R.

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Section I. Sri Ramakrishna with Devotees. Chapter I. It is about 8 or 9 p. Thakur is surrounded by Ram, Manomohan, Rakhal, Nityagopal and other devotees. They are all inebriated with chanting the name of God.

Some of the devotees are in a state of ecstasy. When they all sit down, M. He sees that Rakhal is lying down overwhelmed with ecstasy and unaware of the outside world. He lives with his father in Calcutta and goes to Dakshineswar from time to time to visit Thakur. Thakur had said to M. Please go there. It is Saturday, 11 March , 28th of Falgun, the seventh day of the dark fortnight of Chaitra.

The devotees sit for prasad on the verandah while Balaram stands humbly to serve them. He has not yet talked to the devotees, only with Narendra at Dakshineswar. Harmony of religions. A few days later, Sri Ramakrishna had been. A short while ago, Thakur had rested on his. When M. Sitting on a step of the Shiva temple opposite the temple of Sri Radhakanta, Thakur suddenly went into ecstasy at the sight of the temple. He begins to talk to the Mother of the Universe. Who can really know You?

But if someone calls on You with a longing heart, You can be reached, by Your grace, by any path. Mother, how do Christians call on You in church? Please show me once. But Mother, what will people say if I enter a Church?

So please let me see from the door of the church. On another day [in March ] Thakur is sitting on the smaller cot in his room.

He is a picture of joy with a smiling face. Kalikrishna did not know where he was being taken by his friend. The friend [M. Thakur laughs. The aim of life is to develop intense love of God. Indeed, love for God is the essence. It is extremely difficult to know God through knowledge and reasoning. Who can know what Kali is? Even the six philosophies cannot reveal Her.

The yogi meditates on Her from the Muladhara to the Sahasrara,. As She sports with Kala — two swans amid a wilderness of lotuses. Like Om, the source of all, Kali is the inner self of the yogi who delights in the Self.

She dwells in every living creature, of Her own will and just as She pleases. Kala, eternity — he alone knows the meaning of Kali, time; who else but he can know Her as She truly is? Says Prasad, to think that you can know Her is as laughable as trying to swim across the sea. My mind understands, but alas my heart does not! Though but a dwarf, it aspires to catch the moon. When Sri Krishna went to Mathura, the cowherd boys wandered around weeping in sorrow at being separated from him.

Saying this, Thakur gazes upward and sings:. I have just seen a new cowherd boy. He holds the branch of a young tree and in his arms he holds a new-born calf. Says he, where is brother Kanai? And his eyes are filled with tears. Hearing this song full of love from Thakur, M. Chapter II. Today Sri Ramakrishna has come to Calcutta.

It is Sunday, 2 April , the 14 t h day of the bright fortnight of. Chaitra, the time between 1 and 2 in the afternoon. Then he wants to visit Keshab Sen in his house called the Lily Cottage. Some gentlemen of the neighborhood and other invited guests are also there. They are all anxious to hear what Thakur has to say. This world is certainly His glory. But seeing His splendour and glory, people forget everything else.

The world is like a whirlpool of Vishalakshi. Once a boat is caught in it, nothing can save it. You pull yourself out of one thorn and get entangled with another. A man becomes scorched in the world of lust and gold.

The way: holy company and prayer. One day of holy company is not enough. It is always necessary, because the disease is chronic. You have to be with the doctor, here there and everywhere.

Only then can you understand if it is phlegm or bile. By keeping the company of holy people, the heart becomes restless for God. This yearning should be like a person out of work who is running around from one office to another in the search of a job.

He is your own. Why have you given birth to me? He has created us. What wonder is there that He is kind to us? He has to do it, so we should make demands on Him. He is our own father, our own mother. If the son wants his inheritance and begins to fast for it, his parents release it three years early.

Seeing his insistence, she tosses a few coins at him. What is unreal is transitory: the mind should discriminate. No sooner does an elephant raise its trunk to eat the plantain tree of a stranger but the mahout goads it. He has created good people and He has also created the wicked.

It is He who gives good as well as bad tendencies. Responsibility of a sinner and results of actions. Mathur Babu did a lot of bad things in his youth. But when the wood is burnt, all the water collects and it puts out the fire in the oven. Just see how Hanuman burnt Lanka in anger. Later, he realized that Sita was in the Ashoka grove. Then he was frantic that she might come to harm.

Both knowledge and ignorance 1 are in His maya. Darkness is necessary to show the glory of light. If lust, anger and greed are bad, why has he made them? Because he wants to create saintly people. A person becomes high-minded when his senses are subdued. What is impossible for a person who has overcome his senses?

By His grace, he can even realize God. And look at it from this point of view. When the tenants of a landlord rebelled the landlord sent Golok Choudhury.


Sri Sri Ramakrishna Kathamrita





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