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I recently switched from 3. A more detailed version of my question follows. In the older versions I had come up with a streamlined process to add a new entry to Jabref in minimal time and with minimal effort, but with high quality, consistent information: I imported the new entry through the medline web search which resulted in a unique key.

Then I downloaded the pdf-file through the browser and stored it with the key as file name in my standard directory. Eventually there will even be two file entries for the same pdf-file: one with absolute and one with relative path.

This all slows down my previously highly efficient entry adding process. So how can I return to a process which takes less than 10s on the JabRef side while maintaining the high quality, consistent information provided by Medline? However, your workflow still should be possible as well: Before trying to download the file it is still checked locally whether a matching file can be found.

I just tested it locally and it still works for me. So how could I speed up the process to avoid unnecessary waiting times?

It should take less than a second to check whether a file name starting with the key exists in the default directory. Below is a screenshot of my global file settings.

Screenshot from Automatically adding a pdf-file to a new entry in JabRef 3. Info: JabRef 3. Hi sbitzer! Moreover, of course duplicates should not be created. Regards Matthias. Hi Matthias, thanks for your reply!


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