When you hear the name of Indrajal, everyone feels that it is an elusive lore. Many people see it by combining it with Tantra, Mantra and Yantra. Many people also see it with black magic, vashikaran, hypnosis, killing and Mohan. In Persian, however, it is called tilism. This term is also very prevalent in India which is used in the context of magic. In ancient times, India was also recognized in the world because of this lore.

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Indrajaal is one of a primitive, ancient and rare recognition. It has many branches. This book presents the perplexing subjects in such a systematic way that the general mass can easily understand and follow. The Mantra, Tantra and Yantra, each is a separate part of occult science and has its significance and importance at its own place. This old science of heritage is being used by the people all over the world and are now being convinced about the efficacy of this science.

The heritage of India is hidden at many places and is not available at one place. Yantra means an instrument, apparatus, tilism or mystical diagram but definitely not a magic or Jadoo Tona as is commonly believed.

The Yantra be practiced and used for the help, good cause and service of mankind. These should no: be used for any nefarious means. The Yantras provided in. Yantras be prepared as per directions prescribed for that i. Other yantras for which no specific directions have been performed during some auspicious periods such as Nav Ratras , Holi, Deepawali Day or night, on eclipse day etc. The sadhana for yantra be performed with full faith and rituals and you will succeed.

Classics say that mantras are sounds which originated from the five faces of Lord Shiva is different forms. It could be said that shabda, the sound was born before deity and human being. It is said that sound leaves its impact on common human being from heart to soul. While practicing the mantras, the devotee should follow the rules provided in the classics such as Brahman granths , tantra , agams , upnishads etc.

Vedic mantras are those mantras which are experienced by our sages or rather seen and later passed on to their disciples. When Mantras are given samput through any of the Bija mantras or created as per the need and already tested are known as Tantric mantras. Any Sadhana requires constant and continuous search and practice.

Desires have no limit. We are all forced to take recourse to various short-cut method for the accomplishment of desires. Mediation, Mantras and Tantras being few methods among them. There is no doubt that the real path of mediation takes us to wealth and comfort initially and salvation being the final stage. When one mediates with sincerity and by observing the correct technique as imparted by our ancients, his surroundings become favourable, wealth flows in, he enjoys the worldly comforts, and then the real stage of salvation comes.

I request the practitioners to practice those mantras which are meant for attaining peace. If God is kind enough to give peace, we have achieved everything we want. Indrajaal Glossary. Yagas and Poojas. Yagas for Graha Shanti. Yagas for Important Life Transitions.

Some Other Types of Yagyas. Planet and Worship. Different Homas and Their Purpose. Fasts and Vrat. Vrat in the Puranas. Time Based Vrats. Some Famous Deities. Power of Mantra. Mantra in Vedas. Chanting of Powerful Mantras. Origin Of Mantras. Mantra Japa. Jain Mantras. Some Powerful Mantras. Prayers of Different Deities.

Maha Gayatri Worship. Mantras for Sun Ravi. Mantras for Moon Chandra. Mantras for Birth of a Son Mars. Maha Ganpati Mantra. Dhanvantari Mantra. Maruti Mantra. For Winning Law Suits. Hanuman Kalp Mantra. Narayan Mantra. Vasudev Mantra. Murcut Mantra. Kuber Mantra for Wealth. Baglamukhi Mantra. Ganesh Vashikaran Mantra. Aakarshan Mantra. Kamakhya Vashikaran Mantra. What is Tantra. Tantra-A Boon or a Curse.

Agama Tantra. Tantra Yoga. Origin of Tantra. Buddhist Tantra. Qualifications of a Disciple. Buddhist Tantra Derived from Hindu Tantra. Yogini Tantra. Guru Diksha Initiation. Qualification of a Disciple. Women in Tantra. Aspects of a Awakening. Tantrik Practices. Das Mahavidya in Tantra. Useful Plants in Indian Tantra. Some Rare Tantric Articles.

Sadhna of Rare Tantric Articles. Tantra Sadhana and Siddhi. The Pancha Tattva. Kaak Tantra. Chakras in Tantra. Chakras : System with Eleven Chakras. Chakras and Sound. Sidh Shakti Peethas for Tantra Sadhna. Sexuality in Tantra. The Magic Path of Tantra. The 36 Tattvas. Muhurata for Writing Yantra. Lagna for Writing Yantras. Design of Yantra. Effect of Yantras. Iconography in Yantra. General Procedure Regarding all the Yantras. Puja of Yantra. Sun Surya Yantra.


Indrajal।।इंद्रजाल।। Indrajal Mantra in Hindi - Maha Indrajal Mantra (1)

In Hinduism the first creator of maya in this universe was Indra. The term Indrajala was used instead of maya in the ancient days. Since Indra represents God and God's creation of this universe can be considered a magical act, this whole world is Indrajala a net of Indra , an illusion. In a similar fashion, the human magician applies the magic called Indrajala in imitation of his divine forerunners, and thus spreads his net of maya over those he chooses as the object of his manipulations.


What Is Indrajal Vashikaran Mantra




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