Graupner, Christoph Overview. Publication Timeline. Most widely held works about Christoph Graupner. Most widely held works by Christoph Graupner. Concerti grossi for two violins by Christoph Graupner 24 editions published between and in 3 languages and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide "Christoph Graupner was a prolific composer who earned the respect of his contemporaries for the quality of his music. Graupner wrote a total of forty-eight concertos, of which five have a concertino of two violins and a ripieno of two violins, viola, and cembalo.

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Sonata a 3 by Anonymous has been changed. Concerto by Dittersdorf has been changed. Aria "Laudamus te" by Caldara has been changed. Concerto nr. Divertimento by Telemann has been changed. Sonata da Chiesa by Janitsch has been added. Suonata da Camera by Janitsch has been added. This project , inspired by Bruce Haynes ' famous book 'Music for Oboe', presents an interactive and continuously updated database containing music for and with oboe up to It offers many search functions which may be combined and allows an unambiguous identification of the pieces listed by including incipits this work is still in progress.

To utilise all these functions have a look at the How to Use - Page. Words cannot express how thankful I feel to Jens Kanschik for writing the software running this catalog. I am honored that, through my commitment to this project, a part of Bruce Haynes' work will live on. I wish you a successful catalog search and hope you enjoy finding and performing our oboe music! Peter Wuttke NEW!!! Dubois, [? Hasse, Johann Adolf Hasseneder, G. Madam Lavalliere, M. Anton Reutter, Georg von Reymann, F.

Johann Caspar] Simono, D. Zoncada, Giovanni Zuccari, Giovanni. Music without Bass 1. Solos without Bass 1. Duets for 2 Oboes 1. Duets for Oboe and other instrument 1. Pieces for more than 2 parts without Bass 1. Trios for 2 Oboes and English horn 2. Solos with Bass 2.

French solos with Bass 2. English solos with Bass 2. Italian solos with Bass 2. German solos with Bass 2. Other solos with Bass 3.

Trios 3. Trios for 2 general Treble instruments 3. Trios for 2 Oboes 3. Trios with Traverso 3. Trios with Recorder 3. Trios with Violin 3. Trios with Viola da gamba 3. Trios with Bassoon 3. Trios with Keyboard 3. Trios, other 4. Quartets 4. Quartets for 3 general Treble instruments 4. Quartets for 2 Oboes, Bassoon obbligato 4. Quartets with 2 Violins 4. Quartets with Violin, Viola, Viola da Gamba 4. Oboe Quartets 4. Quartets with Keyboard obbligato 4. Quartets, other 5.

Quintets 5. Quintets for 2 Oboes, 2 Horns, Bassoon or Bass 5. Quintets for winds only 5. Oboe quintets 5. Quintets with Keyboard obl. Quintets, mixed winds and strings 5. Quintets, other 6. Sextets 6. Sextets, other 7. Septets 7. Octets 8. Octets, other 9. Double-reed ensembles 9. Double-reed ensembles, 4 parts 9.

Double-reed ensembles, 5-parts 9. Double-reed ensembles, other Solo concertos French solo concertos English solo concertos Italian solo concertos German solo concertos Other solo concertos Double Concertos Double Concertos for 2 Oboes Double Concertos for Oboe, Violin Double Concertos for Oboe, other instrument Concertos for 3 instruments Triple Concertos for Flute, Oboe and Bassoon Triple Concertos for Flute, Oboe and Violin Triple Concertos for Oboe, Violin and Violoncello Triple Concertos for Oboe and 2 other instruments Triple Concertos for 2 Oboes and Bassoon Triple Concertos for 2 Oboes and other instrument Triple Concertos for 3 Oboes Symphonies Concertantes Symphonies Concertantes for 4 wind instruments Symphonies Concertantes for 4 mixed instruments Symphonies Concertantes for 5 instruments Symphonies Concertantes for 6 or more instruments Vocal works with one Oboe obl.

Soprano with Oboe obl. Alto with Oboe obl. Tenor with Oboe obl. Bass with Oboe obl. Multiple voices with Oboe obl. Unspecified voice with Oboe obl. Vocal works with 2 Oboes and Bass Soprano with 2 Oboes obl. Alto with 2 Oboes obl.


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