The publications of The Continuum of Literacy Learning , the Benchmark Assessment System 1 and 2 , and the Leveled Literacy Intervention Systems are the result of over two decades of research and practical work with teachers. They teamed up with Heinemann to write Guided Reading: Good First Teaching for All Students in , a focused professional book that offered practical advice and discussions of research-based practice in this area. Fountas and Pinnell refined their tool and published it for the first time in Guided Reading , and continued to explore and refine the nuances that made one book easier or harder for readers. Thinking across the gradient from A to Z provided a picture of the development of systems of strategic actions over time, and they used this picture to guide the observation of precise reading behaviors and the teaching that would lead each reader forward. The most challenging task was to think about what the reader needs to be able to do at each level to read with accuracy, understanding, and fluency.

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By Lesley University. A gradient of texts is a tool that helps you look at texts along a continuum from easiest to most challenging. Fountas and Pinnell have identified ten factors that are used to analyze texts and arrange them along the gradient.

Once you become familiar with these factors, you will be able to look at texts more analytically and determine how these aspects affect the challenges that a given text might present to readers. In Stock. If ordering a quantity of or more, please contact Customer Service.

Course access is days from the date it is activated. Note: We encourage group participation; however, we require that each person be registered and be included in the subscription payment. For group pricing information please call , ext.

Each session requires approximately one hour to complete, with additional opportunities to read and reflect offline as well as to practice with students. Shop Create Account Log In. Search Search. Learn to Analyze Texts to Support Literacy Development A gradient of texts is a tool that helps you look at texts along a continuum from easiest to most challenging. Share This Resource.

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