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When you subscribe, you receive only messages for the product you have subscribed to. You can check your current subscriptions and remove yourself from subscriptions at any time by visiting the Reviews Home page and clicking on the 'here' box under Subscriptions. If you have comments, questions, or problems with this procedure please write to the Forums Manager.

To build the largest and most complete Amateur Radio community site on the Internet. This project involves a management team of volunteers who each take a topic of interest and manage it with passion. The site will be something that everyone involved can be proud to say they were a part of. Toggle navigation. Forgot Password. Reviews Home. I bought this tuner when it first came out and it matches pretty much anything I throw at it An antenna made from crutches, 2 shopping carts, a hamstick, a rain gutter or hotel balcony My favourite is the Norcal Doublet This is a must have if you enjoy Qrp I plan to use this with the Icom The battery lasts forever!

Just add a bnc to bnc or so piglet patch cord, a banana plug to bnc adapter, a male to male b c adapter, 50 of speaker wire and some lightweight paracord. Go find a tree, throw a wire and go make QSO. Works great with my mcHF clone RS, nothing not to like. Awesome accessory for the nd. Using a home made 8-pin mini din Y cable, I use the T1 tuner with the Click2Tune dongle so I don't have to manually switch modes on my radio to TX a carrier. Add the control cable for the nd and it follows band changes.

Almost like using a luxury radio out in the field. I'm glad Elecraft takes QRP seriously. This is a fun and challenging build depending on your eyesight. I had to wear a head magnifier combined at times with a hand magnifier to inspect the work. Solder points get very close in spots and patience and the right equipment will get the job done. No place for a cheap iron with an oversized tip. Once I had finished the build my first test failed.

Going back over my work I found a couple of bad solders and a bridged area. Fixed and works a treat. Tunes fast and easy on the FT If ur eyes are not real good and patience a premium probably worth paying the extra for the factory build. I just finished assembling the Elecraft T1 and now have a great little automatic antenna tuner that's small enough to fit in my pocket.

It's only slightly bigger than a pack of playing cards. This is a very fun kit to build and a little challenging because the parts are small, the circuit boards are densely packed, and the solder pads are very close together, so I wouldn't recommend it for the first-time builder.

You need a fine-tipped soldering iron, a steady hand, and good soldering technique to be successful. Elecraft is known for their excellent construction manuals, and this, of course, is no exception.

The explanations are simple and clear and illustrated when appropriate, though I did notice a couple of minor errors. The instructions for winding the torroids tell you to wind one torroid in the opposite direction from the rest, but the picture in the manual and the legend on the circuit board indicate that you should wind it the same as the others. Later in the manual, a resistance check returned a value slightly different from what was described, but I'm not sure if that's an error in the instructions or in my assembly; however, since my tuner works as expected, I'm not going to sweat it.

With only two buttons, operation is extremely simple: tap the left-most button the yellow LED will blink and transmit within three seconds to display output power; or press, hold, and release the same button the green LED will blink and transmit within three seconds to kick in the automatic tuning.

You'll see the SWR displayed and hear the relays clicking through different combinations to find the best match the manual claims there are 32, possible combinations.

It only takes a few seconds, and since the T1 uses latching relays, power is consumed only when tuning. The second button is used in combination with the first to switch the tuner in-line or to bypass it, or if you press, hold, and release, it will give you detailed power and SWR information by blinking the yellow LED in slow Morse.

I'm looking forward to putting this little tuner into service in the coming years. I built mine from a kit a couple of months ago, and use it with my Xiegu X1M Platinum. It was an easy kit to build all components that need to be installed are through-hole, you just need to make sure the leads are clipped off FLUSH with the board surface after soldering. All SMD components are already installed when you receive the kit. If you assemble it properly, it tunes up very quickly and accurately.

We'll see how it holds up later this summer when I use it for portable work! Ive had mine for a few days. They have been around for a long time but I just got around to getting one. I used a few different configurations of antenna and ran the rig at around 8 to 13 watts output The EF Random wire was around 80 to feet I think Fed from a banana plug to bnc adapter directly on the T1. The rig and T1 were sitting on the ground and the wire went inverted vee at around 40 something feet.

It found a on all bands with a little loss on 80m but not much. I would retune until the swr went as low as possible. I was still putting out around 12 watts and made several qso's. A counterpoise made no discernable difference after trying a few different lengths Then I tested a 40 M Windom that was used in EF vertical and inverted L configurations weird I know, but it works great when trees are limited. Inverted L config had 35 ft or so vertical and the remaining 5 to 10 feet was horizontal.

The T1 tuned to on M with very little loss as well. I made two cross mode cw to phone qso's and several cw only contacts during my 1 hour test. I got tired of messing with the little, manual, kit tuners for my EF wire antennas, so I sprung for this T1 in pre-built version.

I dont regret it at all. I guess I'm getting lazy. I know a transmatch will always Introduce some loss based on match differences, but they did a good job with this tuner. Latching relays I believe I'm really happy. I purchased it specifically for my portable kit that runs between 3 and 15 watts depending on the supplied voltage.

Git'r Done!!!! In my previous review I gave this thing a 0 and I'd like to slightly revise that. I borrowed a friends unit and that unit actually worked fine. Indeed, the borrowed unit worked. I built my T1 more than a year ago. It wasn't the most complex of builds, but was rather a rather tight fit in it's compact case.

It's worked well since day 1. I've used on multiple SOTA activation's with some pretty ordinary antenna's. I'm very happy and would spend the money to buy the kit again. I have had the T1 for over a week and so far it has tuned everything I've connected from end fed random wires to doublets. Very happy ham! More than 12 Months. There is a delay before newly submitted reviews are Approved. The delay is for new review screening and approval.

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Automatictuner Elecraft T1 ready built

About the size of a pack of playing cards, weighing next to nothing well, less than grams and powered by an internal PP3 battery, it's the perfect companion for anyone who likes to take small, low-powered radios out into the country or up into the hills. The T1 is the first Elecraft product that is available both ready-built and as a kit. There's only a small difference in price. Buying Some folk are leery of buying direct from overseas, but it's no different from buying from a UK dealer's website: the product just takes a bit longer to arrive. The kit shipped on the day Elecraft promised, and a fortnight later a man from ParcelForce was knocking on the door asking for money.


Impulse Noise. Search this site. I considered a number of A. In the end I came across this kit and at the price found it very compelling. Equipment requirements for this sort of operation are small size, low weight, battery powered and physically fairly rugged and this kit ticks all of those boxes. The tuner itself is available pre-built and tested for a very modest price but I wanted some stake in the project so I opted to build and test it myself. The kit comes with two double-sided printed circuit boards and all wire, components and hardware necessary to built a complete unit, including the case and labeling.


It's one-fourth the size of most other compact ATUs. And at just 5 ounces, the T1 is the ideal backpacking accessory. Quick, Convenient, and Accurate The T1's 7-inductor, 7-capacitor L-network provides a wide matching range, and its re-tune time from memory is just 1 to 2 seconds. Equally important, the T1 always tries to achieve a 1. You won't even need to change modes to tune.

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