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Barro Colorado Island. Pervasive shifts in forest dynamics in a changing world. Nate G. McDowell, Craig D. Hurtt, Robert B. Jackson, Daniel J. Johnson, Lara Kueppers, Jeremy W. Pugh, Rupert Seidl, Monica G. Turner, Maria Uriarte, Anthony P. View Article. Enemy-free space and the distribution of ants, springtails and termites in the soil of one tropical rainforest.

Palacios-Vargas, David A. Lamarre, Luis F. Demographic trade-offs predict tropical forest dynamics. Dent, Saara J. DeWalt, Stephen P. Hubbell, , Jeremy W. Lichstein, Omar R. Counting niches: Abundance-by-trait patterns reveal niche partitioning in a Neotropical forest. O'Dwyer, Hector Figueroa, S. Monitoring tropical insects in the 21st century. Greg P. Lamarre, Tom M. Fayle, Simon T. Segar, Benita C. Melendez-Colom, John H.

The shape of a species' spatial abundance distribution. John Conlisk, Erin Conlisk, Abd. Soil resources and topography shape local tree community structure in tropical forests. Claire A. Baldeck, Kyle E. Harms, Joseph B. Yavitt, Robert John, Benjamin L. Davies, George B. Chuyong, David Kenfack, Duncan W. Habitat filtering across tree life stages in tropical forest communities Habitat filtering across tree life stages in tropical forest communities.

Baldeck, K. Harms, J. Yavitt, R. John, B. Turner, R. Valencia, H. Navarrete, S. Bunyavejchewin, S. Kiratiprayoon, A. Yaacob, M. Supardi, S. Davies, S. Hubbell, G. Chuyong, , D. Kenfack, D. Statistical mechanics ideas and techniques applied to selected problems in ecology. Carbon storage in tropical forests correlates with taxonomic diversity and functional dominance on a global scale.

Kyle C. Cavanaugh, J. Stephen Gosnell, Samantha L. Clark, Badru Mugerwa, Patrick A. Jansen, Timothy G. Temporal fluctuation scaling in populations and communities. Flather, Ronen Kadmon, David A. The gambin model provides a superior fit to species abundance distributions with a single free parameter: Evidence, implementation and interpretation. Thomas J. Matthews, Michael K. Borregaard, Karl I. Ugland, Paulo A. A simple method for estimating species abundance from occurrence maps.

How Wet are the Wet Tropics? Egbert G. Leigh, Jr. Towards a unified descriptive theory for spatial ecology: Predicting biodiversity patterns across spatial scales. Cornell, Samir Suweis, Jayanth R. Seed size and the evolution of leaf defences. Thomas S. Kraft, S. Lucas, Christopher E. Oufiero, Md. Phylogenetic turnover along local environmental gradients in tropical forest communities.

Baldeck, S. Kembel, K. Turner, S. Madawala, N. Gunatilleke, S. Supardi, , R. Davies, G. Chuyong, D. Lydia Beaudrot, Jorge A.

Spironello, , Michael R. Willig, Nurul L. Limited carbon and biodiversity co-benefits for tropical forest mammals and birds. Marshall, , Emanuel H. Reproducing static and dynamic biodiversity patterns in tropical forests: The critical role of environmental variance. Tak Fung, James P. O'Dwyer, Kassim Abd. Rahman, Christine D. Andrew Muehleisen, Simon A.

A phenomenological spatial model for macro-ecological patterns in species-rich ecosystems. Quantifying the role of wood density in explaining interspecific variation in growth of tropical trees.

Emily J. Francis, Helene C.


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