Thirty-two teams and many of the best players from around the country took part in the event. Eight students from the UAE University, under the guidance of iTV executive director Dale Matthews, used the Opera production switcher handling five cameras to create content for the Web broadcast, available for online viewing live around the world. While these prosumer three-chip cameras provided by iTV normally need to be synced externally, the internal frame synchronization of the Opera switcher allowed the team simply to power up the unit, plug in all of its cameras and get right to work. Echolab's Opera is an SD production switcher with a dual-format design, complemented by internal frame synchronizers and frame buffers that make it ideal for production systems that require handling of both analog and digital media. The production switcher can be installed into an analog system without additional conversion gear, and its modular architecture provides a cost-effective means of transitioning from analog to digital at the desired pace. TVT logo Created with Sketch.

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Sun Feb 07, am. Mon Feb 08, pm. Tue Apr 04, pm. Wed Apr 05, am. Wed Apr 05, pm. Users browsing this forum: Google [Bot] and 18 guests. Blackmagic Forum. Forum Index Blackmagic Website. Author Message. I have scoured the internet, and not been able to find much info on it. I know BM bought Echolab, so i thought i would start here First off, let me give you an idea of our current set-up; I am in charge of the video board in a junior college basketball arena. We also have 2 hotronic AP frame syncs for GoPro cameras.

All 8 of the sources are fed via composite into a Sony BVS 8-input switcher. Of the info that i have found online about the Echolab , i do know it can accept 16 inputs of any combination of Component, Composite or SDI. Currently all 8 of our sources are composite. I have also heard that the switcher has it's own internal frame syncs for each input. If anyone can give me some feedback it would be greatly appreciated. I can tell this switcher is an upgrade from what we have, and we would like to be able to have more than the 8 sources we are currently limited to.

Additionally our chyron system has 2 outputs, we are only using one of the channels, again due to lack of inputs. I want to make sure it is what we are looking for before tearing out our current system. Mon Feb 08, pm I can't recall exactly how much timing correction you have, should be enough, but good to check. Gotta feed some sort of reference signal to the unit, or it simply will not function. Likely will be a more stable version over your current setup. I'll see if I can't hazard up a manual for that line we had a similar one at my previous place.

As I remember, while you can accept any flavor, the input modules work in sets of 4 - so you can have SDI, but you better have 4 SDI sources to make it worthwhile. Setup of those modules may be a challenge unless you were also given the control software that allows you to change the input types. Button mapping and control panel labeling is done via a config file stored on the CF drive at the back of the unit.

I would start by checking out the manual for the Opera 37xx series hosted right here on atemuser under files. Take care to NOT CROSS the coaxes from the control tub to the switcher Make sure that you have the CF card in switcher base, might want to make a clone of it as without that software, the whole thing doesn't go.

I can't recall if there is a "profile switch" on the control tub - but on the front of the unit by the Echolab logo, there is a number selector switch The panel may need to be set to the same profile number. Again, it has been too long since I've laid hands on it. Tue Apr 04, pm Sorry to dig up an old thread but I'll looking for the compact flash software for my We've been given a system but it came with no compact flash. We've picked up a blank card but we're missing the software.

If you're able to send me the files I would be eternally grateful!!! Thanks in advance, Colin. Wed Apr 05, am Go to atemusers. There is a support section for the echolab versions.. Daniel Wittenaar. Wed Apr 05, pm Yes you can find a backup of the compact flash card in the downloads section of atemuser. All items on this website are copyright Blackmagic Design Pty. All trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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Echolab Opera switcher supports volleyball webcast

Update your browser to view this website correctly. Update my browser now. Echolab Corporation, a leading provider of professional video production switchers and broadcast tools, today announced its Amazing Upgrade Offer, through which current users of the Opera series production switchers can make a cost-effective upgrade to a new Overture1SD or Overture2SD high-performance video production system. We invite Opera users who have not yet seen the Overture series systems to stop by our NAB booth at SU to see these remarkable new switchers at work. The Amazing Upgrade Offer increases available switcher keyers to 10 in the Overture1 and 11 in the Overture2 system. With access to five different transition types, Overture users gain even greater creative control in producing high-quality television programming.


Echolab: Opera 16 x 16 production switcher


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