After 23 Years Dr. Unfortunately, after 23 years of publication, we regrettably have to admit defeat in the battle to try to make our product relevant to the needs of Malaysian investors and at the same time keep the cost of production within control. After much soul searching and careful consideration, we have decided that it is no longer economical for us to continue to publish this guide book in its current form. What is more, the information therein is updated in a near "real time" manner. We are confident that it will be a useful tool for all serious and beginning investors. The cloud based version STOCKBASE will be easily accessible through Internet Browser and we are hopeful we shall be able to bring its cost down to a much lower level given the wide market available for a cloud-based product.

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It now comprises three invaluable tools for all levels of investors:. A list of 60 companies with the best combined ranking according to their latest price-to-earnings ratio PER , dividend yield DY , price to net asset backing and return on equity ROE. A simple and effective tool to instantly view a selection of companies with attractive investment qualities.

A powerful search-tool that allows users to set their own criterias and parameters, such as business sector, minimum dividend yield, maximum price and many more combinations. Using the Screener, subscribers are able to effortlessly filter out all irrelevant companies and also discover new companies that meet their personal investment standards. We also provide a detailed glossary which not only defines all the financial terms and ratios, but also explains how to correctly use the data to analyse stock performance.

The information provided is comprised of the following:. Investment Advisory Service. Dynaquest provides boutique investment advisory services to a number of large to very large investment institutions including insurance companies, mutual funds and investment companies as well as individuals. At present Dynaquest provides investment advisory services to portfolios with total market value exceeding RM million. RM million. About Dynaquest. Meet The Professionals.

With our team of eleven 11 financial analysts, it is acknowledged that we are the largest independent investment research house in the country. Dynaquest also holds 3 Capital Markets Services Representatives licenses. We take pride in the fact that it is a very stable company with long service analysts; there are 11 financial analysts and 6 of them have served more than 20 years.

Our corps of highly qualified and experienced analysts have developed an unique collective knowledge of the stock market, events, personalities and corporate history.

They work from one of the largest collections of company reports, economic and industrial statistics of the country. Let us help you with our investment expertise. Get in touch.


Investment Advisory Service

Some just takes the easy way by listening to rumour or tips. Most of the time, the horses mouth tips is not reliable as it has passed so many medium. One of the good filter is to buy a good fundamental company. The profit earned should be reflected in the share price and dividend declared. Do you know some good companies i. For example, once a friend or analysis recommend a stock, you can look at company fundamental and the star rating. If you just follow the star rating strictly, you minimize the chance of investing is speculative and losing money company like TimeCom, Utusan, Zelan, Mycron etc.





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