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Four years after the show opened in Germany, minor updates were introduced: Parade and Hymne were replaced with a version of The Rap ; the National Engines did not appear at the start of the show and a few other minor updates. The Finale was also updated to a new version of The Megamix. The orchestra remained at 17 musicians excluding the Musical Director, plus the addition of a Programming role for the new technology.

The Coaches' introduction A Lotta Locomotion remained, with updated choreography. Caboose's solo "Dein Freund" was shortened. Following the lead of the UK Tour which relied heavily on pre-recorded music, the Bochum production trimmed the live orchestra from 18 performers to 10, including the Programmer.

This reduced band did not rely on the pre-recorded material as the tour did, and the vast majority of the show was performed live, resulting in a notably thinner sound. The show's 20th Anniversary. Further updates included re-writing minor scenes like "Nennt mich rostig" to import material from the UK Tour, which was in turn lifted from the "New Starlight Express" London updates. Pearl gained Dann pfeift er mir zu - a dreamy solo as soon as she's introduced.

As the "New Starlight Express" was written without Caboose, his role became somewhat fractured. His solo " Dein Freund " was cut, reducing the two-faced character to a simpler villain. This also removed the material where Dinah complained about Greaseball cheating in the race, and him dumping her.

Caboose's other number, " Mein Spiel " was also shortened, with little concern for the plot. However since this number was cut entirely from the tour, a shortened version at least allowed him some room for character development. The original plot for Race 3 had Caboose crash and injure Rusty on Greaseball's orders. This version of the show added the scene from London where Gang beat up Rusty between Caboose injuring him, and Caboose gloating about the damage he caused, to maximise Rusty's suffering.

This uses the melody that we hear in the Starlight Sequence - which is a medley of Rusty's "Starlight Express" quest for confidence, and the "Only You" melody which is the Starlight Express' answer. Pearl singing the same melody as she finds her answer - that Rusty is the one she's looking for - is deeply symbolic and ties the whole show together musically.

For the show's 25th Anniversary, the show received more updates imported from the UK Tour. This included re-orchestrating the show to cater to the smaller band and to take advantage of modern technology, resulting in a much better, rich and contemporary sound.

A full recording was produced. The original orchestral Overture was replaced, with sweeping repeats of the title "Starlight Express" melody and mysterious skating figures appearing throughout the theatre. The Coaches' introduction was changed from the poppy "A Lotta Locomotion" to " Nie Genug - more in the style of "Pussycat Dolls" than the previous number.

This created a more jarring mood change to go into the slow, dreamy " Dann pfeift er mir zu " but clearly framed Pearl as the only female character of importance. The production's 30th annuversary saw the show considerably rewritten, particularly in the first quarter. One of the most controversial and unpopular elements of the workshop was included - Control breaks into the Overture crying "Stop that boring music!

The Overture consists of the same musical arrangement as the introduction to the " Starlight Sequence ", and as such is one of the key musical themes in the show; to have Control dismiss this beautiful music as "boring" is jarring and alienating.

The Coaches have a new song, " I Got Me ", which is a girl-power anthem developed from a theme taken from " Rolling Stock ". Certain elements of the previous version of the show continue, such as the love-song " I Do ". Every contender with the excemption of Mama and Dustin singing what resembles I Got Me introduce themselves before a race with the first lines of No Comeback , partially returning the old number from the London production , but not entirely.

Wide Smile becomes restored to the original London production with the newer intro to it. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Endlich kommt. Pearl, das kann nicht wahr sein.

Entry of Nationals. Hitching and Switching. Pearl, welche Ehre. After Blues. Starlight Express. Dinah Es Ehrt Dich. Nicht der rechte Zeitpunkt, nicht der rechte Ort. Ein Rock'n'Roll zuviel. Gluckwunsch Rusty. Ein Licht ganz am Ende des Tunnels. Nennt mich rostig. Einzug der Internationalen Zuege. Nach dem Blues. Dinah, es ehrt dich. Ein Rock'n'Roll zu viel. Licht am Ende des Tunnels. Nicht der recht Zeitpunkt, nicht der rechte Ort.


1988 Bochum Production/Musical Numbers

Log dich ein um diese Funktion zu nutzen. Look at me, a woman calm in control No silly girl whose head's always turning Nobody could guess that Deep inside my soul A brand new flame is burning Only he has the power to move me And together we'd make the whole world move in sympathy But i couldn't see before That only he has the power to move me Take me, hold me, mould me, change me improve me It's not funny anymore Only he can make my burden light Only he can make the wrong seem right Only he can make the shadows bright And make the darkness gleaming white He, him me Only he has the power to move me. Fehlerhaften Songtext melden. Songtext kommentieren. E-Mail Adresse.


Du Allein - Starlight Express






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