QRZ Forums. Tags: antennas. Since returning to ham radio in I have been on an ever optimizing journey discovering pros and cons of stealth antennas. My first was a wonderfully stealth under eave long wire antenna wth an Yeasue FC tuner.

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I narrowed my options to Cushcraft, Comet and Diamond. I choose the CP-5HS on the reputation of their antennas quality. I was shocked by the fit and finish of the antenna when I've receive it.

This thing is years ahead in terms of craftmanship and materials compared to Cushcraft. It when up in around 1 hour on a 10' pole. The factory settings were right on the spot for most bands. So far the performance is good even on 40m, surprising for such a compromise antenna. Way better than a MFJ loop on the very same location. Already have many European contacts in the log including 40m. I am very happy with my purchase.

Was a bit scared purchasing a vertical trap, but living in base housing means space restricted. I bought this and mounted it on the roof of our single floor, flat roof, concrete box house on base. Tuned it with a Rig Expert AA, and was on the air in less than an hour after I began setting it up. I was VERY pleased. Overall I am extremely impressed at this antennas performance in Puerto Rico. I thought I should give an update on this antenna, as my views have changed for the better.

The early quality control issues were put to bed and the antenna was taken down in April and has remained in its box until it was pressed into action for a Bromley and District Amateur Radio Society Foundation Course operating practice and demonstration. I placed the antenna on a 20' pole with some gaffer tape around a rainwater down-pipe to hold the whole thing firm.

I assembled the antenna, just as it was taken down leaving all the radials as they were and a quick tune around showed no difference to the tune from 2. So nice and stable and it did a great job for the day, lots of band activity and little band noise due to a good location away from electrical noise sources, ADSL etc. I would still mention the drift when the antenna gets wet, but as a portable antenna that is easy to set up with repeatable performance it is pretty ideal.

Justin G8YTZ. This is an update to my recent review. Following that effort and over this past weekend, I did manage to make a couple of contacts.

Nothing great but it does prove that the antenna works. Whether the price agrees with the performance remains to be seen. Both signal reports were just above the noise level, so performance isn't spectacular, especially since I'm only running watts. If I had this to do over again, I would definitely try a Dipole first. I worked all continents with diamond CP-5H in 6, 10, 15 and 20 meters phone end cw in this bands the range is good.

In this band the antenns is surprising in local ou regional qso's. Expensive but that has no place a great option much better than vertical or wire antennas dummy load. I have only had this antenna for a week, but it certainly performs as advertised.

Ease of setup and operation speaks for itself. All in all, I am not unhappy with my purchase, although it would be nice if it were a bit less expensive. Keep up the good work, Diamond. More than 12 Months.

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Diamond CP-5HS - My next antenna journey.









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