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Buscar empleos Evaluaciones de empresa. Subir tu CV. Evaluar a esta empresa. Irlanda 44 evaluaciones. Ordenar por. Principle Network Engineer Empleado actual - Dublin - 3 marzo Stressful, they seem to bend a lot to certain customers. Whereby, allowing the employee to take brunt of all issues even when proven it is not.

Managers are very approachable. Compartir Tweet. Copiar enlace. Customer Care Agent Antiguo empleado - Sligo - 21 mayo The workplace culture is absolutely toxic, most stressing and genuinely depressing place I have ever worked.

The call agent's get blamed constantly for the blatant careless mistakes made by managers known as team leaders. There are absolutely no written rules in place everything is word of mouth and the rules change on a daily basis and change from one manager to the next as none of them have any clue what they are truly doing.

Training is absolutely terrible, there are countless computer systems for every thing and agent's are trained in basically none of them totally neutering your ability to do your job at all.

The computer systems are all are broken and require a dodgy work around to use, which again you are not even told about. The computer's themselves are as old as the hills and the office is filthy, keyboards are rank. You have to consistently lie to customer's because you can't perform any of the simple requests they want without something going wrong or you not actually being able or allowed to do it.

Call targets are ridiculous, you get docked on your bonus if you don't meet them if you even get a bonus at all that month. HR is absolutely careless and never approve your annual leave requests unless you hound them weeks in advance.

Being a slave for the devil is better than this place, there is so much more I could complain about, Eir literally needs to get shut down. Nothing at all. Everything about it. It makes concentration camps look like trabolgan. From day one the training is miniscule before your thrown on to calls, very little support and managers are always in a meeting.

If you're unfortunate enough to not know better you'll get promoted for no incentive. If you're not getting abused by customers you're getting dogged by managers. It makes Voldemort look like mother teresa. Loyalty Agent Antiguo empleado - Dublin - 19 febrero Call Quality was quite Strict 2. Hold time was only allowed to be used if it had to.

Personal time. Very productive and easy work environment. I've enjoyed my time working in Eir. The pace of work was constant and very professional. I found my work colleagues very knowledgeable and approachable. Califica una empresa en la que trabajaste recientemente. The Worst place to work ever This review must be read!! I went for two face to face interviews, I passed over, they gave me an offer verbally. Simply waiting for the contract in written to sign up, and suddenly they told me I was very senior for this role and they gave the offer to someone else.

I never seen this unprofessional approach at any company along my professional career. Advise to management: Don't treat people badly, as skilled professionals walk away!!! Stay away from them, honestly!! Messy and lacks any organisation. False promises. The people I worked with were great. There was just always something wrong. The bonuses i feel as if they look for any reason not to give them. Need to invest more! The team leaders and everything are great and really do the best they can.

You will meet some great people there. Loved my job at Eir for the past 9 years. Sales Antiguo empleado - Dublin 1 - 6 enero Always reached my target and got a good bonus each month. I was made redundant in March Great people and good working enviornment. Very busy target orientated and very competitive requires a lot of patience to deal with customers queries, while giving them the necessary info to ensure they don't make the same mistake.

Business Development Manager Antiguo empleado - Sligo - 29 noviembre Customer care executive Antiguo empleado - Sligo - 23 noviembre Don't work here, they give you targets to get bonus then change the criteria, they don't care about employees or customers they only care about call volumes and how many calls you can answer a day. Ex staff Antiguo empleado - Sligo - 14 noviembre The most unprofessional company I have ever worked for I would never recommend them to anyone..

Management dont seem to understand what agents are put through on the calls, there is no understanding no one cares. All the company cares about are stats and not customer care. They dont care about the staff or they the customers. Thankfully I no longer work there anymore but trying to get my wage that they owe me is like trying to draw blood from a stone.

Hr dont care and it's not looking like they care. Cause they dont. Retail Store Manager Empleado actual - Cork - 25 octubre A job that will reward you for going above and beyond expected duties.

Great people work in the company and a good culture is evident in each store. You write your own pay check. Call Centre Agent Antiguo empleado - Cork - 4 octubre Literally the worst company I've ever worked for, management dont care or dont seem to care and you are over worked and underpaid due to managements poor decision making time and time again.

Stay well away from this dark hole. Cliquey work environment! Management focused on stats not the wellbeing of their staff. Next to no training. Multiple systems that contradict each other. No communication between departments. High staff turnover. Extremely difficult to solve customer issues. Not enough staff in the busiest departments which makes customers extremely irrate.

Agent Antiguo empleado - Sligo - 2 agosto The worst employer I have ever had. I have never been so disappointed. They will " Promote" you yet still no wage increase. The management doesn't know what its doing, conflicting messages from the top of the ladder on a daily basis, that at the end of the day effects your stats and therefore your wage. The start of the day you must take your first call bang on the start time.

Strict rules put in place that will be blatantly broken by Team Leaders in plain view. The day eventually ends. Roaming Coordinator Empleado actual - Dublin - 10 julio Work in Eir has been providing me an opportunity to work in company that is renovating itself.

I have daily challenges working in Roaming. I am currently working on the expansion of the roaming coverage footprint of Eir and I am improving my professional skills day by day. Constantly changing working environment, Salary, Telecommunication Industry. Head office location, canteen facilities. Mobile Specialist in Enterprise Antiguo empleado - Cork - 11 junio


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