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Additional hours over weekends and at alternate locations are occasionally required and expected. Forklift up to 25k. Reasonable accommodations are to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. Be able to climb ladders; lift hand tools approx. Repetition with activity. Specific vision abilities required by the job include close vision, distance vision, color vision, peripheral vision, depth perception and the ability to adjust focus.

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For complaints, use another form. Study lib. Upload document Create flashcards. Documents Last activity. Flashcards Last activity. Add to Add to collection s Add to saved. Each individual with COMSEC material is responsible for ensuring the material is properly accounted for, controlled, safeguarded and destroyed.

Hand receipt holders who are authorized to sub-hand receipt COMSEC material must ensure users are trained and familiar with the procedures of this. Custodians must have a new custodian appointed, conduct a change of custodian inventory and receive relief of accountability before their departure.

Definitions of terms used in this are found in TB If the suspense day falls on a weekend or holiday, reports will be submitted at the start of the following duty day. Keytape is a paper or mylar tape that is produced by the National Security Agency NSA and loaded into equipment and components to provide secure communications capabilities.

Each keytape is uniquely identified by short title, edition and registration number serial number. Authentication Tables are NSA produced books that provide defense against unauthorized entry into a communication net. They are used to establish the authenticity of stations, communicators and communications. All hand receipt holders that receive COMSEC support from this account will use the applicable sections of this during their normal operations.

Resolve conflicts between the provisions of this and existing directives as follows: a. Provisions of this SOP which are more stringent than existing directives will take precedence. Request for exemption must: 1 Cite the specific provisions of this and explain the impact. Provisions of these which are less stringent than existing directives will be resolved in favor of the existing directive.

Users are encouraged to submit recommendations for improvements of this to the 3d Brigade Signal Officer. Direct communication of routine accounting actions between subaccounts and DCMO is encouraged. All other communication i. Constructive suggestions for changes to this SOP are encouraged. Responsibility for safeguarding COMSEC material rests with the individual in possession of the material, regardless of the circumstances. Before allowing access to COMSEC information you must ensure that the individual has a valid security clearance equal to or higher than the classification of the information and a valid need-to-know.

The following items will be included on the authorization memo: 1 Material authorized to receipt for. See Annex for example c. Individuals selected as a COMSEC hand receipt holder will meet the following criteria: 1 Must possess a final security clearance and is authorized access equal to or higher than the material they are to receive. They should become familiar with: 1 Zeroizing procedures of fill devices and equipment.

A copy of the briefing will be given to the Hand Receipt Holder and the original will be kept on file. The hand receipt holder must coordinate with the Commander to appoint a new hand receipt holder.

The hand receipt holder is responsible for maintaining all items. Hand Receipt Holders must notify 3d Brigade Signal Office a minimum of 24 hours in advance to arrange pick up of material. The request will identify the specific circuit and the short title required. If this is a new circuit, follow the procedures below: 1 Submit a memorandum to this account requesting the establishment of a cryptonet.

This is a National Security Agency NSA requirement 3 Upon receipt of this request, this account will contact you and work with you on a one-onone basis if needed. When you arrive to pick up your material check the following: a. Is the SF completed correctly? Is the material complete? Sign and date the SF Remember, once you sign the SF , you are accepting full responsibility for all the material listed.

Make sure you get a copy of the SF and destruction certificates if the material requires them. When receiving Top Secret material two properly cleared individuals must sign for the material. Destroy keytape segments as soon as possible after supersession but not later than 12 hours after supersession.

Ensure that superseded key stored in common fill devices is zeroized. The destruction official and witnessing individual must have a clearance equal to or higher than the material being destroyed. In order to clear the hand receipt, the properly completed destruction certificate s and empty canister s when operationally feasible must be returned to DCMO. Failure to properly complete the destruction certificate or to return the destruction certificate when required, will result in a reportable incident.

Hand Receipt Holders are not authorized to destroy empty key tape canister. Sub-Hand Receipts. If authorization is given: a. Verify the users requirement and security clearance. Prepare hand receipts i. SF or DA Form Top Secret material must be sign for by two people and properly stored. If a destruction certificate is returned instead of the material, each segment must be accounted for. Any segment removed from the canister must be reflected on the destruction certificate with the proper dates and signatures.

If everything is accounted for, the original SF will be returned to the hand receipt holder. If there is a discrepancy and the material can not be accounted for, an incident report will be submitted. This is used when the account does not require the material or a destruction certificate returned. All the other information on the SF will be the same. The hand receipt holder will account for the issued material locally and properly safeguard the material while in their possession. If the material is further issued, the material can be issued on a DA Form or SF after the individuals security clearance and authorization has been verified.

The user must maintain a record of disposition for a minimum of 90 days after supersession. The material must be stored in a GSA approved security container when not under direct and continuous control of properly cleared personnel. Each hand receipt holder will have a Basic Emergency Plan. Refer to TB para 5. When transporting shelters, as an additional security measure, the doors should be tagged with a tamper proof seal.

Recommendations for security of unkeyed CCI are as follows: 1 When unattended, provide double barrier protection.

Security measures required to safeguard classified defense information will be employed to prevent the loss, access to, or the unauthorized use of the keyed equipment. A dedicated guard with a security clearance higher or equal to the keyed equipment will be utilized. Keyed equipment may be stored with proper authorization.

Under no circumstances will keyed equipment be left unattended and installed on vehicles without employing additional safeguards IAW AR and TB , to protect the equipment. They should look at the use of fill devices to reload the radios, instead of leaving equipment keyed. All request will be in memorandum format and contain the information required in the above AR and TB. Request will be classified based on content.

Minimum protection for a tactical facility will be a properly cleared guard and means of screening the material from unauthorized viewing when it is exposed. They will be briefed on proper safeguarding, destruction, inventory and operating requirements, and will store material only in GSA approved containers. A record of the briefing will be kept on file and will serve as the record of accountability and responsibility for the material issued.

The roster should be limited to personnel whose duties require daily access to the facility. A security roster is not the same thing as an access roster. However, they must still maintain a DA Form R to record the names of personnel such as command inspectors, auditors, etc.

In emergencies, the commander may waive this requirement, such as firemen or policemen. The practice of sharing a restricted area with another unit, section or activity is not recommended and should be avoided, particularly during tactical operations. If this practice is unavoidable, adequate control procedures will be established to minimize the number of personnel afforded access to the COMSEC material stored in the facility. They must be properly cleared, at least to the level of the material stored.

A copy of open storage approvals must be sent to DCMO. There are items which are primary targets of thieves e. Only in an emergency, when adequate storage facilities are not available, the commander may authorize in writing an exception to this restriction. This exception will only be temporary. Inventory Procedures. If the inventory count agrees with the quantity annotated for the short title and register number, place a check in the box. A new DA Form R must be made up for each month.

Safe 1, Commo Van , etc. Verify the next-up segment in the canister window. In the event the material cannot be located after a reasonable search, notify DCMO immediately. Another inventory will be conducted as soon after arrival at the new location as possible.


Logistics Support III

For complaints, use another form. Study lib. Upload document Create flashcards. Documents Last activity. Flashcards Last activity. Add to





Logistics Support III job


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