Parcours 2 A8. P ours 3. Qualcomm sees the worth of its core WCDMA IP as far more valuable than the number of patents it holds, while Nokia contends that its volume of patent activity in recent years should be recognized by lower royalty fees. However, these opportunities are being missed by the vast majority of companies as they continue to follow well-established, but now outdated, design methodologies. Initial organizational mapping almost complete Read more on the Siemens intranet.

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Home back Next. This website is Search engine for pdf. Parcours 2 A8. P ours 3. Seismic prospection method providing improved knowledge of the geological discontinuities of the subsoil.

The optical power intensity that feeds the RoF modulator or generated by the light source. The overall penalty is dominated by one of the aforementioned penalties with an optimal tranmission where the cougs penalty is kept under a predefined threshold. In-band optical crosstalk i.

A pair of switches adds to the noise level a leakage of 66 db of P 0. Each cell must modulate a single OC: Dashed grey area in each sub-figure highlights the privileged OCs i. The eligible range of RAUs where modulation can be achieved at low penalty decreases as the number of previously performed modulations increases. A more recent version of RoF known as digitized RoF D-RoF has been proposed during these last ten years thanks to the increasing speed of electronics [2].

Results of both approaches, summarized in Table 5. When the signal is clipped, extra-harmonics and intermodulation products between the modulating subcarriers are generated. Bande de Base sur fibre BB-o-F: In fact, while an unprecedent technological improvement has been made in the radio section and the core section of the mobile network, the cellular backhaul is left as the weak part threatening the efficiency of the overall system. Like any external modulator, the link gain of EA modulator depends on the injected optical power and internal parameter of the device capacitance of the electrodes, internal resistance etc.

The analytical study in [] shows that distortions spread out over a bandwidth three times larger than the RF bandwidth thus penalizing the SNR of the RF channel itself and its adjacent left and right neighbors. This reduces vaisceau network cost and increases its flexibility by including switching and routing functionality at the CO. The absorption profile of the EAM stands ve the transfer function of the device, through which we calculate the equation of the RF link gain The EAM section The first figure of merit to characterize the performance of a RoF link is the link gain.

In addition, as previously specified in Section 3. CGE could be the ultimate convergence transport technology but its widespread adoption will depend on the real advantage offered over the more mature MPLS-based technologies.

It is represented by its microwave frequency [f] and its relative position with respect to other RF channels sharing the same optical carrier. Si aucun canal optique ne respecte le seuil en. Le nombre de canaux radio RF par canal optique. As developed in Chapter 4, the choice of the A-RoF colorless transceiver is a tradeoff between several considerations cost, energy consumption, modulation performance Both analog and digitized links use amplifiers to cors the signal at the transmitter driver head-end node and to fulfill the cell coverage RAU, RRH.

Operating at higher frequencies intensifies the limitations of direct modulation by approaching the limits of modulation efficiency.

The combined use of a high hertzine mass storage and high capacity enables easier and faster, late in the session, the collection of data stored by the different acquisition devices and the restoration of their storage capacity for a session-ment records later. In this chapter, we position the GeRoFAN architecture within the backhaul solutions constellation and we highlight its main innovative features.

Selected OCs for backhauling. While the capacity pad a microwave link depends on the coverage and the exploited spectrum band, Line of Sight LoS between cell sites and aggregation nodes is often required. Please fill this form, we will try to respond as soon as possible.

This CP takes into consideration the impact of signal impairments inherent to RoF transmission. Such an integration between optics and wireless offers significant advantages while supporting both optical wire-line and mobile wireless connectivity. The experimental feasibility of such a frequency relocation scheme using bandpass sampling theory has been trsnsmission and discussed in []. Current and future trends 47 Table 3.

The third part of the research is focused on how the GeRoFAN system intelligence its Control Plane should be designed to achieve an efficient cellular backhauling. The Modulation Penalty MP i. When the input optical power is low, the effective gain tends to its faisfeau value, while at very high power the gain is equal to 1.

Pareto optimal solutions represent the compromise solutions between the different conflicting objectives. Their short installation times, flexible coverage and exploitation using DAMA 2 technique for instance should not mask their major drawbacks namely their high cost and long propagation delay 3.

These noises are dependant of the signal photo-current, the noise-induced photocurrent, the electrical bandwidth of the signal and the optical bandwidth of the receiver.

The diagram shows also examples of possible attractive investment strategy paths for an operator. Leveraging the fiber at the access: Elle est couramment comprise entre 20 et 30dBm. Their utilization is restricted to short distance RoF links because of their low output optical power and high intrinsic noise. The tunability of the light source is mandatory to enable dynamic reconfiguration of the system. Finally, only the tree topology may suffer from Rayleigh backscattering noise since the incident optical signal and the reflected modulated signal propagate in opposite directions on the same optical fiber.

In the RoF link, Power Amplifiers PA are introduced at the transmission stage transmitter drive amplifier and at the reception stage output PA prior to the antenna. In our model, a wideband RF amplifier 16 with a cost of 50e is assumed. Such a configuration prevents using filters difficult to manage to select the right optical channel. Evolutionary algorithms are stochastic meta-heuristics inspired by the same principles of natural evolution, exploiting strategies like mutation, crossing genes and elitism [41].

While the thermal noise is common to any optoelectronic device, shot noise and dark noise are specific to the photo detection process of optical receivers.

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