Brilliant quote from the amazing mind that inspired my upcoming release "The Foundation". The "Good Doctor" Isaac Asimov. Image credit: stoicreflections. Todo mundo copia Asimov.

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It's Galaxy-wide. It's a worship of the past. It's a deterioration - a stagnation! It seems to me that truth should be clearer than that, less mysterious, more open to the mind. It presents no difficulties to some minds. The physics of energy transfer, which we know as thermodynamics, has been clear and true through all the history of man since the mythical ages, yet there may be people present who would find it impossible to design a power engine.

People of high intelligence, too. I doubt if the learned Commissioners—. At this point, one of the Commissioners leaned toward the Advocate.

His words were not heard but the hissing of the voice carried a certain asperity. The Advocate flushed and interrupted Seldon. We are not here to listen to speeches, Dr. Let us assume that you have made your point. Let me suggest to you that your predictions of disaster might be intended to destroy public confidence in the Imperial Government for purposes of your own!

Let me suggest that you intend to claim that a period of time preceding the so-called ruin of Trantor will be filled with unrest of various types. And that by the mere prediction thereof, you hope to bring it about, and to have then an army of a hundred thousand available.

In the first place, that is not so. And if it were, investigation will show you that barely ten thousand are men of military age, and none of these has training in arms. Cosmic superstar, Cangwu Shenzun--The multidimensional distortion structure and stable complex structure of the universe, the XY, XZ deep structure of the universe, the "Smith Fangruida Space Tunnel" space tunnel Fangruida law, Manuscript of the Fangruida space tunnel design and manufacturing technology Caris.

Bor Fer. S September The cosmological structural theory and the major technical difficulties and key points in the design and manufacture of space tunnel-space ladder structure are one of the most important topics and research results of Fang Ruida's lifelong research.

The former belongs to scientific discoveries, while the latter belongs to technological inventions, and the two are different. Respect the originality of the technology, published the manuscript of the original author, basically kept the original appearance, without modification, the original manuscript translation.

In order to meet the requirements of global readers and the majority of Internet users and science and technology workers, multilingual translation comparison, global online version, electronic version, mobile version.

Hereby explain. The manuscript technique was reviewed several times by Professor Smith to ensure that the technical documentation is accurate. Thank you very much. At the same time, I would like to thank many readers and netizens for their comments on the previous version. The title is added by the compiler, and the subtitle is the title of the original manuscript, which is hereby noted. If there are any errors, please correct me so that you can correct them immediately when you reprint.

People often praise history and many heroes, no more than gods. Today in the 21st century AD, human society has grown tremendously and prospered. Science and technology, and social productivity have developed rapidly, far exceeding the ancient Middle Ages, far exceeding the ancient human society. This is an indisputable fact. In the natural world, from grain to the universe, from micro to macro, there is a great contrast. The world's greatest is not only the Earth, the Moon, Mars, Jupiter and the Sun, but even more, it shocks the world and humanity.

The universe is so huge that the ancients could not understand, observe and understand the universe, the sun, and the stars as modern human beings. Therefore, all nations of the world have produced a variety of beautiful myths, which are heard and heard from generation to generation.

Later, it is the birth of religion, the development of society to a certain stage, totem, worship, meditation, worship of the gods, blessing God, and so on. Religion is closely related to mythology and even inseparable. Religion is the inevitable product and natural process in the process of human evolution. It is also the peak stage of the development of the history of human society.

Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam are the representatives of the times and are the landmark events of the development of human history.

All things in the universe, the gods, and religions, are often mixed together and difficult to separate. After the Middle Ages, with the development and breakthrough of human social productive forces, science and technology were the first to bear the brunt, the steam engine industry revolution began, human society developed rapidly, and science and technology became increasingly powerful, which gradually made it possible for humans to truly observe the universe, explore the universe, and study the universe.

Astronomical cosmology, the solar system with the development of physical chemistry, has made brilliant achievements, worthy of the book. Cosmic superstar, world super giant, super deity - shield UY: the radius is times larger than the sun, the volume is 5 billion times the sun.

The planet is bigger than the sun, superstar, super giant, super God respects, can be Zeus. UY is so powerful that the Earth's moon Mars, Jupiter and the Sun, are simply vulnerable, and humans are even more difficult to deal with.

The mythical figures of world history, from Europe to Asia, Africa to Latin America, are not uncommon. The sun god was born from a part of Brahma's body, and Suriya was respected as a sacred vitality giver. He inspired the understanding of mortals, calling for the rain, and governing everything in motion and stillness. He runs on a fixed law, and he binds the world to make it permanent. He was the first sacrificer on the earth to give fire to mankind. Brahma is in charge of "creation", Shiva is in charge of "destruction", and Vishnu is the god of "maintenance".

His character is gentle, giving favor to believers who believe in piety, and often transforms into a world of images to save the world. The predecessor was the god of reproduction, the "beast master" of the Indus civilization, and the god of the Vedic storm, Ludaro, which combines the dual character of reproduction and destruction, creation and destruction.

Kaloulou is a giant bird recorded in ancient Indian mythology. It is the mount of Vishnu, one of the three main gods in Hinduism, and one of the eight dragons in Buddhism. The spiritual product of the original clan society.

The new goddess gods are all living on Mount Olympus. Zeus overthrew his father's rule and established a new ruling order with twelve main gods: The ancient Roman mythology corresponds to it, the name and temperament have changed, the solar system planet It is named after it.

War, peace, law, order, science and technology, goddess of work, one of the three goddesses Aris represents the battle of violence and blood, Athena represents the battle of justice. Helios, the sun god in Greek mythology. He is the son of the goddess of Perpion and Yuya, the goddess of the moon goddess Selene and the goddess of the dawn god Eos, the father of the karst engraved.

One of the three goddesses, is the embodiment of the original nature power. Including Slavic folk beliefs, it has been inherited for more than 3, years. Before the Slavic nationality converted to Christianity, they believed in the so-called Slavic mythology.

According to the region, Slavic mythology can be divided into East Slavic myths and Sislav myths. The myth of Sislav is mainly spread in the northern part of Poland, close to the Baltic Sea. God of War Sventovit, Ray Perron.

Sventovit is the supreme god in the heart of the Slavs on the Baltic coast - God of God, he is depicted as four or four faces, riding a white horse, holding a sword and a spear, followed by soldiers; ancient Slavic soldiers must sacrifice this before the battle God seeks refuge.

He is also a god who blesses the rich. Raytheon and the Warriors protect the gods from driving in the sky with a fire arrow to shoot the devil, so there is thunder and lightning.

He later became the great god of Ross. Chernobog: The name means "black god", the god of darkness and sorrow, and the white god is opposite.

Dajbog: The sun god worshipped by the East, West, and Yugoslav nationals may also be a legendary hero who is deified. Hors: The sun god in winter. Slavs believes that Hells represents the weak and old sun, he was defeated by the "black god" and died, but will be revived on the day of the winter solstice to become the new god Koleda meaning "Christmas".

Dziewona: The goddess of hunting, also the goddess. The time of recording appeared significantly later than other gods, probably from the Divine of Roman mythology.

Zirnitra: The god of magic. The god of magic, in the form of a black dragon. For the source of all magic. Nordic mythology is a mythological system unique to Scandinavia.

The oral history of Nordic mythology can be traced back to the 1st to 2nd centuries, first in Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Friga is the god of love, in charge of marriage and family, Odin's wife. There is rule in heaven and the Hades.

Raytheon, the eldest son of the Lord God Odin, the son of the goddess of the earth, Fooqin. Responsible for controlling war and agriculture as the main enemy of the giant.

Frey is the god of fertility, prosperity, love, peace, the king of the beautiful fairy country Alfheim, belonging to the Warner Protoss. One said that he and Balder are the god of light, or the sun god. Tyre is the god of war, the son of the giant Himmy, and Lieutenant General Edda called him "the father of the gods.

The Arabs believe that she is the goddess of fate. Islam has not yet appeared in the Arabian Peninsula before AD. The Kelba of Mecca is full of demons, elves, and demigods, as well as various biological images of various Arab polytheistic belief systems.

There are stories of elves, ghouls, magic lights and magic carpets, as well as the Lord. The Arabs only prayed for protection and victory before the war, showing their status.


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The Foundation series is a science fiction book series written by American author Isaac Asimov. First collected in , for thirty years the series was a trilogy: Foundation , Foundation and Empire , and Second Foundation. The additions made reference to events in Asimov's Robot and Empire series , indicating that they were also set in the same fictional universe. The premise of the stories is that, in the waning days of a future Galactic Empire , the mathematician Hari Seldon spends his life developing a theory of psychohistory , a new and effective mathematical sociology. Using statistical laws of mass action , it can predict the future of large populations. Seldon foresees the imminent fall of the Empire, which encompasses the entire Milky Way , and a dark age lasting 30, years before a second empire arises.


ISBN 13: 9788427005945

It's Galaxy-wide. It's a worship of the past. It's a deterioration - a stagnation! It seems to me that truth should be clearer than that, less mysterious, more open to the mind.

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