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Pay as you wish. Damaru is the musical instrument of Adiyogi, the first yogi. He is also the Adi Guru or the first Guru. The yogic lore says that on the day of Guru Purnima, he decided to offer the science of yoga to his seven disciples, who are, now, celebrated as the Saptarishis. This album is an offering to the Adiyogi on the occasion of Guru Purnima, recognizing him as a yogi, a guru, a being beyond qualities who defies all definition.

We hope Damaru resonates with you and awakens within every seeker the passion for the Ultimate. This song is a salutation to Adiyogi, the first yogi, who is beyond any one quality, who has conquered the five elements. We bow down to the first Guru who transmitted the science of yoga through the Saptarishis. In these verses, Markandeya seeks refuge in Shiva, referred to here as Chandrashekara the one who wears the crescent moon on his head.

Gauranga This song is a descriptive salutation of the different attributes of Shiva. The great yogi who is referred to, as ardhanarishwara who has included the feminine as a part of himself , the fair- bodied one, and who beats a steady rhythm on his damaru. They talk about the mysterious and crafty ways of the formless Divine who shows the way to stillness and fulfilment, who is not the way but the end. The Gurvashtakam exemplifies this cultural tenet.

In this octet, Adi Shankara lists the various aspects of life that human beings generally prize: fame, power, riches, beauty, intelligence, talent, possessions, a wonderful family.

What is the point, what is the point, oh, what is the point? Uma Maheshwara Stotram Selected verses. The yogic traditions recognized the dualities of life — masculine and feminine, logical and intuitive, creator and creation, purusha and praktriti, Shiva and Shakti. On a deeper level it celebrates the two fundamental dimensions of existence. Parvati Vallabha Ashtakam Selected verses. It describes the various attributes of Shiva who is exhorted by the sages and the Vedas and who is also known as the Lord of Blessings, who is attributed contradicting descriptions likening him to devils and ghosts as well as the most beautiful being.

Embodying all the qualities of existence, he is all-embracing and inclusive — as life naturally is. Download Full Album. Pay as you wish to Download. Pay in INR. Pay in USD.

Download Track. Chandrashekhara Ashtakam. Chandrashekara Ashtakam is said to have been written by Sage Markandeya. This song is a descriptive salutation of the different attributes of Shiva. Na Hi Shiva Sneha. Originally penned by Sadhguru in English before the consecration of the Yogeshwar Linga, these verses have been translated into Sanskrit.


Chandrashekara Ashtaka Stotram



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