Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Reference Manual. Table of Contents. Page 2 Do not make any changes or modifications to the equipment unless otherwise specified in the manual. If such changes or modifications should be made you could be required to stop operation of the equipment. This is a safety feature.

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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Reference Manual. Table of Contents. Page 2 Do not make any changes or modifications to the equipment unless otherwise specified in the manual. If such changes or modifications should be made you could be required to stop operation of the equipment. This is a safety feature. If you are unable to insert the plug fully into the outlet, HG20A and all its accessories.

Page 4 16 Objects and Liquid Entry --Never push objects d. Adjust they may touch dangerous voltage points or s hort only those controls that are covered by the out parts that could Page 5. Page 6 Approximately 6 times the number of pixels. More than twice the number of scanning lines. What is Cinema Mode? Give your recordings Canon shall not be liable for any loss or corruption of data.

D0 not subject the camc0rderto vibrations or strong impacts The hard disk is a high-precision Menu Setup Menus Trouble?

Troubleshooting List of Messages Do's and Don'ts 1! Please read this manual carefully before you use the camcorder and retain it for future reference. Should your camcorder fail to operate correctly, refer to Troubleshooting ffl3 Page 15 SpecHsB Scene Recording Programs Names of buttons and switches other Recording in a very bright ski resort than the joystick are indicated within capturing the full colors of a sunset or a fireworks display becomes as easy as "button" frame, selecting a Special Scene Remove the battery pack to find it.

Page Screen Displays t i! Otherwise, replace the battery. Place lithium button battery with Less than Open panel 90 degrees. You can access the menus and change settings to your preference. Selecting a FUNC. The default setting is New York. Memory Cards Compatibme for Usewith! Page Selecting The Recording Media Options Selecting the Recording Media Clears the file allocation table but does not You can select to record your movies physically erase the stored data.

The hard disk is the default media for recording both. Canon 2 Turn on the caracorder. You can also set the The camcorder plays back the last scene but without sound and returns to record pause mode. Page Selecting Scenes By Recording Date :" ;i iiiii; :i Changing the Numberof itemsin the The list of recordings displays all indexScreen dates in which recordings were made. An orange selection frame By default, the index screen will show appears on the day.

Move The thumbnail shows a still image the zoom lever toward W to show up to Move AV the orange selection mode: Move the zoom lever frame to the large thumbnail toward W to display the index change the scene. Page Advanced Functions ,;i! Page 47 :" i :i:i When setting a numeric value aperture or shutter speed , the number displayed To record in dimly lit places. Page Manual Focus Adjustment :" :;i Reflective surfaces If you operate the zoom, the brightness of the image may Subjects with low contrast or without vertical lines change.

Forrecording on a cloudy' d ay. Desired fader! All displays on mode: Activate the selected effect Regular displays only removes the and then press to record the You can choose to display it also when the audio level is adjusted automatically.

O terminal if the O icon does not appear on the screen. Only noise will be output in such case. When you change the operating mode, Using ether mierophenes You can also use commercially available microphones. You can divide scenes original scenes only in order to leave out the best parts Attach the optional VL-5 Video Light and later cut out the rest. Page 58 Video Adding Scenes to the Piayiist In this mode, the scene playback will Options pause only at points where the scene can be divided.

As a [FuNc. Page Deleting A Photo Rightafter Recording It When printing photos, use the following guidelines as a reference for selecting the print size. This step is not necessary to delete all photos or previously selected you can delete those photos that you photos.

Delete the photo s. Theflashfires automatically accordingto the brightnessof thesubject. The size of the captured Depending on the subject, you may photo will be [LW x] and it want to change the way the light is Copies alJthe photos.

Select [On], [Off] or , Printing starts. Page 74 Ix ph0t0sisheet]: Printing multiple photos on the same sheet When using Canon orinters you can print the same photo multiple times on the same sheet of paper. Use the following table as a guideline for the recommended Page Trimming Settings If that option is not available, select [Stop] and press and then restart printing from the beginning.

Page Printorders Press to set the print order, The number of copies appears The trimming settings are canceled orange. To cancel the print order, Menu] Print] The print menu appears. Depending on the connected printer, may be able to change some print settings Page Connection Diagrams Connection Diagrams Connections that can be used to connect the camcorder to a TV are listed in falling order of picture quality.

Connect the camcorder to a TV to enjoy Connection When you play back your recordings with family and friends. YourRecordings When the camcerder is connected tea computer: Do not access, change or delete any of the camcorder's folders or flies Backing UpYour Recordings on a directly from the computer as this may Addall the scenesto the disc s. Page 84 iiilxte! Page Transferorders Settiag Traasfer Orders from the mndex Transfer Orders Screen Options You can mark in advance the photos you want to transfer to the computer transfer orders.

You can set transfer Opens the same screen described in Marking orders for up to photos. Page 90 Additional Information This chapter contains troubleshooting advice, screen messages, handling and maintenance tips, and other information. Menu items not available appear grayed out. For details about how to select an item, refer to Using the Menus [33 For details about each function, see the reference page.

Page 93 [Focus Assist Functions]: When the focus assist functions are activated, the image at the center of the screen is magnified and outlines are emphasized to help you focus manually CCJ Using the focus assist functions will not affect the recordings - they will be cancelled when you start recording, Page 97 [TV Type]: In order to display the picture in full and in the correct aspect ratio, select the setting according to the type of television to which you will connect the camcorder.

Normal TV]: TV sets with aspect ratio. Wide TV]: TV sets with aspect ratio. Page 98 Add t t:t a n oitrat [Wiremess Remote Oontrom]: Allows the camcorder to be operated with the wireless controller. Page 99 [Drop Sensor]: Detects when the camcorder is dropped and activates a protection mechanism to help prevent hard disk damage.

Consult your dealer or a Canon Service Center if the problem persists. Delete some recordings [:Z3 44, 65 or initialize the recording media CI3 33 to free somespace.

Turn off the camcorder and let it cool down before resuming use. Turn it off and use it in a warmer location. Consult a Canon Service Center. The CHG charge indicator flashes very slowly. Page The picture is displayed correctly but there is no sound from the built-in speaker. A rattling can be heard from the camcorder. Page List o fMessages inalphabetical order Following the list of messages for the camcorder can find separate lists for print- related messages and for messages that appear only when using optional DW-IO0 DVD Burner L[3 1 AcceSS error - Therewas an error when reading the hard disk or attempting to write onto it.

Page Add t tit a n oitrat Cannot edit Check the memory card - The memory card in the camcorder was initialized using a computer. Cannot enter standby mode now - The camcorder cannot enter standby mode if the remaining battery charge is too low. Page Cannot record movies on this memory card - Movies cannot be recordedon a 64 MB or smaller memory card. Cannot record movies on this memory card Initialize only using the camcorder - The memory card in the camcorder was initialized using a computer.


VIXIA HG20/HG21 Instruction Manual

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Canon VIXIA HG21 Instruction Manual


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