How to calculate heating radiators so that the temperature in the apartment is extremely comfortable - the question that arises for everyone who has decided to repair. Too few sections will not completely warm up the room, and the surplus will only entail too much spending on utilities. So what needs to be considered to correctly calculate battery sizes? Without the help of specialists and additional programs to calculate the number of sections of radiators is quite difficult. In order for the calculation to be most accurate, one cannot do without a thermal imager or programs specially installed for this. What happens if the calculations are wrong?

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Choosing devices for the heating system of a private house or apartment, the owners often fall into a deadlock situation and are lost, facing a huge selection of devices. After all, the correctly chosen elements of the heating system are not only a pledge of its long-term operation, but also the maximum heat transfer. Panel steel radiators of heating - the invention of the end of the last century, which was promoted by production technologies steel sheets , welding, painting in an attempt to create heating radiators that will have higher characteristics than cast-iron batteries. In the production of panel steel radiators for heating there is nothing complicated. Originally, panels of 1. At the same time, steel convectors of the P-shaped form 0. Ready-made panels are welded by roller welding, and convectors are already welded to them.


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