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Non-stemming search. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. BSG Triad Cards. Thread starter 8 perf Start date Jun 8, I posted a query over on the BSG currency thread re: the Triad cards seen in the screen caps we used to make the paper cubits.

One of the grabs shows the backside of one of the Triad cards. As I said in the other thread, I'll post the scans of the real card prop I have tomorrow, as long as someone hooks me up with a set.

Any takers? Goodwolf Sr Member. Larson had a fondness for the whole Van Daniken theory of human origins, so it stanjds to reason he included Mayan symbolism in certain aspects of the show.

I do not have any caps to support this, but there are plenty that show only the triangles versions. There is a seller on ebay with a store that has a set of "52 cards" that have both types of symbols on them. She claims they were copied from screen used originals.

I have my doubts. We will have to do some extensive research on these to figure out what the "55 card deck" actually has on it. Logically speaking, how would one play the game? The battlestar wiki has a description of what the cards are, but not what they look like.

Purple ranks highest and orange ranks lowers. If a player feels a better hand is possible, he may discard up to 4 cards and receive replacements from the dealer. This may only be done once per hand, much the same as "Draw Poker". Players then construct their best possible pyramid and compare to the other player hands to determine the winner.

Ranks of Hands A pyramid is made up of at least three cards. First level pyramid consist of 2 third level, and 1 second level card. Second level pyramid consist of 3 third level, and 2 second level card. Third level pyramid consist of 3 third level, 2 second level cards, and 1 first level card.

Any of the above may be considered "perfect" when all of the cards used are of the same color. If two or more perfect pyramids are the same level, then the highest suit would win. NOTE: Only perfect pyramids can be ranked by suit; non-perfect pyramids are considered to have no suit. If two or more pyramids are still equal, then the persons play another hand to decide the winner.

Last edited: Jun 10, JKolton Well-Known Member. I don't have the typeface here, but the curly symbol on the back of that triad card scan is upper or lowercase B from Adobe Woodtype Ornaments 2. I use it for a decorative placeholder at work all the time. I'll make an eps out of the symbol tomorrow when I go in, and post it here.

Moff - Nice scan of the real card!! Size wise, I was thinking 4 inches from point to point. Started at 3. Supposedly, 3 suits, red, green purple?

Saying red and green for sure as they are visible in the screen cap. Design of these may be a lot more straightforward than we think.

Its gonna be the printing thats a killer. Any idea on how to have a "real" set of cards done, die cut and everything?

I hate that they screwed up the name of the game and didn't fix it. The new cards look cool. It would be awesome to have a poker set with cubits as the chips. That would be one heavy case! JediClone New Member. Quick rundown of what I've gleened from screengrabs: The third suit color is Green. Last edited: Jun 17, Great research. Can't wait to see more Then here's more At least one of the cards below is a six.

This seems to be the highest card with only one border. Sevens have two, as seen in Moffeaton's card. Nice job Jediclone.

Is it a Photoshop or illustrator file that you can distribute? So, are we deciding on the 4 colors? So far i have 3 suits, red, green, yellow ish , and a single capstone card that is black. It was also mentioned above that all of the 7's were on 3 bordered cards, but if you look close in one of the grabs, one of the 7's is on a 2 bordered red card.

Red looks to be a level 2 while black is level 3. Most info out there seems to deal with the Capstone deck, and it has been stated to have only 55 cards. That would not explain the 10 card we have already seen, would it?

What if it was as simple as 4 suits, with the numbers just like we have now? The four Aces 13 or Capstone would not have borders at all, while the remaining 12 cards might be level 1 , level 2 , and level 3. Just guessing now really. I can't seem to justify a 55 card count with these numbers though. I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with you.

And the front. You must log in or register to reply here.


Triad (RDM)

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Battlestar Galactica Triad Cards


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