There are various types of voice processing chip IC with various features for speech compression and processing is readily available. Here is projects called Voice recording and play back using chip APR An APR is a single chip voice recorder and playback device from Aplus integrated circuits. This chip used flash non volatile memory to store up to voltage levels.

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This project is a 60 seconds voice record — playback module. Voice Module 60 Sec project will playback and record up to 60 seconds of voice message.

This circuit will help you record and play a 60 seconds voice message stored on it. The project provides four different modes of voice message to be recorded and played, viz i MOD8 : 60 Seconds is equally dived in 8 equal segments, ii MOD4 : 60 Seconds is equally divided in four equal segments, iii MOD2 : 60 Seconds is equally divided in two equal segments and iv Tape Mode : Entire 60 segment is available in a single shot mode.

There are two different ways to record a voice message onto the chip viz. Jumper J3 on the PCB to select audio source. Onboard preset PR1 will adjust the sampling rate of playback and record option for IC. Important thing to remember is that, if you increase the sampling rate, the duration of message will reduce and vice-versa.

Also select the source for recording through CN1 Connector. Keep the sampling rate preset PR1 in the middle position to test a sample of the recorded message. Increasing the sampling rate will decrease the total amount of recording time and vice-versa. To record a message in any on of this location, you need to keep the Record Switch SW10 pressed with one finger and the Segment Switch pressed.

A Pip sound will play through the speaker to denote recording start. Recording will end when you release both these keys and when it reaches the end of the segment. Another PiP would sound to denote the end of recording.

Switches marked M1 to M8 are available in this mode. Playing a Message: Connect a appropriate speaker should not lower than 8 Ohms at LS1, For playing a recorded message you just need to press and release any of the switch available in that particular mode once. The play of message is also indicated by the flashing of LED, D2. Parts List. My requirement is to record four different sound in one circuit and play any one sound when i want.

Hi, I am making miniature railway model and I need similar circuit in which I can play pre-recorded horn by pressing button. Can you help me? Once the ic starts playing will it be playing again and again itself or it will stop after playing the recorded music 60 sec.

According to the datasheet, if you press and hold the message button M1-M8 the message is replayed repeatedly. To achieve this mode J1 and J2 should be closed. Electronics Lab. Manzoor Ahmed. Shantanu Borate. This project would be a great fit for your railway model. How can i help you? Gopal Krishna. Sir pls reply to my question Once the ic starts playing will it be playing again and again itself or it will stop after playing the recorded music 60 sec If I want to play it without stoping how should I do it 4 years ago.

I have the Apr Can I buy. The PCB? IS it interface with family? Leave a Reply Cancel reply.


60 seconds Voice Record – Playback module

It uses DC5V voltage to work. When you press the different keys, the loudspeaker will sound that which floor you arrive. This design uses a APR voice chip as the core of the circuit and realizes the function of auto recording and playback. It uses power amplifier chip JRCD to amplify the audio and enhance the volume.


Voice Recording and Play Back Circuit using APR9600




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