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Graham M. Dann 25 Estimated H-index: Find in Lib. Add to Collection. It is further argued that the presence of such factors is conducive to the creation of a fantasy world, one to which he plans a periodic escape. At the empirical level, the study evaluates the above two concepts in the light of a recent investigation of visitors' attitudes to Barbados. Thecomponents of the typology are also briefly examined.

References 9 Citations Cite. Motivation and Personality. Read Later. Measuring tourist motivation. Motivations for pleasure vacation. After signing in, all features are FREE. References 9. The holiday was simply fantastic. In the course of this article I should like to examine briefly the notion of fantasy from both a theoretical and empirical perspective, the latter being based on certain fi The Tourist Business. Lundberg H-Index: 1. A coefficient is described which can be used to obtain rapid reliability estimates for scales derived from either factor or cluster analysis.

Some affinities with Likert and Guttman scaling are noted. But the total approach is superior to either of these techniques, and to factor or cluster analysis used alone, insofar as it enables the researcher not only to explore the dimensionality of an attitude domain, but also to decide, at the same time, on the number of items required in order to measur Deviance and control.

Cohen H-Index: 8. A recent volume Clinard, et al. In his article Merton refers to some discrepancies between sociologists in their interpretation of the term 'anomie', and he is wise The family : from institution to companionship. Burgess H-Index: Locke H-Index: 3.

Disclosed are textile treating compositions comprising 1 a methylolated carbamate which is an ester of N-methylol carbamic acid or N,N-dimethylol carbamic acid and an ethylene oxide adduct of a fatty acid, fatty alcohol, fatty acid ester of a polyol, fatty amine, or fatty acid amide and 2 a durable-press agent.

The textile treating compositions may be applied to textile material to improve the physical characteristics thereof; for example, durable press properties, wrinkle-resistance, tear s Social Theory and Social Structure. Merton H-Index: Suicide: A Study in Sociology. Book I Extra-Social Factors 1. Suicide and Psychopathic States 2.

Suicide and normal Psychological Sates-Race Heredity 3. Suicide and Cosmic Factors 4. Egoistic Suicide 3. Egoistic Suicide continued, 4. Altruistic Suicide, 5. Anomic Suicide 6. The Social Element of Suicide 2. Relations of Suici The Economic and Philosophical Manuscripts. Physical, immediate possession is the only purpose of life nd existence as far as this communism is concerned; the category of worker is not abolished but extended to all men; the relation of private property remains the relation of the community to the world of things; ultimately, this movement to oppose universal private property to private property is expressed in bestial form -marriage which is admittedly a form of exclusive private property is counterposed to Cited By Push-motivation-based emotional arousal: A research study in a coastal destination.

Abstract This study focuses solely on push travel motivations based on emotional arousal. The study aims to find: a the underlying components of push travel motivation associated within a 3S travel destination, b the relationships between push motivations, emotional arousal, satisfaction, and post-experience behavioral intentions, and c the mediator role of emotions in the relationship between push motivation and tourist satisfaction.

The data were collected from tourists in the destin Disclosing homogeneity within heterogeneity: A segmentation of Spanish active tourism based on motivational pull factors. Abstract In the context of postmodern tourism, active tourism has acquired great importance. This type of travel fits the tastes of the new tourist, who seeks new and differentiated experiences that deliver a diverse range of sensations.

The present works aims at in depth exploring the profile of active tourists, with emphasis on the reasons that lead them to seek this kind of experiences. Given the framework provided by the push and pull theory, the aim of this study is to identify groups with Ben Haobin Ye.

Abstract Museums showcase the cultures and histories of different regions and serve as new tourist attractions in numerous cities. Scholars and practitioners are keen on understanding the factors that influence the museum visit intention of visitors. The current study examined generativity, which refers to one's care and concern for the next generation, and its impact on the museum experience expectation, motivation and visit intention of tourists.

A questionnaire survey involving museum vis There is evidence that increasing the Length of Stay LOS contributes to the sustainability of destinations. Given that these visitors generate more environmental impacts, an increase in LOS would help guide tourism towards more sustainable standards. The analysis was performed using several Heckman selection models. Unlike the findings of previous stud The identification and classification of tourists that are seen to be more inte What will prevail within citybreak travel, motivation or demotivation?

Jasmina Popov-Locke. Migration intentions: a sign of a weak nation brand? A multi-group analysis between China and Pakistan. Fan Xiu-cheng H-Index: 3. Demographic factors and travel motivation among leisure tourists in Tanzania. To examine demographic factors and travel motivations among leisure tourists in Tanzania. Specifically by examining the influence of demographic factors on travel motivation among local and international leisure tourists in Tanzania.

The relevance of food for the development of a destination brand. Gertner H-Index: 2.


Anomie, ego-enhancement and tourism






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