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And of course, all of you, as the true magic of Anima. The book that you hold is a supplement for the Anima: Beyond Fantasy roleplaying game centered on the world of magic, summoning, and Psychic Powers.

Its objective is not only to multiply the possibilities available to all characters equipped with some kind of supernatural ability, but also to infinitely increase your options for creating spectacular games.

With these rules, previously unimaginable powers are now at your fingertips. As with any Anima book, our goal with Arcana Exxet was to create a set of rules that could adapt to any kind of character regardless of the characters origin. Therefore, although the powers that appear in this book are rooted in the world of Gaa, they can be used in virtually any setting which has some kind of magic.

Of course, you alone can judge the best way to use them. Something very similar happened with the powers of the mind. Although in the past psychics never gained such immense might as the practitioners of the arcane arts, their capabilities still ranked them among the great supernatural powers. Currently, Psychic Powers are feared and repressed by society just as much as magic.

Ironically, mundane people are usually not even capable of understanding the conceptual differences between magic and mentalism. For them, it doesnt matter if someone uses a mystical Theorem to create fire or a psychic matrix; in the end, both are unnatural powers to be feared. Psychics are different from wizards in that they do not require teachers to use their powers.

They can master their abilities simply by practicing on their own as an athlete might train his body. Therefore, there are slightly greater numbers of them nowadays than there are wizards, but they too must hide their powers from the masses. Finally, the last of the great supernatural powers is summoning, which, for many, is the most terrible of all the arts. With it, entire civilizations, such as that of the Devah, tried to control the gods. However, it is also the most dangerous of all.

History proves that most of its masters were consumed by the forces they summoned. Of all the mystical arts, summoning is the most complex and requires the most study from its practitioners.

Although it does not require the Gift to use, very few know the intricacies of its ways, and few people on Gaa are able to teach them. The only organization that is known to openly use summoning is the Order of Yehudah, but they are hardly given to revealing their secrets.

Of course, to ordinary people, there is no difference between casting a spell and knowing how to summon a monster for many, the latter may be even worse , and only true experts are able to differentiate the two arts. The rest simply fear them both alike. Players unfamiliar with the changes made to the core magic rules in that book may ignore the mention of Basic, Intermediate, Advanced, and Arcane power level options for spells in Anima: Beyond Fantasy. Players may use those options for spells in the sub-Paths presented in this book as a further distinguishing characteristic of sub-Paths, or if they prefer, they can consider the spells to have no additional power level options and instead divide each spell into four distinct spells, with their sub-Path Levels determined by the Game Master, based on the amount of Intelligence and accumulated Zeon each spell requires.

On Gaa, magic is the ultimate supernatural force, the strongest and best known of all the occult powers. In the past, it has even determined the fate of the world, for those who mastered it had the power to dominate existence.

Countless miracles and atrocities were carried out with magic, and countless civilizations were raised up and shattered. However, after the activation of the Machine of Rah, the power that once stretched to all corners of the globe became little more than a memory, its energies dwindling and scattered.

Now more than ever, magic is a force feared by society, partly because of the mystery that surrounds it and partly because the terrible atrocities it caused in the past are still painfully present in the memories of many people. However, many others dont even believe in it, considering it little more than a myth born of ages of darkness and ignorance.

The truth is that the use of magic is anything but common. In general, people born with the Gift on Gaa are not even aware that they have that power. Without knowing why they are different, they have difficult childhoods, for they see things that others do not and change their surroundings without even meaning to. Since in most principalities supernatural practices are prohibited and persecuted, witches and wizards are rare and restricted.

In a few cases, a Gifted individual can learn spells on his own. However, in most cases, people develop their mystical knowledge if they have a secret wizard in their family who sees the potential in them or if they are clandestinely recruited by a shadowy organization, such as the Magus Order or the Order of Yehudah.

The governments of some principalities also have some secret agents capable of using magic, though so far nobody has dared to give them official recognition.

The following are the definitions of some supernatural terms that might prove confusing. Contrary to popular belief, this does not mean that he will know spells or actually be able to use magic, but he at least has the potential to gain such capabilities. They need not be witches or wizards themselves and might even simply be ordinary intellectuals who specialize in the occult arts and sciences and seek to learn everything about them.

Psychic: The name given to an individual with Psychic Powers. Mentalist: The term used to refer to a person who trains in and studies the use of Psychic Powers.

Necromancer: A name for those magicians who primarily use the Path of Necromancy. Illusionist: A name for those magicians who primarily use the Path of Illusion. Books of Magic: These are books which describe occult rituals and magic in general or theoretical terms, but do not contain any real spells.

Grimoires: These books or writings contain actual spells. All cultures have had their own theories about the nature and origin of magic, some even conflicting with each other.

Some people considered it a gift given to mortals by the gods, others concluded that it was a force extracted from the souls of the dead, and once there was even speculation that it was the power of dreams incarnate. In fact, all and none were right. While it would be impossible to give a precise definition, for it is beyond any belief or philosophy, the force called magic is the spiritual energy that shapes life, the other side of the physical world which flows, invisible, through all things.

This Flow of Souls is the malleable material of creation, the force that even gives rise to dreams. It is the essence of the living and the deadand even of things that have never lived. Its most solid and immovable principles are known as the rules of existence, while in its purest form, it is an absolute power that can alter the pillars of reality. In a way, it could be considered the basis for every kind of energy that exists, for any action or reaction is directly tied to it.

Magic, despite being a living force, is not itself a conscious being. However, it encompasses all the elements of creation, including emotions and concepts. Therefore, depending on where one is and the nature of the Flow of Souls in that region, mortal influences can shape the flow so that it takes on different aspects. Magic that is close to a particular element might take on an elemental character, while magic imbued with positive emotions might become light energy.

Every living being is at once both a source of magic and a beacon for ambient magic. Each soul not only generates mystical energy, but also attracts it from the environment, feeding on that energy and growing stronger. This leads to a chain reaction: the stronger a person is at magic, the more energy is attracted to him.

However, although magic thus fills every person, not everyone is able to use it. From the beginning of history, only a few exceptional individuals have had the ability to control these forces that for others are beyond imagination. These people, whether they feel blessed or cursed by their power, have the Gift.

The Gift is the means by which magic manifests in a soul as an active force, allowing the individual to intervene directly in the flow of mystical energy.

Not only are Gifted people capable of perceiving the supernatural, but they can also use their powers to reshape reality with spells or even thoughts. As with magic itself, it is difficult to determine the source of the Gift.

There are occultists who say that it is no more than a state of mind where the soul of a person has awakened to magic and that therefore, at least in theory, everyone has access to it. However, the fact is that the souls of the Gifted are special from birth, allowing them to use magic even in childhood. A person with the Gift does not even have to be aware of his power in order to use it in fact, often he does not even know what power he possesses , but because of his connection to magic, he always sees the world a little differently.

While most of the time accumulating magic has no visual appearance to those who are not able to see magic, when a wizard accumulates truly enormous amounts of power, the concentration of supernatural energy is so great that his surroundings are affected.

This section explains some possible manifestations of different levels of accumulated Zeon. The environment is filled with energy, which creates air currents or shakes very small objects. Those close to him feel strange sensations, but cannot determine their origin.

Meanwhile, strange and paranormal events start to happen. For example, candle flames might burn with unnatural colors, or the sound of silence might be heard. Paranormal effects appropriate to the nature of the spell surround the wizard, while starbursts of magical energy occur everywhere. Any individual without the Inhumanity ability must pass a Strength check against the characters Power to be able to approach him while he is accumulating that amount of energy.

If he desires, a caster may hide the effects of Zeon accumulation using his Magic Appraisal Secondary Ability. To do so, he makes a check using that ability and subtracts the result obtained from the points of Zeon that he has accumulated to determine the visual appearance of his magic. Exodus begins to accumulate Zeon, but makes a Magic Appraisal check to try to mitigate the visual effects of the accumulation, obtaining a result of Therefore, when he accumulates points,, the environmental effects are the same as if he had accumulated Spells are formulas to control supernatural powers.

Just as a mathematician must make his calculations accurately to arrive at a correct result, a wizard weaves mystical formulas as his particular science demands. Gestures, whispered incantations, and thoughts can all allow a wizard to alter reality to his will. A powerful wizard is able to use his sheer willpower to cast spells, although he can use verses and rituals to better shape the forces involved and achieve far more powerful results.

No two spells are ever the same. Each wizard uses his own system of mystical formulas, so even two wizards attempting to create the exact same result may go about it in completely different ways. Thus, practitioners of magic in the same school can use each others spells, since all base their formulas on the same magical knowledge.

However, they will likely have nothing in common with wizards from another school in terms of methods, even if they employ spells that have the same effects. Magic Level measures the natural ability of a character to learn and develop both spells and Metamagic abilities. It represents the wizards innate wisdom, learned knowledge, and potential to develop his powers. The higher his Magic Level, the more spells he can know and cast at will.

As explained in Anima: Beyond Fantasy, Magic Level is represented by a numerical value that is used to acquire spells. However, it is important to remember that this does not mean that a wizard always automatically spends all his points at the beginning of the game.

Magic Level is just the maximum value that he can come to acquire, the limit his abilities could reach at that time. As time passes and he has the opportunity to study and learn, he will be able to spend Magic Level points to approach that limit.


Anima: Arcana Exxet

And of course, all of you, as the true magic of Anima. The book that you hold is a supplement for the Anima: Beyond Fantasy roleplaying game centered on the world of magic, summoning, and Psychic Powers. Its objective is not only to multiply the possibilities available to all characters equipped with some kind of supernatural ability, but also to infinitely increase your options for creating spectacular games. With these rules, previously unimaginable powers are now at your fingertips. As with any Anima book, our goal with Arcana Exxet was to create a set of rules that could adapt to any kind of character regardless of the characters origin.


Arcana Exxet - Secrets of the Supernatural

I have the book and am currently in the process of translation when I went back to the announcment and saw that it said stuff about altering reality with your character's will or something like that, does anyone know which chapter that is, or if it was cut like the Artifact creation rules were? Its probably been cut, so that the game design team can perpetuate a hopeless no-win scenario for characters to struggle in. Seriously, the most you can hope for as a player is for your character to become a slightly useful pawn in the godlike lives of the feature characters, Powers in the Shadow, and various Organizations. I realize this is dark fantasy, but.. Wow, some over the top drama in this post. I don't get why people hate on the established powers in Gaia, similar entities exist in almost every "official" setting I have read for any RPG.


Gerard's Gaming

Explore the nature and origin of magic in Arcana Exxet: Secrets of the Supernatural. This authoritative tome of the supernatural is a supplement for Anima: Beyond Fantasy, the roleplaying game of dark fantasy! Discover theorems of magic, metamagic advantages, invocations, psychic powers, and supernatural beings, including Sheele, spirits of the soul. While only those with the Gift can cast spells, Arcana Exxet provides rules for rituals that allow nearly anyone to harness magical powers.

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