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Certified Buyer , Hyderabad. Certified Buyer , New Delhi. Certified Buyer , Barasat. Certified Buyer , Varanasi. Certified Buyer , Jammu. Certified Buyer , Howrah. Certified Buyer , Sampla. Certified Buyer , Jaipur. Certified Buyer , Greater Noida. Explore Plus. Other Books. Enter pincode. Usually delivered in days? RS Sharma. LocalBells 3. Only for plus members Get exciting benefits. Rate Product. Firstly these books aren't available in the market where I live.

So, I've ordered and thought that even the delivered book is atleast average, I will be satisfied enough. But, it is even more. Very satisfied. No issues with the book. Great service. Very very satisfied. I got this book in good condition. Many people here are complaining about the quality of the book. See the quality of the product depends upon the seller from whom you are purchasing.

Always buy product from Flipkart Assured Sellers i. Flipkart Assured Products. Like in this case, I checked all the 23 sellers and out of these only one seller was Flipkart Assured.

So, I chose that seller and placed the order. This is how you should place an order and ensure that you get good quality product. These pages are more thinner than usual, perfect photocopy, but the pictures are opaque! Supriya Chakraborty Certified Buyer , Barasat 7 months ago. The book isn't available in the market and if you got that book, you have to pay higher price. But here you can buy it on market price so if you haven't emergency then I suggest you can buy it on online. I share the contents and the printing quality is good not best because it's publication date is Thank you.

Shweta karmali Certified Buyer , Varanasi Feb, I am shocked to see this product. The description and the price of the book was fabricated. The paper quality of the book is very rough and doesn't look like a new book. Most of the pages are not in the proper place and position. The price of the book as mentioned there is Rs. Originally, there are 33 Chapters in the book and the book provided by you contains only 29 chapters with less information.

The book consists of p If you are an UPSC aspirant specially history optional then you should buy this book. Questions and Answers. Q: new book contains pages only why there is difference in pages? Is any topic is missing? A: old edition is preferably better. Flipkart Customer. Report Abuse. Q: How ncert's can be written by individuals. Q: This book used or what? A: this is a pretty good book than other available sources in market on Ancient Indian history. Hemanth Kumar R. Q: Published in which year?

Q: Is it better than poonam dalal ancient part? Q: is this book is good for bpsc aspirant. Q: number of pages. Actually how many pages are there? Q: is the print clear?

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(Download) Old NCERT PDF : Ancient India by R. S. Sharma


G156XW01 V1 PDF


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