In order to eliminate and get the best from all the applicants, the recruiters plan on a written exam wherein a problem or an algorithm is given as a question. They provide everyone with a problem statement and the applicants will have to come up with a solution, later write a program for it. They will give a problem statement and will ask everyone to come up with a solution and then write the program for it. Instead, take your time to come up with the perfect solution. Coming up with Min order and min extra space will definitely help.

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A 2d array has 0 and 1 as values. In one flip, 0's are changed to 1 if and only if any of the neighbors left, right, top, bottom is 1. Return the total number of flips required to convert the whole grid to 1's. Return the shortest journey. Write all the possible numbers returned from a calculator pad where a start number move in a L direction in any directions moves ie. From calculator pad. Start from 2, move 2 down, 1 left , it will be 7 ie. Start from 2 move 2 down, 1 right , it will be 9 ie.

Start from 7 move 1 left, 2 up , it will be 2 ie. Start from 7 move 1 up, 2 left , it will be 6. Given a string s, break s such that every substring of the partition can be found in the dictionary. Return the minimum break needed. The resultant string should be a combination of the strings given in the array.

The given array of characters may contain repeated elements. Got Sp00ked by MS simple question.. Eight Ball problem, find Minimum steps to determine the heaviest one. Anyone know the answer is 2 in case of 8 balls..

Question is code getHeavy when number of balls are not determined. Write second most repeating word in a string eg aaa bbb ccc aaa bbb aaa answer - bbb. Given an unsorted array, sort it in such a way that the first element is the largest value, the second element is the smallest, the third element is the second largest element and so on. Do you think O f is a good idea for real engineering? Given a choice, what other 'order of' measure would you propose to use? If you were to sort 10 elements, what sorting method would you have used?

If you were to sort 1 trillion unicode characters, what sorting method you would have used? No library functions allowed. As you guys know, C did not have,and does not have anything called class. Thus, here is the problem for you. Given you have C, and you need to implement class like behaviour, how you would do it? Specifically, implement the following in C : 1. A Simple Hello class with hello function printing "Hello, World". A new operator which enables creating this constructor less class.

A delete operator that deletes the pointer. How would you do it? If you did not use it, please take a look around. You do not have to write one. BUT, you have to do something similar. Given a file name not a path , and an initial directory, you have to list all the file paths, which matches the file name, case should not be considered.

Also allow regex match. Again, the problem is non trivial. It was expected to ask the right questions. Word count of the file. Line count of the file. NOTE: The problem is non trivial for 3 reasons. It was expected to ask about the non triviality. None actually understands how garbage collection works, albeit people ask this in the interviews.

Nonetheless, we are going to ask you something very similar. Here is the problem. Take an array of bytes, perhaps 1MB in size. Implement these two operations:.

Now, here is your problem. If it is not possible, you need to compact defragment memory. So, you need to implicitly write a :. Worse is coming. Solve this whole problem. Time allocated was 1 hour. Face to face, panel with 2 interviewers. Imagine there are brick boulders, all of integer size. Their sizes are stored in an array. The figure looks something like this : peltiertech. You have to answer how much water the boulders are holding up. XPATH implementation problem.

Write code, imagine you have a general purpose tree. Now, explain which one would be faster, and why? Explain from the design and the code you have written. As you know, every OS comes up with this tiny application called the calculator. It is good. Now, here is our problem. If we try to implement the function. I have to write if upon if upon if upon if to do for all operators. Moreover, some operators are not even binary! Take example the abs or say the negate!

Bigger problem persists. With the if mode, we can not even add operators as we wish to without changing code! But that is a sin. So, what do we do? That is question 1. In question 2, as a software tester, how do you propose to test and automate the above? Writing more if than the developer is not allowed. We all know databases are very very slow. In fact they are so slow that very serious people who wants to do volumes of read operation and search operations write their own implementation.

In this question, you would be asked to do the same, for a very limited operation - select. Every item stored has this field called timestamp. Now, here is the problem you need to solve :. Imagine you have millions of data rows. How to store it in HDD, and how to load, entirely your problem. None is going to insert anything on existing data - only read. Write an algorithm that solves this problem, and a data structure that works as storage for the data. Implement the following using it: 1.

If condition. If else condition. If else if else condition. While loop 5. Given brackets, e. Almost everyone can do the above. Now, prove that it works. Also tell which class of grammar the string belongs to. Showcase why your algorithm is a language recogniser for the same. You are given 20 questions to solve in 20 minutes. If you successfully solve the question, you would receive 2 marks.


Amazon interview Experience | Set 130 (For SDET 1)

A 2d array has 0 and 1 as values. In one flip, 0's are changed to 1 if and only if any of the neighbors left, right, top, bottom is 1. Return the total number of flips required to convert the whole grid to 1's. Return the shortest journey.


Amazon Interview experience | Set 128 (For SDET)

But my interviewer asked me to do this without sorting the input array, and I did it. Questions related to my project. A matrix is given which is sorted row wise and column wise You have to print the sorted order. Questions related to my project during my internship. What happens when we type amazon.

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