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The Microchip Technology Inc. The device is organized as 16K words by 8 bits. Accessing individual bytes from an. A complete family of pack-.

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Remember Me? Home What's New? Cookies Policy Welcome to Amibay. This site uses cookies to keep you logged into the site, as well as improving your experience using the site. By continuing to use this website you are agreeing to allow us to use cookies. You can find out more, including how to opt out of using cookies on this website, by reading our full cookie policy. Results 1 to 6 of 6. EEPROM 27c Hi, looking for one or two eeprom 27c pin-compatible, working, programmed or not doesn't matter, dirty cheap, regular mail.

Thanks, Chapas. Last edited by chapas; 27th May at Rate Seller. Hello chapas If this helps you can use the following chips as well 27C, 27C You will need to double up the data you are programming them with. Obviously you will need to quadruple the file when using a 27C If the s are OK, you can have them for the price of postage. I'd like a couple of euros each for the 27Cs though. Hello, thank you both for your answer, I do have another models 27c and 27c but i do not know exactly how to "double up the data", the 'paste' is made at the end of the data or somehow interleaved?

I'll google for it and try to do it. For example lets assume you have a 16kbyte rom file called ROM. BIN and that you need to make it 32kbyte to write it on a 27C eprom. BIN will be a 32kbyte file that you can burn on a 27C chip. Aacheron and slk are my heroes AD mfilos ed. Yup, that's it! I already read similar on other forums. Some even state, at programming time, a lifted PIN27 will also do the trick. Will try this tonight.

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27C128 EPROM. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent




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