Ender's Shadow is a parallel science fiction novel by the American author Orson Scott Card , taking place at the same time as the novel Ender's Game and depicting some of the same events from the point of view of Bean , a supporting character in the original novel. It was originally to be titled Urchin , but it was retitled Ender's Shadow prior to release. Bean , the main character, is a homeless child living in the hellish streets of Rotterdam in roughly after escaping as an infant from an illegal genetic engineering laboratory. Highly intelligent and extremely young, Bean is mainly concerned with his need for food. He joins a large gang of children led by a girl named Poke and sets up a system in which they can all receive nourishment at a local soup kitchen. Specifically, the group gets a bully, Achilles pronounced 'Ah-Sheel' [French Pronunciation] , to be their protector.

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See Featured Authors Answering Questions. To ask other readers questions about Umbra lui Ender , please sign up. Answered Questions 2. Do I need to have read the full series before reading this one? I did read Ender's Game and loved it, but haven't read the rest of the series due to so-so reviews. Heidi Nope. I read Ender's Game and went right to this one. I actually liked being able to see the same story from another perspective, see what the others …more Nope.

I actually liked being able to see the same story from another perspective, see what the others were doing while Ender was losing his mind at command school. I absolutely loved Ender's Game, and only liked the following two books in the trilogy. Would you compare this story to the intensity of Ender's Game or one of the other books? As much as I loved EG, I hate to say that the following stories were no where near as exciting.

That …more This book is Ender's Game from Bean's perspective. That doesn't mean they're bad, but they're I guess Except for Ender in Exile. Ender in Exile is one of the few books with the unenviable distinction of being "Top 5 or Bottom 5? Ender's Shadow is almost as good as Ender's Game, which is saying a lot. The series of Ender's Shadow is very entertaining, more so than the EG series. Unanswered Questions 1. Who has a FULL listening of everyone reading in the audio?

The websites are completely useless listing just Scott and maybe, maybe if you're lucky, one or two other people. Ask and answer questions about books!

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