Timber frame is very much on the ascendancy as a mainstream construction method for dwellings and medium rise buildings in the UK. Financial and time savings are there to be had providing the method of construction is understood. Timber frame construction is not a system of building, although there are a number of well-researched systems that use timber frame as a basis. Timber frame construction uses timber studs and rails, together with a structural sheathing board, to form a structural frame that transmits all vertical and horizontal loads to the foundations. Platform frame is the most commonly used method in the UK. Each storey is framed with floor-to-ceiling height panels and the floor deck of one floor becomes the erection platform of the next.

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Timber frame construction , the acknowledged 'bible' for timber frame, has been in demand since its first edition in This new edition comes at an exciting and challenging time for the UK construction industry. As 'zero carbon' comes even closer, timber frame is well placed to meet these demands.

We have considered improvements in the elemental U-values, air-tightness, thermal bridging and party wall thermal bypass and incorporated these in this revision. In this 5th edition, we have addressed the key areas of air-tightness, thermal performance and thermal bridging by introducing an insulated service zone on the inner face of the timber frame external walls.

This book takes into consideration the significant changes in regulation related to timber frame construction since its last edition. The most significant of these regulatory changes are the introduction of Eurocode 5, the Code for Sustainable Homes and the inclusion of U-values for party walls in both the England and Wales Approved Document L: Conservation of fuel and power and the Energy section of the most recent Scottish Technical Standards.

Timber frame construction draws together the requirements of the building regulations, other recognised guidance such as industry publications and TRADA Technology's recommendations for 'best practice' in order to create the definitive guide to timber framing. You're just one step away Please confirm that you agree to us using your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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Call our technical helpline for independent expert advice Timber frame construction: designing for high performance 5th edition. In This Series Acoustic performance of party floors and walls in timber framed buildings House from the rising sun - Lessons from the Japanese housing delivery experience Low energy timber frame buildings Medium-rise timber frame: A best practice benchmarking guide Reinstatement of timber frame buildings after fire.

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We are members of the Timber Research And Development Association, TRADA

By using our website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. This one day CPD accredited course is written to provide practical information of all aspects of timber frame construction. It explores reasons why timber frame has become such a popular method of building and aims to provide a better overall understanding of timber frame during design, the construction phase and in use. Our experts provide a range of courses from visual strength grading through to designing with Eurocode 5. Our training portfolio includes timber, fire, management systems, chain of custody, sustainable supply chain and business training. Download our current Training Course Directory to discover more about our wide range on offer.


Timber frame construction. 4th edition

Old version of document Newer versions. Provides guidance on the design and detailing of timber frame. Covers foundations, ground floors, walls, party walls, intermediate floors, party floors, roofs, cladding and services. Considers timber construction in the context of sustainability. It is now a member of the BM TRADA Group of companies and is the appointed provider for research and information programmes and for the administration of its member services. Providing a wide range of commercial and training services to TRADA members and to the timber and construction industries.

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