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Quick Links. Download this manual. This service manual should be used together with the following manual s :. CD Mech. Module : Circuit Descriptions, Mech. Descriptions, Disassembly.

Table of Contents. When Q is shorted between their terminals, the laser diodes will radiate beam. If the top cover is removed with no disc loaded while such short-circuit is continued, the naked eyes may be exposed to the laser beam.

Replaced only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the manufacture. Discord used batteries according to the manufacture's instructions. Page 4 To protect products from damages or failures during transit, the shipping mode should be set or the shipping screws should be installed before shipment.

Please be sure to follow this method especially if it is specified in this manual. Page 5: Table Of Contents The following lead-free solders are available as service parts: Parts numbers of lead-free solder: GYP 1. GYP 0. Page 7: Specifications 2. Page 8 - ES Model Backup current Page Panel Facilities 2. Page Connection Diagram 2. Page Diagnosis In case of the above signal, the communication Source keys with Grille microcomputer may fail.

After that, proceed to each source operation. Unreadable TOC does not constitute an error. An intended operation continues in this case. Upper digits of an error code are subdivided as shown below: 1x: Setup relevant errors, 3x: Search relevant errors, Ax: Other errors.

Page 25 Disconnect the USB device, and connect it again. Then, return to the USB. TEL 2. FR- REM 4. RR- ACC 7. FL- GND 8. RL- Page Service Mode 1k ohms in series. The load and eject operation is not guarantied with the mechanism upside down. If the mechanism is blocked due to mistaken eject operation, reset the product or turn off and on the ACC to restore it. When the non-display mode is selected for the K1 - K6 key names, "A key" and "B key" are invalid.

At the same time all the self-adjusting values shall return to the default setting. Page Disassembly Fig. Page 31 Push the place of the arrows and then remove the Panel Assy.

Disconnect the cable and then remove the CD Mechanism Module. Page 33 3. Caution: When assembling, be sure to apply some alcohol to the Dampers and assemble the mechanism in a clamped state. Page 34 Assemble the sub unit side of the Pickup, taking the plate Chassis in-between. Page Each Setting And Adjustment The frequency of the clock signal is Hz that is one 32th of the fundamental frequency. Page Checking The Grating After Changing The Pickup Unit Because of eccentricity in the disc and a slight misalignment of the clamping center the grating waveform may be seen to "wobble" the phase difference changes as the disc rotates.

The angle specified above indicates the average angle. Hint Reloading the disc changes the clamp position and may decrease the "wobble". For the applying amount of lubricants or glue, follow the instructions in this manual.

In the case of no amount instructions,apply as you think it appropriate. Page Exterior 1 9. Page Exterior 2 9. Page Cd Mechanism Module 9. Page 47 Therefore, when replacing, be sure to use parts of discrete resistors. Symbol indicates a capacitor. No differentiation is made between chip capacitors and 0. Page Keyboard Unit Page Cd Core Unit S Print page 1 Print document 77 pages.

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Pioneer DEH-4000UB Operation Manual

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