Started by manhattengirl , 13 Nov Posted 6 Jan Are you suggesting the two Bescheids are identical, with identical payment demands? It would not be unusual to get a second Bescheid for the same year if new information came to light which changed the original calculation and may result in a payment or a refund. While you cannot resubmit for , you can always object to a Bescheid within 30 days or receiving it no matter what year it refers to. Posted 10 Jan

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Contact Us About Us. Forums New posts Search forums. TV The property forum Chat show. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Filing German Tax returns. Thread starter Beaufort1 Start date May 8, Beaufort1 New Member.

Can anyone point us in the direction of how to contact the German tax authorities or tax advisors. Also more importantly can you tell us when we have to file a tax return. I'm not sure if this is for a single or joint return. Does this sound good value? Being non-resident and with a sole source of income, the declaration should be pretty straightforward. Some places Germany? Normally you just have to choose the option but you nearly always, I think, end up paying more than you would if you filed a declaration.

I too would be interested to know more on this if anybody out there has solid information on the subject. I'd welcome connecting - off line if more relevant - as I suspect we are in the same position acquired German flat 1st Oct and now faced with high fee relative to income! Does anyone know if the German authorities give you a personal allowance for use against the rental income.

PatrickM New Member. Accountant with German background Hello, I am an accountant in Australia with German heritage and intend to invest in Germany apartments over the next 6 month. I'll review the german tax law for foreign investors and will publish anything i find naturally i cannot guarantee teh accuracy but at least give you some indication.

I wonder if the tax return forms available in English? Are they easy enough to fill it myself? Thank you. Hi Everybody Has anybody found a good cheap accountant who can do German Tax Return Forms on behalf of somebody with an income from property. When do the forms have to be filled in by? Living9 New Member. Tax Returns on German btl I hope I will be able to lodge some useful pointers onsite as I am attempting to do my tax return with a German speaking friend this week.

My german is very basic but I have managed to get the gist of the form using a dictionary and the free translation web service Paying the ground rent etc has been simple and as I opened a german bank account I do the domestic transfer online direct to the tax office bank details on all their letters.

Thought it best to be very prompt so as to stay beneath the radar. Somebody suggested paying an accountant once and then following the mould for sucessive years; yes, good idea; however, like doing UK tax online if you are self-employed; it is actually not that difficult once you get the knack. Even a small internet search has given me details of items I can claim for so hopefully will have something to offer later this week which may be of help.

Prop-erty New Member. Living9 said:. I hope I will be able to lodge some useful pointers onsite as I am attempting to do my tax return with a German speaking friend this week. Online Forms Prop-erty said:. Thank you so much. Any links that you have found useful? Hoban New Member. German Tax Hi All, We are just trying to fill in the tax return for the last year and have few questions mainly about Anlage A.

What is the amount we can use - on the form it looks like it is the purchase price? Also not sure how columns 1, 2,3 and 4 should be filled in.

Thanks for help to all! Also, does anyone know any "reasonable value" tax advisor we have been quoted extortionate prices? Cheers Nives. So you buy a property, you receive euro a month, you have your expences, paying property management an accountant repairs and so on. What pretancage do you pay on your clear profits? You must log in or register to reply here.

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Deadline for German tax returns




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