Over 25 years experience in translation, interpretation and other language assistance services. Extensive experience in labour law translation. You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes. Review native language verification applications submitted by your peers. Reviewing applications can be fun and only takes a few minutes. Working languages:.

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Over 25 years experience in translation, interpretation and other language assistance services. Extensive experience in labour law translation. You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes.

Review native language verification applications submitted by your peers. Reviewing applications can be fun and only takes a few minutes. Working languages:. Native in : Spanish. Send email. More actions PayPal. Feedback from clients and colleagues on Willingness to Work Again 2 positive reviews 1 unidentified. Rate service provider. En la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, a los In the City of Buenos Aires, on this It is further agreed that, for the purpose of pursuing the collection of any amounts owed by the Company by virtue of this contract, the parties regard the foregoing as fully enforceable.

Civil y Comercial. CUIT: Credicoop Responde L, except AgroCabal and Cabal Mayorista. An essential requirement to participate in this promotion shall be that the card be valid and in a normal state of compliance.

Special offer corresponding to the consumer portfolio pursuant to Section of the Civil and Commercial Code. Desnudando la ingenuidad de muchos que pronosticaban un retroceso del sistema de Pax Americana con la llegada de Obama al blanco edificio del de Avenida Pennsylvania.

En medio de la autopropaganda de tinte populista sui generis que se autoobsequiaba Obama con periodicidad -en el marco de reformas sociales que lograra aprobar en el Capitolio-, vuelve a asomar la cabeza la agenda militarista. Sin importar muchas de las probables consecuencias. En cualesquiera de los casos, chinos y rusos probablemente no superen la fase del matoneo verbal.

Ruiz, para El Ojo Digital Internacionales. Military and geopolitical consequences of a conflict that appears inevitable. After three years, the Iranian scenario is put up for discussion again, thus exposing the naiveness of many who predicted a drawback in the Pax Americana with the arrival of Obama at Pennsylvania Avenue. After all, Barack had launched a trial balloon to subtly test the response of the military-industrial structures regarding his promise to close Guantanamo.

Just to get a categorical "no" for an answer. Closing GITMO would have meant a cause for celebration for Castroism -already defeated and fallen from grace- not to mention that the U. Amid the sui generis populist-tinted self-propaganda in which Obama regularly indulged himself -within the framework of social reforms successfully passed at the Capitol building- the militarist agenda pokes out once more.

Which, eventually, is what really matters, for the economy of the only superpower left remains almost entirely supported by military-related industries. The answer is blunt: should a reorganisation of this kind be attempted, bankruptcy would cause havoc. Barack Obama had pledged a quick withdrawal from the swampy theatres of operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

But the announcements were, apparently, "misunderstood" by a shrilling public opinion. Actually, it has recently been confirmed that America would stop wandering around the dusty streets of ancient Babylon, to concentrate on the annoying Taliban enemy.

Iran is a much more complex and pithy question, not as regards the aspects strictly coloured by the statistics and the unquestionable military comparisons, but regarding the myriad of variables that come together in the new scenario.

In contrast, the United States of America holds less than 2. American strategic reserves are estimated at less than 20 billion barrels. Naturally, the sharpest minds in the global energy field reckon that the Middle East and Central Asia hold stocks that outperform the U. Contemporary history has always featured populist characters destined to repeat the grossest mistakes of Napoleon, Saddam, Galtieri, Hitler et al.

A starving Pentagon would never tolerate the use of a nationalist, anti-Semitic rhetoric every statement made has its confirmed justification. But the innuendo has nothing to do with the basic precept of "preventing the Israelis from getting angry.

The small Jewish state can never launch pre-emptive attacks against its neighbours without consulting with its elder American brother. Thus, the myth of the alleged control exercised by the Wall Street Semites, Washington, the international military agenda and the international banking, reveals itself as retrograde, racist, obsolete and nonsensical.

However, and as far as Iran is concerned, the symbiosis between Americans and Israelis becomes so apparent that none of them is likely to dismantle it. According to some not new available research reports, the first phase Washington considers for execution in Iran consists of systematic blitzkrieg attacks, as seen in previous scenarios.

The aim will be to smash into pieces the incipient nuclear infrastructure of the Ahmadinejad regime, although, presumably, the bombing will also reach military and civilian targets, transport and telecommunications systems, factories and public buildings. This panorama could cause the conflict to spread into Lebanon and Syria itself. In fact, the initial role of Israel could involve massive air strikes against the Lebanese, fully aware that the latter could benefit from the American preventive attack on Iran to swoop down on Israel.

In this fashion, prevention alternatives intersect prevention itself. Arab nations like Saudi Arabia and Egypt will not play a minor role. Riyadh has already notified the Israeli Air Force that they will open up their airspace to Israel for the execution of missions. Egypt, due to the sovereign control it exercises over part of the Suez Canal, an obligatory route for tankers, has just issued the required permits for the transit of American and Israeli warships.

Saudi Arabia and the Gulf allies are going to do their part in their area of shared control in the Strait of Hormuz and the Arabian Sea. It is also worth pointing out at this stage the fears of many analysts and scholars of geopolitics behind the scenes, concerned in advance about the possible Russian and Chinese response.

If the leaders of these powers construe the message properly, they will understand that they too are indirect recipients of these dispatches from Washington, in the sense that the war against terrorism will not come to a halt in the vicinity of any frontier. There are also those who assume, when faced with the extension of the sight, that the escalation is something already considered by the United States and a geographical amplification of the conflict can be foreseen.

Regardless of many of its probable consequences. In any case, neither the Chinese nor the Russians are likely to go beyond the verbal bullying stage. Eventually, if China really intended to interfere with the American plans, it would only need to convert, overnight, all the reserves in the Central Bank of Beijing from dollars to euros. Thus, the military enterprise could turn out to be a spectacular failure, as the collapse of the dollar, in addition to the rapid rise in oil prices, would make the Yankee fleet and equipment run out of petrol in a matter of hours, due to the impossibility of affording the costs of transportation.

In many cases, the extent of the bullying should be checked against the numbers on the economy, rather than against the number of tanks, planes or ships By now it has become evident that the main character in this story is, once again, oil, though its central role seems to be almost hidden behind the discussion around whether Iran and Ahmadinejad have the right to hold nuclear weapons.

Similarly, the disagreements between different elements of American intelligence as regards the real development of the Iranian nuclear program seem to have gone unnoticed: while some insist that Ahmadinejad has the capacity to build two full-explosive devices, others point out that this is far from happening and that the Persians have not even managed yet to equip its ballistic missiles with the corresponding atomic charge.

Not to mention how far they might be from being sure of reaching their targets, once their vectors have been launched. The fact is that in terms of missile technology many years of research are necessary to, firstly, move from liquid to solid fuel which would allow a broadening in the range of the missiles ; secondly, adequate the guidance systems so the missile impacts precisely against the selected target a step that requires advanced electronics ; thirdly, manage to mount a nuclear warhead on the vehicle, and fourthly, make the atomic charge explode on impact.

Finally, only a handful of countries have early warning systems that detect the rockets launched against their territory. This means that a nation which has a dozen vectors ready to be launched, will probably not be able to even detect the origin of an attack and consequently their operators may feel tempted to press the button upon any suspicion or erroneous information. The preceding explanation has stimulated the arguments by many analysts stating that Iran has not had the minimum reasonable time to represent a tangible threat.

Moreover, only a few seem to wonder whether it would not be worthwhile to accept Tehran as a member of the exclusive nuclear club and have it regularly monitored by the International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA , Israelis included.

In peripheral countries such as Argentina, with no international prominence, a sharp rise in oil prices could have an outrageous impact. Crude oil prices would not only rocket mercilessly due to the delay already visible in the end user oil price and the lack of a serious energy policy, but also push index up by virtue of the shortage resulting from the conflict. Riding in a vehicle could well become an extravagance impossible to afford.

Irretrievably, and regardless of the outcome of the budding conflict, we arrive at the conclusion that the world will become, in the future, a more dangerous place to live in.

As, if there is a variable that the powers cannot control and has never been analysed, that is the way in which global terror multiplies its actions as a consequence of the military ventures unilaterally departing from the First World. As it has already been stated, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. What is certain is that Washington would now end up sending a categorical, blunt message to the untamed nations worldwide which swing around the madness and egos of their unbearable political leaders North Korea, Yemen, Cuba, Venezuela , Ecuador, Bolivia : do the right thing or suffer the consequences.

All it takes to call some of them to order is to remove their leaders by means of a systematic nourishment of the political opposition to the government. Contratos Aleatorios. E ………………………………… C regula los contratos aleatorios o de azar en los cuales la suerte interviene como factor determinante para el perfeccionamiento del contrato.

Por su parte el C. Fallos , entre muchos otros. Dentro de este contexto, cabe entender que las prerrogativas de los municipios derivan de las correspondientes a las provincias a las que pertenecen conf. La coyuntura fue tal que debieron suspenderse los sorteos durante los meses de junio, julio y agosto de Cuando el Poder Ejecutivo veta en todo o en parte una ley ejerce su potestad constitucional de oponerse a que ese proyecto se transforme en ley.

En consecuencia, las leyes vetadas por el Congreso pueden ser vetadas total o parcialmente por el Poder Ejecutivo. La regla es que si un proyecto es vetado parcialmente por el Poder Ejecutivo, la parte restante no puede ser promulgada. A instalar una nueva sala de Casino. E iniciara el proceso y contara, en el momento oportuno, con el asentimiento de su contraparte, es decir, del Instituto de Juego de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires. Universidad, Aleatory Contracts. Administrativization ………… Transformation Decree L] …………………………….

A] ………………. Administrativization Federally, the incorporation of a number of sections in the chapter relative to aleatory contracts in the Argentine Civil Code CC gave games of chance a legal framework. These aleatory contracts comprise several gaming alternatives where chance is involved, as a determining factor for the acquisition of earnings or losses, including the games of Raffle, Lottery and wagering contracts.

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Nissen-curso De Derecho Societario

After the massive economic and political crisis in Argentina in ; a period with demonstrations- clashes between demonstrators, the police causing several demonstrators death-, civil and social unrest, where Argentina had 5 presidents in a week; there was a president elected by the senate in a context of extreme economic and political emergency. In elections were called and Mr. There was a vacuum of power. After Mr. Kirchner died in and in his wife was reelected for another four-year term.







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