See the Archive Version! It is the second largest island of the Greater Antilles after Cuba. It supports a population of The island was discovered by Christopher Columbus in , and was named Hispaniola.

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Skip to main content. Document type - Any - Collection Law. Total number of results: Bolivia Plurinational State of. Ley de la diversidad etnica y linguistica. Decree N. Resolucion N. Acuerdo-circular para llevar el cabo el transporte de monumentos arqueologicos, historicos y demas objetos de museos dentro del instituto o fuera del mismo [Spanish; Castilian].

Law No of extracts related to the protection of cultural property [Romanian]. ORDER no. Dominican Republic. Law no. Ley Nr. Cambodia Thailand. Agreement between the Government of Cambodia and the Government of the Kingdom of Thailand to combat against illicit trafficking and cross-border smuggling of movable cultural property and to restitute it to the country of origin [English].

Saudi Arabia. Statutes of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities. Decreto Nr. Decreto N. Law Ley Federal de Turismo ultima reforma 5 junio [Spanish; Castilian]. Acuerdo que establece la claisficacion y codificacion de los bienes considerados monumentos historicos o artisticos [Spanish; Castilian]. Ley N. International legal instruments signed in the framework of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization [Armenian].

Planning Development Act [English].


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The Dominican Republic does not yet have a national strategy or policies on cyber security. The government of the Dominican Republic has actively participated in the various activities of the Council of Europe concerning the fight against cybercrime. As part of the awareness activities on cyber security in that country, the government of the Dominican Republic has conducted various awareness campaigns with other state institutions in order to inform the general population on Internet threats and risks and to provide advice on best practices related to information security. The Law on High Tech Crime includes the majority of offenses contained in the substantive law provisions of the Budapest Convention.


List of National Cultural Heritage Laws

Now it is important to understand how those rights are implemented, and for that we need … Continue reading Copyright violation. Open Source allows access to the source code of a software under specific distribution terms approved by the Open Source Initiative. Intellectual Property is unique in providing various protection mechanisms, either by completely protecting a creation or just parts of it. This is the case of the … Continue reading The title is also protected. Infographic concerning the basic elements of Intellectual Property. All or one of the economic rights from works protected by copyright or related rights may be transferred assigned freely and individually by written contract.

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