Sl Meaning No Name 1 Srimatha Mother who gives immeasurable wealth who removes all sorrows and gives only happiness. Battle dress, eyes and arrows. Kanditha, Gayathri, …. Ujjain etc Vishungala She who is not chained Vivikthastha She who is in lonely places Veera matha She who is the mother of heroes Viyat prasoo She who has created the sky Mukundaa She who gives redemption Mukthi nilaya She who is the seat of redemption Moola vigraha roopini She who is the basic statue Bavagna She who understands wishes and thoughts. And water.

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She is the state of Deep Sleep and She who is awake. She is the Thurya, in a state of trance and above all states. She is the cause of creation and has taken the form of Brahma for creation. Her function is protection and she has taken the form of Govinda Vishnu for this purpose.

In this stage, we are not aware of anything. In this stage, the whole body as well as mind rests. Devi is called Praagyaathmikaa in the Susupthaa stage. The three stages are waking, dreaming and sleeping. The real enjoyment exists only in the fourth one which is Thurya.

This stage cannot be experienced automatically. It can be attained only by meditation and lot of practice. Devi is in this stage. Saundarya Lahari Shlokam No. This naama denotes that She is beyond all the stages. Lord Brahma is entrusted with the task of creation. Sandarya Lahari Shlokam No.

Supreme Sadashiva waits for the movement of eyebrows of Devi to re-create, sustain etc. In this stotra the Lords of creation of the world and protection of the world are mentioned Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu respectively. She who destroys takes the form of Rudra for this purpose. Her function is concealing this, i. She is Ishvari who accomplishes this. She is the form of Sadashiva and by Her gracious blessings starts the universe again on the path of evolution from the involved state.

She is engaged in the five functions mentioned above. In many temples, they conduct Pooja called Shatru Samhara which means total destruction of enemies. Samhara role is played by Lord Rudhra and Devi is taking the form of Rudhra for this purpose. The naama means that Devi causes dissolution. She makes the Universe disappear. Saundarya Lahari shlokam No. When your eyes open, world is created. I firmly believe, O Mother, your never close your eyes so that the world created by you will never face Maha Pralaya Deluge.

Pancha Krthya means five functions which are creation, preservation, destruction, annihilation and causing the re-appearance of the Universe which manifests incessantly. Devi is in the midst of solar orbit. She is Bhariavi wife of Bhairava i. Paramasiva, She is Bhaga-malini — wearing the garland of prosperity. She is Brahma, with seat in the cosmic lotus. She is the Bhagavati or the supreme goddess. She is the sister of Padmanabha or Mahaavishnu.

Devi, as Bhairavee, is a cause of terror to all sinners and evil doers. Bhaga means Lord, Patron, wealth and prosperity. Bhagamaalinee means Devi wearing garland twined with various qualities of prosperity.

Some erudite scholars mention Bhaga Malini as a form of Goddess. According to some people, Bhaga also denotes female private parts. Just as Lord Shiva is worshipped in Linga form, while addressing Devi, the female emblem Bhaga is denoted. There are 52 Shakti Peethas in and around India where different parts of the body of Almighty Devi fell.

Millions of devotees come to these temples representing these Shakti Peethas, for worship. Of these, Kamakhya Devi temple near Guwahati represents the place where private part of Devi was supposed to have fallen. The sanctum sanctorum of the temple always remains dark because of the ultimate secrecy attached to the part which fell there.

But with reference to this naama, we have to take it as Devi wearing garland of wealth and prosperity. Aasana means seat. Devi is seated on a lotus. It can also means that Devi is sitting in the posture of padhmaasana Yogic pose. Padhma also refers to Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi. In this context, Devi distributes wealth to devotees who worship her. These are the supreme qualities and She is the Supreme Goddess. She has thousands of heads and faces. She has thousands of eyes and thousands of feet.

It is believed Devi never closes her eyes so that the world created by Her will never face Maha Pralaya Deluge. The interpretation is that Devi is countless number of heads, etc. According to Devi Bhagavatham, Devi, having thousands of eyes, thousands of hands and thousands of heads and feet, vividly shines. One cannot imagine a being with thousand heads. Here the meaning is to convey that she has enough resources at her command which may mean unlimited power in all spheres.

She is the mother of all from Brahma down to a worm. She ordained the social divisions and stations in life. The Vedas are her commands. She is the dispenser of the fruits of righteous as also of evil actions. She creates from Brahma to the smallest insect. Here Brahma refers to human beings. Social divisions into four orders was created by Almighty Devi and persons belonging to each order was assigned different duties pertaining to that order.

Different activities to be undertaken by different types of persons have been ordained by Srutis and Smritis. Derivatives of Vedas have prescribed the actions to be done and not to be done. These derivates are Shastraas and Puraanaas which spell out the kriyas or karmas or actions to be undertaken and those which are prohibited. On the contrary those who are devoted to Devi and perform the duty prescribed by the Vedas are brought by Indra to heaven by the command of Devi.

She is the priceless pearl contained in the shell casket of all the Agamas ritualistic scriptures. Shlokam No. It is believed that married ladies apply vermillion on the parting line and Goddess protects all those ladies Pati Vrata ladies. Erudite scholars opine that Goddess resides in the vermillion applied on the parting line of Pati Vrata ladies.

This naama is excellent inasmuch as it gives a deeper meaning. Agamas are scriptures that lay down various guidelines for various rituals especially those connected with temples. Devi bestows the fourfold values of human life.

She is Poorna the all-encompassing whole. She is ever full of bliss. She is Bhuvaneshvaree the ruler of the universe. She is Ambika, the Mother of the Universe. She exists without a beginning or an end and is adored even by Deities like Hari, Brahma and Indra. She is the all encompassing whole. This word is also the name of a female serpent Naagakanya.

Devi is Naaraayanee, counterpart of Naaraayana Vishnu. She is in the form of Naada cosmic sound. She as Para-Brahman is beyond name and form. She is seed-syllable Bijakshara Hreem, which represents Bhuvaneshvari who creates, sustains and dissolves the universe.

She is endowed with modesty. She dwells in the heart and thereby gives highest satisfaction. She has nothing to reject nor to accept. Elsewhere, Devi is considered as sister of Lord Vishnu. This leads one to believe that in this stotram, Naaraayanee is to mean consort of Lord Shiva. Of these the third is Naada which resembles the filament of the lotus. The supreme Devi, seated on the lap of that Naada, leading upward should be visualized while reading this stotram. She is beyond names and forms which is an exclusive quality of the Brahman.

Hreem forms part of Bijakshara which is a Mantra ritual.


Sri Lalita Sahasranamam & its Brief Meanings

She is the state of Deep Sleep and She who is awake. She is the Thurya, in a state of trance and above all states. She is the cause of creation and has taken the form of Brahma for creation. Her function is protection and she has taken the form of Govinda Vishnu for this purpose.


Sri Lalitha Sahasranama Stotram Lyrics in English with Meaning

This text is prepared by volunteers and is to be used for personal study and research. The file is not to be copied or reposted for promotion of any website or individuals or for commercial purpose without permission. Please help to maintain respect for volunteer spirit. Each of the names of shrI lalita mahAtripurasundari is beautiful and has a profound meaning to it. Refer to a detailed commentary and understand the complete meaning of each of these names. For instance, Ammachi Publications has very nice commentary on lalita sahasranAmaM.


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