Shared Flashcard Set. Description vocab from the story. Total Cards Subject Language - French. Level 11th Grade.

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Shared Flashcard Set. Description vocab from the story. Total Cards Subject Language - French. Level 11th Grade.

Create your own flash cards! Sign up here. Supporting users have an ad free experience! Flashcard Library Browse Search Browse. Create Account. Additional Language - French Flashcards. Term le griot. Definition the griot chants and tells about the stories of tribes.

Term les palabres. Definition words. Term il y a. Definition ago. Term au bord de. Definition at the edge of. Term parmi. Definition among. Term le paix. Definition peace.

Term un esclave. Definition slave. Definition past. Definition very close to, with. Term un magnan. Definition silkworm. Term une paillote. Definition a grass hut or shack made out of some natural material. Term poissoneux, poissonneuse. Definition full of fish. Term un filet. Definition net for trapping fish. Definition prickle, thorn. Term la chair. Definition nonstop, ceaselessly.

Definition hounded, followed from a close distance. Term ricaner. Term le sanglier. Definition boar. Term grogner. Definition growl shows displeasure. Definition astonished. Definition to scatter or disperse to let others through. Term la broussaille. Definition undergrowth, low plants with thorns. Term la savane. Definition savannah. Definition the African Palm. Term la horde. Definition group of nomads. Term entonner. Definition singing.

Term la brousse. Definition jungle. Definition exhausted. Term amaigri. Definition made thinner, lost wait. Term un fleuve. Definition big river. Term se briser. Term le cours. Definition current of the river. Term mugir. Definition bellow. Term un flot. Definition a mass of moving water. Term la cime. Definition petrified, frozen with fear.

Definition newly, recently. Term devenir. Definition to become. Term le sorcier. Definition witch doctor. Term s'apaiser. Term cher. Term retenir. Definition to make oneself heard with force. Definition terrified. Term serrer.

Definition to grip, hold against oneself. Term droit. Definition right. Term lancer. Definition to throw. Term un pont. Definition bridge. Term un peuple. Term la rive. Definition riverbank.


Queen Pokou

For detailed information please click on the offices and cultural centres below. For further information on the headquarters in Zurich please go to: www. It has been adapted for shadow theatre by French playwright Michel Beretti, who first encountered the story whilst on residency in Benin in In this Swiss-Ivorian telling on the tale, three animals — elephant, hyena and lion — bring alternate perspectives to the story, which questions the value of the individual and the group and encourages children to assert themselves. In reference to the tales in Africa told under the palaver tree, the centre of the stage space is occupied by a tree, the only stage device, which doubles as screens for shadow theatre.


Shared Flashcard Set

It tells the story of their migration from present-day Ghana to the region of present-day Ivory Coast while under threat of attack from another tribe. Students will read the story and, while they read, they will make stick-figure drawings to illustrate the story. After reading and practicing in class, the students will retell the story based on their drawings thus perpetuating the oral tradition that they are studying. This lesson plan can be downloaded to your computer as a PDF document. If you would like to edit this document for your classroom needs, go to the "Handouts and Materials" section and click on the corresponding link.


The Baoulés

She ruled over a branch of the powerful Ashanti Empire as it expanded westward. A subgroup of the Akan people , the Baoule people are today one of the largest ethnic groups in modern Ivory Coast. Queen Pokou became the leader of a breakaway group from the main Ashanti Confederacy , which she refused to join. Disagreements among the factions resulted in war. After crossing the river, Pokou and her people settled into an agricultural way of life in the savanna of the area. Pokou died shortly after creating the Baoule kingdom. Her niece Akwa Boni succeeded to the throne.


La Légende Baoulé


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