From the White Hand's lowliest orc to its mightiest general, from Orthanc's deepest chamber to its highest pinnacle, from Saruman's blasting fire to the rings of power crafted by his own hand, the Isengard sourcebook provides everything the Narrator needs to know about this ancient stronghold. Bring this wealth of new challenges to your "The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game" chronicle and let your players pit themselves against this fortress of the fallen Wizard! Isengard Sourcebook Average Rating: 7. Fantasy High Fantasy. The One Ring. Dice Primarily d6.

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Embed Size px x x x x Alessandro Tonucci order All Rights Reserved. Decipher, Inc. Authorized User. The Two Towers. This tower was built to shield the kingdomofGondorfromOrcsand Hill-men, but time can corrupt even thenoblestofmotivesandplaces. ThefateofIsengardbecamelinked withthatofthewizardSaruman, whopersuadedthestewardsof Gondortopasscustodyofthe towerintohisWhiteHand.

When Saruman became an agent of evil, so toowasIsengardtransformedintoa citadelofdarkness,theperfectstag-ing ground to embark on a campaign of conquest. Secure within the great stronghold ofNanCurunr,theWizardsVale wheretheriverIsenwasbornfrom thesouthernglaciersoftheMisty Mountains,Sarumanlabouredin deepcaverns. Fuelledbywoodfrom nearbyFangornForest,balefulfur-nacesbelchedsmokedayandnight.

So impressive are these summits that anyone who looks upon them cannot imagine a mortal work to rival them. However, south of the Last Peak the race of Men daredtotry. Carvingfourgreatslabsofrockfromthecentreofa vast stone Ring, the clever children of Nmenor hewed, shaped, and erected a conjoined spike of black granite, the greatest tower of its day. This tower was called Angrenost The Fortress of Iron. Due to its proximity to the river Isen, the fortress as a whole came to be known as Isengard.

This huge spike, thrusted upward from the valley floor, dominating its surroundings as a symbol of the might of its builders and a warning to their enemies. LAlessandro Tonucci order Saruman proudly called it progress. Such thirst for power led Saruman tocommithisgreatestblasphemy: cross-breedingMenwithOrcsand perfectingSauronsUruk-hai.

These monstroushybridsbecamethevan-guardofhisarmies,whichatthe endoftheThirdAgewerebenton overthrowing the kingdom of Rohan. AgentsofhisWhiteHandtravelled throughoutwesternMiddle-earth, fromGondortotheShire,spying ontheirdefences,establishingthem-selves bycoercionorbullying in positionsofauthorityasSaruman viedtobecomesovereignoverallof Western Middle-earth. Sarumans army was bolstered by theHill-menoftheneighbouring regionofDunland,who,besotted bythewordsoftheWizard,had rekindledtheirancestralhatredof Rohanandunthinkinglymarched side-by-sidewiththeUruk-haion acrusadeintoglory.

Thisalliance nearlytoppledtheRohirrimand plungedtheworldintoanageof Shadow,butthankstotheefforts ofmanyheroessomecelebrated, some unheraldedit failed and ulti-matelytookthemintodarkness. TheOrc-wroughtdestructionof Isengards nearby forests angered his neighbours,theEntsofFangorn, whofinallyroseagainsttheCircle ofIsengardandtoreitapart,slay-ingalluponwhichtheylaidtheir hands.

Simultaneously,thearmies ofRohanwonagreat,unexpected victory at Helms Deep, slaughtering Sarumans Half-orcs and putting the Hill-mentoflight. Lastly,Gandalf theWhitecameforth,andwith thePoweroftheWestheended Sarumansauthorityandbrokehis staff. ThusSarumansambitions cametonought. Attheendofthe ThirdAge,Isengardwasnothing but a flooded ruin.

Onits west, it is bordered by the foothills of DolBaran,whileontheeastbythe foothillsofFangorn,whichformthe Isen Vale. To the south are the grassy plains of Calenardhon, now called Rohan. TheRiverIsen,whichisformed by melting snows from the Last Peak, flows from the western hills of the val-ley,southfromOrthanc,andcrosses theGreatWestRoadattheFords ofIsen,locatedapproximatelythirty milessouthoftheCircleofIsengard. BeforeSarumanwascorrupted,this valeNanCurunr,the Valleyofthe Wizardwasagreenandpleasant placewhoselightwoodswerenur-tured by mountain rains.

Prior to the WaroftheRing,theseforestswere razedandthevalleybecameamore desolate place. Amilefromthesteepsouthern faceofMethedrasstandstheRing ofIsengard. EvenifOrthancdidnot exist,thiswoulditselfbeamarvel; adefensiveringnearlysixandahalf milesincircumference,whoseeighty foothighwallsarenearlysixtyfeet thick. A single tunnel was drilled into thesouthernfaceofthewall,provid-ingone heavilyguarded routeof accessforvisitors,whichwassecured byanetworkofguardroomsand storehouses.

FromtheedgeoftheRing,eight pillar-linedavenuesconvergeonthe centraltowerofOrthanc. Thetower, further adVenturesin isengardInthecourseofproduc-ing this Isengard sourcebook, morematerialwaswritten anddevelopedthancould be fit within this books cov-ers! Anadventureentitled TheEaglesareMissing, alongwithanumberof otheradventureandchron-icle seeds, were omitted due tospaceconstraints. Atthebottom,a longstairleaduptoaheavystone door, the only visible entrance into the tower. Sarumanaddressedhispeople fromabalconyhighabovedoorlevel, andwellabovethebalconywasthe chamberofthepalantr,theancient Gondorianseeing-stonethatwasthe towersgreatesttreasure.

Atthesum-mit of the tower was a flat rooftop of polishedstone,onwhichSaruman inscribedmagicalrunes. Itwashere that he imprisoned Gandalf the Grey. Mostofthedescrip-tionsinthisbookdetailsIsengard andtheWizardsValeastheywere neartheendoftheThirdAge,just beforeGandalf simprisonmentin the first half of TA Of course, historical information is also plenti-fulandsomesuggestionsaboutthe stateofIsengardaftertheWarof the Ring are also provided.

Isengard has stood as a great monument since the early Third Age, and has weathered many battles; itshistoricalimportanceneedstobe understoodbythosewhoroleplay charactersfromtheregion,aswellas any who are interested in the ancient lore of Middle-earth.

Isengardentailsmuchmore thanthetowerOrthanc,andthe magic of Saruman is both subtle and far-reaching. Sarumansevilisnotcomposedonly ofvastarmiesandfellcreatures:his agentsandspiesarenumerous,and theyspreadSarumanscorruption through a diverse host of faces. From itsinception,Isengardwasaplaceof both majesty and darkness. Few went there willingly, for it was distant from thecentresofpower,andalmostas desolateawatchastheMorannon.

The Angrenostim were known as the dourmenintheSouth,fortheydid noteasilyseehope,ortakecomfort inworldlypleasures. Yetinthedays beforetheWizards,thestewardof the tower had a reputation as a seer of thingshiddenfromtheeyesofMen, and his voice was well-regarded in the councils of the Wise.

Ci ryanarInthefourhundredandfifty-thirdyearoftheThirdAge,the OrcsoftheMistyMountainsmar-shalledtheirstrengthandattacked Gondorssettlementsintheplains ofCalenardhon. Home Documents Isengard Sourcebook. Post on Nov views. Category: Documents 25 download.

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Isengard Sourcebook (The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying Game)

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ISBN 13: 9781582369631

All Rights Reserved. Decipher, Inc. Authorized User. Credits w w w. The Two Towers. This tower was built to shield the kingdom of Gondor from Orcs and Hill-men, but time can corrupt even the noblest of motivesand places. The fate of Isengard became linked with that of the wizard Saruman, who persuaded the stewards of Gondor to pass custody of the tower into his White Hand.

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