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Exhibit The TENANT, in addition to complying with his specific obligations, agrees that within the rental space he will adapt his conduct and business activity, and that of his dependents, suppliers and clients, in order to ensure that the intense exchange of goods and services which takes place within the Shopping Center does so in a suitable and conducive environment.

He agrees to respect the current regulations as well as those which might come into force at a later date, in order to achieve the objectives. The possibility of orienting the Shopping Center towards other commercial ends has been planned, and the tenant gives his consent to economize in the areas of security, presentation and administration. I, The following documents shall be fully incorporated into this agreement:. In the event of any doubt or discrepancies between the aforementioned annexed documents, the parties should refer to the clauses contained within this rental contract.

The TENANT expressly recognizes that the standards contained within this contract, as well as the annexed documentation, are original and specific to this shopping center, and are different from any other, and cannot therefore be interpreted by way of any similarities to other contracts.

As a consequence of the aforementioned, the parties declare that the norms agreed to in this contract and in the complementary documentation, even those which limit their rights, shall be interpreted as a result of their own free will.

The rental unit which is the subject of this contract will be destined for the sole and exclusive use of the TENANT, in a continuous and uninterrupted manner, for the following activity: Office for the development, research and marketing of IT tools. The rental contract will begin when signed by those present. The present contract will expire after the rental period has elapsed, independently of any notice served, be it judicial or extrajudicial.

As soon as the rental period has ended the rental unit will be returned immediately and without delay. The TENANT receives the property covered by this contract in perfect conditions, fully compliant, and has nothing to complain about under any circumstance.

The payment of the corresponding rent amounts by the tenant in US dollars has been established as an essential condition for the conclusion of this rental contract. However, the tenant may also choose to pay the equivalent rent amount in Argentine pesos. Any failure to meet payment terms during two rental periods will give the LANDLORD the right to request that the premises be vacated without the right to compensation and other associated rights.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the failure to meet any of these obligations is sufficient reason for the premises to be vacated and includes the overall concept of a monthly payment. The TENANT will pay the amounts corresponding to the common expenses and to the personal expenses of his rental unit directly to the LANDLORD, or to whoever he designates, from the 1st to the 10th of each month, as an advance payment, together with the rent.

All expenses that are necessary for operation will be divided into:. GROUP A: Taxation fees in general, taxes, municipal fees, insurance, water, sewage, administrative fees, gas and all other ordinary or extraordinary expenses related to the whole Complex that cannot be found in another group; these are common expenses and not structural expenses. The GROUP B expenses, personal expenses, will be paid by each user according to the usage indicated on the meters or to the calculation used to measure individual consumption.

Also included in this group are any other personal service that in the future will need individual meters in each unit, installed by the corresponding offices. Any expenses incurred in connection with emergency events faced by particular TENANTS will be paid in full by the respective beneficiaries. The new system does not involve any modification of the provisions related to minimum established percentages for judicial fees.

This notice will be sufficient to expedite the enforcement which has been expressly agreed upon between the parties for the payment of owed common and personal expenses. This is the sole purpose of legal enforcement, notwithstanding the right to demand the difference if these items were greater, applying compensatory interest and punitive fees to these amounts in accordance with that established herein.

The TENANT takes note, unconditionally agrees and confirms that, taking into account the Shopping Center construction project, the LANDLORD has the unrestricted and unlimited right to subdivide the whole property into horizontal properties and that he shall have the right to sell all or part of them.

The existence of said guarantee is the factor that has determined the subscription of the rental contract. The tenant may choose between the two options described below:. For this he should contract and maintain the relevant commercial insurance in order to cover his merchandise, including the destruction of content and of his installations and those adjacent to him. The TENANT is responsible for and must comply with any warnings or demands issued by the public authorities, and must pay fines and penalties that are incurred.

During the entire rental period, the TENANT should adapt the office which is the subject matter of this contract, at his own expense and responsibility, to any municipal, provincial or firefighting requirements, and to make it compliant with any other legal requirements; said obligation also applies to the internal electrical installations of the premises, with a view to ensuring personal safety and the common good of the complex and its visitors.

The TENANT acknowledges and commits to respect and enforce the Condominium Rules of the building, since the rental unit of this contract belongs to said condominium. In particular, noncompliance refers to:. It is agreed that the capitalization of interest will take place on a daily basis;. The TENANT may not file a claim in the event that some of the units are not authorized due to operability or market reasons. It is expressly forbidden for the TENANT to transfer, sublet or lease, in whole or in part, under any legal form whatsoever, the property covered by this contract, and he irrevocably renounces the exercise of any rights that could be granted to him under Article and in accordance with the Civil and Commercial Code.

Notwithstanding the unenforceability, termination, contract and damages, the rent of the unit will be increased threefold in relation to its current level, as a penalty. All the taxes, rates, expenses and additional taxes that might be imposed on the activity carried out by the TENANT, either directly or indirectly, will be his sole and exclusive responsibility. The stamp tax charged upon this contract shall be paid in full by the Tenant.

Despite the fact that the present contract has been classified as rental, thus ceding the tenancy of an individual unit, the parties recognize that there is a multiplicity of relationships that exceed the scope of a rental contract, such as the administration of the Shopping Center, which requires broad abilities and careful, unified policies which are for the common good, in order for the Shopping Center to be an example of commercial development.

These parking spaces are conditional on the effective period of the rental contract once it has been signed, for the second floor of the Garden Factory Complex, and on the payment within terms of the rent, the common expenses and taxes, and of any other costs and previously fixed expenses by the TENANT.

The assignment shall be automatically terminated regardless of any judicial or extrajudicial notice or notification. The requirements and provisions of this internal regulation are applicable from the input connectors of the main electrical panel of the electrical installation of the Garden Tower shop or office, and shall encompass all panels and lines which are electrically connected to them.

These requirements are considered minimal and can be complemented by others as mandated by the appropriate authorities. Electrical installations shall be performed subject to the prior existence of a project based on plans and technical reports, the General parts of which shall take into account the following criteria:. Protection of persons, animals and goods. Correct functioning of the electrical installation for the intended use.

All commercial properties should duly request an inspection from the Administration in order to ensure the correct choice and installation of the different materials comprising the electrical installation and their compliance with the requirements specified in the AEA Regulations or any other additional regulations that may apply.

Said inspection should be requested and carried out at least twice during the installation:. Before covering any conduits, embedded elements or hidden objects. Before the completed installation has been put into service. Typical energy distribution layouts should be applied within the properties in accordance with the table and disposition of clause Lines or circuits should be at least two-wire.

The main line which is newly built by the Administration is that which links the output connectors of the electricity meter with the input connector of the main electricity panel.

These switching or distribution circuits are those that connect the output connectors of a switching device and panel protector with the input connectors of the following electrical panel and a Terminal circuit that connects the output connectors with a switching device and protector at the usage points. The classification of terminal circuits should correspond to clause Sockets for general use TUG 15 20 A.

Sockets for special use TUE 12 32 A. Output to sources of very low tension Unlimited Responsibility of the project designer. Feeds to small motors APM 15 25 A. Stabilized tension feeds ATE 15 Responsibility of the project designer. All shops and offices should comply with the electrification levels specified in the AEA Regulations under clause Minimum Up to 30 m2 Up to 4.

Medium Over 30 and up to 75 m2 Up to 7. High Over 30 and up to m2 Up to Superior Over m2 More than The electrical installations of the users of the property should have the type and minimum number of circuits which correspond to the electrification level required, according to the following:.

For the MEDIUM electrification level, a minimum of three circuits, of which at least one will be dedicated to lighting and another one to sockets, both for general use, and a third one will be a circuit for lighting or sockets for general or special use.

For the HIGH electrification level, a minimum of five circuits, of which at least two will be dedicated to lighting and two to sockets, all for general use, the fifth acting as a special use socket circuit. It is recommended that all users should adapt their installations to the utilization points in full accordance with clause Permitted channeling, conductors and cables should fully comply with clauses The nominal switching area for conductors should be calculated in relation to the maximum admissible current and the voltage drop, with the final verification of the terminal load when short circuiting according to the AEA Regulations.

Regardless of the results of the calculations, the sections shall not be less than the following, which are considered as the minimum admissible sizing:. Main Lines 4. Switching circuits 2. Terminal circuits for general use lighting 1. Terminal circuits for general use sockets 2. Terminal circuits for general use lighting that include general use sockets 2.

Circuit lines for special use 2. Circuit lines for specific use 2. Protection Conductor 2. All equipment should comply with clauses 13 and Additional considerations on channeling, cables and conductors specified in clauses 14 and As a minimum requirement, all electrical installations should provide protection measures against the following electrical failures:. Mandatory Compliance:. Protection against grounding failure.

Protection against direct contact. Protection against indirect contact. Highly Recommended:. Protection against transitory overtension. Protection against permanent overtension. Protection against subtension. All switching and protection devices and the installation of these shall comply with clause Dangerous live parts should not be accessible, and any exposed or accessible conductive parts should not become dangerous under normal conditions nor under simple failure conditions.

All installations or electrical equipment should be protected against direct and indirect contact, either by means of the measure described in clause All terminal circuits should be protected against direct contact, as a supplementary measure, by a differential circuit differential current breaker which will be less than and equal to 30 mA high sensitivity and fast acting instant. Minimum Conductor Switchings. In particular, general and special use lighting circuits, special and general use socket circuits, and specific use circuits should be protected at all times against direct contact, as an additional measure, by differential fast acting or instantaneous circuit breakers characterized by a maximum sensitivity of 30 mA and fully complying with IRAM , IEC or IRAM NM IEC standards.



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