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Forgot your password? My mistake, after right clicking the backglass I found that the pluggins box was not ticked. School boy error! I love this version, I think my other 2 versions of CC will now be removed.

The new version is brilliant. I tried using ninuzzu install package which installed successfully, but when I run Catcus Canyon with Proc enabled I get this error. You have probably more than one example running - have a look at this that I found that helped me solve it:. In the top pane, locate your application and click on it. The bottom pane should show a list of DLLS loaded for your application. Locate "msvcr There should be several. Look for the one that is not in the "winsxs" folder, and make a note of it.

Now, check the path just before your application runs. If it includes the folder you noted in step 5, you've probably found the culprit. How to fix the problem? You'll have to remove the offending entry from the path before running your program.

In my case, I don't need anything else in the path, so I wrote a simple batch file that looks like this:. That's it. The batch file simply clears the path before my program runs, so that the conflicting runtime DLL is not found. I isolated the program that is using a different version of msvcr I am a little confused as to how to fix this. If I am running pinball x how would I launch this script for this specific table only? The database xml would have one game, CCC.

Setup your script to launch before. I went a different route with this issue. My script simply closes the error window when it comes up and loading proceeds.

It doesn't fix the root problem but it is a seamless workaround. This is old but it has the code instructions that I use to close that window. I have finally got around to installing ccc with p-roc and it is great except the runtime error message as been discussed here.

Is there a fix or do I need to create a batch file as Carney suggested? Thanks I took a look. I get the error launching from VPX. I will use above with PinballX after I can find solution launching from vpx. Thanks again. Anyone else have suggestions for this error not using pinballx? Sorry - go to my post that is the third one down from the top.

Its to do with having more than one version of a certain dll. Indeed it is - and I have just spent the last 3 hours on working out what was happening I did as you have suggested. A couple of questions.

When you state "start you application" I assume you mean start Visual Pinball and launch CCC thats when the error pops up. I found msvcr I'm finally getting aorund to setting this backup Trying to install using the Installer. Getting error. Using ninuzzu's latest installer? Fixes color layering issue on DMD , so you do want this. Checkout monsterbashpincab. I believe there may be issues if you try to install from another drive. This is just a couple of things to check.

I've never actually used ninuzzu's installer. I used some install steps that chepas had compiled over a year ago, and I have just done any updates manually since then. Lots of people have used the ninuzzu installer since that time.

I think this is what the issue is. I'm trying to install from a different drive letter. OK, so I finally got it installed after moving the installer to my C drive If you have your VP tables folder in a drive other than c, I found that you can create an empty P-ROC folder in the root of that drive, then create a Shared folder in it and copy only the log. My VP install is on d: drive, and I run my tables from d: normally, but on my desktop PC I download new tables to test first on my F: drive, then move them to D: and also to my CAB after testing and adjustments.

I like to keep my C: drive as small as possible to create periodic image backup files in case windows get corrupted, I didn't want to move my VP install to the C: drive either. It took awhile to figuring this out. I also answered Dazz question at monsterbashpincab. I had only stumbled upon CCC over at vpinball and thought it was the best thing since sliced bread.

I then started a thread over at vpforums asking if anyone could get this DMD for CCC workin colour on a pinDMD3, someone there suggest freezy's tool and low and behold wouldn't you know it, the screen capturing works like a charm, i use the following settings:.

Then my command line for dmdext is: dmdext mirror --source screen -p 25 25 --no-virtual. I have a PinDMD3 too, but have no idea how to get it to work. Could you please write a tutorial of how you have done it? Made this a while ago - some of the text has changed so READ it as well as looking at the photos! I managed to find a cactus canyon proc offline installer v2 and the step 1 bat file works perfectly and installed everything perfectly but when I run Step 2 - Install PROC.

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Posted January 10, Posted January 13, Start Process Explorer. Posted January 25, Installation Failed. Any idea why the installer would be failing? I'm running Win10x Trying to install over an existing installation? Posted January 26, I run the table with my usual VPX install. Glad I could help you out! Posted March 17, On at AM, roar said:. Posted March 29,



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