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Find remotes at:. Universal Remote Control Inc. Digital R Forum Search. Page 1 of 2. View Profile. I have been installing DirecTV equipment for over ten years, but I can't seem to resolve this problem.

The remote controls for the newest non-HD receivers won't program for any television. I have programmed hundreds of these receivers over the years and am very familiar with the normal way of doing it. However, in all current models, other than the HD receivers, the remote will not program for any brand of TV. I have tried to contact Hughes about the problem, but they now refer all technical problems to DirecTV. DirecTV has no knowledge of the problem and only reads the manual to me, which I can do myself.

Does anyone have a solution, or are all of the Hughes receivers just a pile of crap which is what I suspect? We just recently started using Hughes Directv receivers, and do program their remotes for user's tv's.

As I remember there is an on-line, in-the-menu code list, not in the manual. Did you see this on yours? New remote has new way of programming. If it is a problem beyond that I am not sure but it took me a couple of receivers to get used to that new programming. The Hughes receivers are much better than rca in my opinion.

Why couldn't someone at Hughes or DirecTV tell me that. I wonder how many of these things have been sent back as defective by people like me who read the manual and get the wrong answer. The procedure that you mentioned works perfectly. The problem is that the navigate button the one in the center with 4 arrows only works properly towards the left and right.

Up arrow works reluctantly, after a few attempts it will move up. But the down arrow does not work at all. I have tried replacing with new battery, to no avail. Any recommendations? Should I replace the remote? Thanks, Melman. Melman, sounds like a dead stick on the remote. Send it back to hughes or your distributor and get a new one. Just out of curiosity are you using any type of IR repeater either wired or wireless?

All the recievers i've seen with the new remote have an additional instruction sheet for that remote. Why can noone on tech support answer that question It was not in the manual and there was no supplement to the manual. If it were, I could figure it out for myself without the idiots in tech support.

I talked to DirecTV about the problem and they said that they would look in to it. Yeah, right! Hughes does something helpful and strange in actually putting the model number of the remote on its face, but it is etched not too deeply above the function buttons.

I found the above procedure to work, sort of. I could not get any result at all with the Channel Up button. Perhaps I was pushing the button for too short a time, or I was pushing it again too soon. There is no way to tell if anything has gone wrong. So I went back to the remote codes. I found that the list in the Remote section of the Receiver's SetUp menu is totally different, and larger, than the list in the manual for that receiver, and none of the codes in the manual worked.

One of the codes in the receiver worked. Evidently the receiver is a bit more up to date. A good answer is easier with a clear question giving the make and model of everything. Wanted to say thanks for this info! I just rescued a neighbor with 3 Hughes boxes. His installer didn't know how to set individual remote IDs The Hughes manual has the wrong directions for changing the remote ID also.

I vaguely remembered reading this thread, came back home and found the thread, went back over and programmed him in about 10 minutes. Now, do any of the universal remotes have the ability to control multiple Hughes boxes? He's all happy he doesn't have to get up anymore I'm disappointed he has a million remotes.

I want to program a Samsung Receiver if so, I don't understand where will I see to Channel up or down to select the code? I don't get a readout on the screen. Thanks Ron. Before you can reply to a message You must first register for a Remote Central user account - it's fast and free!

Or, if you already have an account, please login now. Register for an account. Please read the following: Unsolicited commercial advertisements are absolutely not permitted on this forum.

For information on how to advertise your service or product click here. Remote Central reserves the right to remove or modify any post that is deemed inappropriate. The following page was printed from RemoteCentral. Displaying posts 1 through Post 1 made on Monday August 2, at Stew Pidasso Long Time Member. Joined: Posts:.

Post 2 made on Monday August 2, at Theaterworks Founding Member. Post 3 made on Monday August 2, at JWhitby Long Time Member. OP Post 4 made on Tuesday August 3, at Post 5 made on Thursday August 5, at Melman Lurking Member. Post 6 made on Thursday August 5, at Post 7 made on Thursday August 5, at Thanks for the response JW.

I think you are right, the Sony remote for the TV is able to do the same job. Hughes is not making the IRDs anymore. I am not using an IR repeater, but plan to. My friend has one and controls his Tivo box in the living room from the bedroom, where he has his second TV. Post 8 made on Friday August 6, at Post 9 made on Sunday August 8, at Springs Super Member. OP Post 10 made on Sunday August 8, at Post 11 made on Friday September 24, at Post 12 made on Thursday January 6, at Post 13 made on Friday January 7, at If these are D10 receivers, no universal has code for one address, let alone multiple addresses.

If you do have Hughes branded sats, they have upgrades for them too. Post 14 made on Friday January 28, at Ron Schwartz Lurking Member. Post 15 made on Friday January 28, at All rights reserved.

6ES7 241 1CH31 0XB0 PDF

Programming The Remote Control; Code Entry - Hughes HAH-SA Owner's Manual



Tables A: Pay adjustment tables


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