Tax credits penalties What happens at the end of a check WTC7. ContentsIntroduction 1 Co-operation 7Why we charge penalties Your penalty 11Not telling us about a change in circumstances 2Customer Service 8Reasonable excuse 4Supplying incorrect information 4What is negligence? This leaflet tells you about the penalties you may get ifyour claim for tax credits is not correct. It also explainshow to appeal against those penalties. IntroductionWhen you make a claim for Child Tax Credit or Working Tax Credityou are responsible for making sure that the information on yourclaim form is correct. This leaflet is for anyone who may get charged a penalty after wehave carried out a check on their tax credits claim.

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ContentsIntroduction 1I get tax credits. Can I get other help? IntroductionI get tax credits. This leaflet tells you about the main types of help you can get ,but it may not cover everything.

This leaflet also tells you about some other help that you may beable to get even if you do not get tax credits. If you are get tingsocial securitybenefitsYou may also be able to get this help if you are get ting socialsecurity benefits.

For more information, contact the Departmentfor Work and Pensions at www. Or you could contact you r local Citizens Advice or other adviceservice.

Their details are in The Phone Book. If you are notalready get tingtax creditsMost families with children, and people in low-paid work with orwithout children, can get tax credits. How tax credits can get you other help How do I find outif I can get other help? The notice you get with you r award of tax credits will clearly show you r household income and key family details.

You must keep you r award noticein a safe placeIf you lose you r award notice, phone the Tax Credit Helplineon Other organisations rely on some of the information from you rtax credits award and use it as a link to the services they give.

If you want to know more about extra help , you should contactthe of fice that gives the help. We have shown the contact detailsin this leaflet. Usually you will need to make a claim for the help. They may need to see you r tax credit award notice, as pro of of income or as pro of of you r entitlement. Remember to send you r latest award notice, and ask for it to besent back to you when you r claim has been decided.

Whether you can get extra help will depend on the rules thatapply to that help and may be based on the amount of tax credits you are get ting. Your tax credits award notice explains how much you are get ting. For some types of help , you will need to be get ting more than thefamily element of Child Tax Credit. The amount of the familyelement depends on you r circumstances. You should check Part 2 of you r tax credit award to see how much you r family elementsare. Most people get a basic family element, but if you have achild aged under one you will also get a baby element.

To workout you r family element you will need to add the basic and babyelements to get her. If you r income or circumstances change, you r tax credit awardmay change. There are some changes that you have to tell us about and it help s you and us if you tell us about other changes.

You can find these at www. You should contact the of ficethat deals with the help and tell them about the change. They willtell you if it affects you r extra help. What help could I get? The help you could get depends on you r family income andneeds, and where you live. The main types of help are shown inthis leaflet.

Each type of help has different rules, to help thosewho need it most. Your gross annual income is the figure shown on the front page of you r tax credit award notice. Your award notice will also showif a disability or severe disability element is included.

You will need to show you r NHS Tax Credit Exemption Certificateeach time you claim exemption from prescription charges or wantto claim help with other health costs. Overseas visitors to Scotland may have to payfor NHS dental and eye examinations. Most families who qualify should receive their NHS Tax CreditExemption Certificate within a few weeks of receiving their taxcredit award. If you are entitled to an NHS Tax Credit Exemption Certificate buthave not received it before you need to get treatment, you cansign an NHS treatment form on the basis that you are entitled toa certificate.

You should use you r tax credit award notice as pro of of entitlement. If you r circumstances change, you should tell us straight away.

If you need to pay any chargesbefore you receive you r revised tax credit notice you shouldobtain a receipt— form FP57 for prescriptions— forms FP64 and HC5 for NHS dental charges— form HC5 for optical charges and qualifying travel costs.

The forms will tell you how to claim you r refund. You should use you r latest tax creditaward notice as pro of of you r entitlement. If you delay telling us about a drop in you r income you will loseout by not get ting as much tax credit as you could and you maynot get help with you r health care costs.

Help with the cost is alsoavailable to people with some medical conditions. Please have you r tax credit award noticeready so you can answer questions. This advice line does notdeal with enquiries about tax credit applications or entitlementto a tax credit award. Please note that theseadvice lines do not deal with tax credit enquiries. It is paid from the Social Fund as a lumpsum and you do not have to pay it back.

You can claim a Sure Start Maternity Grant after the 11th weekbefore you r baby is due but no later than three months afterthe birth, adoption, residence order or parental order. Do not delay making you r claim for a Sure Start Maternity Granteven if you are still waiting to hear about you r claim for tax credits,or if you have asked for you r tax credit award to be reviewed. WTC6 Child Tax Credit and Working Tax CreditIf you r claim for a Sure Start Maternity Grant is turned downbecause you are not get ting tax credits, you can reclaim if you arelater awarded tax credits for any day within three months of thebirth.

But you must claim within three months of being awardedtax credits. The same applies if you are awarded tax credits forany day within three months of adopting the child, or of aresidence or parental order. For more information visit the Jobcentre Plus website atwww. Child BenefitChild Benefit is a four weekly tax-free payment to anyonebringing up a child or you ng person.

You do not have to be get ting tax credits to get Child Benefit. The Helpline is open between 8. The money saved in a Child Trust Fund account belongs to thechild and can be accessed only by them when they reach age The Helpline is open from 8. If you have notalready applied for Healthy Start, the Issuing Unit will then send you an application form. If you qualify, thesooner you apply the sooner you can start get ting free vouchersand vitamins.

All pregnant women under 18 years old also qualify whether ornot they get benefits or tax credits. To apply for Healthy Start, complete the application form inleaflet HS You must get the form signed by a health visitor or midwife. To claim free school meals in England and Northern Ireland,contact you r local authority, see page They will ask to see you r tax credit award for pro of of entitlement. Help with the cost of school uniformsContact you r local authority education department, see page 12,to ask if you can get financial help towards the cost of schooluniforms.

Free schooltransportIf you are get ting free school meals, or maximum Working TaxCredit, you r child may be able to get free school transport. For further information contact you r local authority educationdepartment, see page You can use the Department forChildren, Schools and Families website at www.

If you r entitlement to free school meals, or maximum WorkingTax Credit, stops, you should tell you r local authority educationdepartment as you r entitlement to free school transport maybe affected. Help with childcareYou may be able to get help with childcare and information aboutchildcare providers from you r Childcare Information Service. Contact them on or visit www. Information for parents andchildcare providers' WTC5 has information that you might finduseful.

In Northern Ireland visit www. If you live inScotland, for further information contact you r local authority orvisit www. Their details should be in The Phone Book.

Home energyefficiency schemesYou may be able to get help to improve the insulation or heating in you r home. For further information and to check you r entitlementCountry Contact Lines openEngland Warm Front weekdays8. To achieve this, suppliers promote energy efficiency measures toconsumers, including insulation, low energy lamps, energyefficient boilers and low energy appliances.

This help can besignificant and might cover the whole cost of these measures. For the Energy Efficiency Commitment contact any gas orelectricity supplier.

You can apply for a funeral payment any time after the date theperson died and up to three months after the date of the funeral,which must usually be in the UK. It must be reasonable for you totake responsibility for the costs.

Your entitlement may beaffected by any other means of paying for the funeral, and mayhave to be paid back out of the estate of the person who has died. The leaflet is available fromcourt of fices. In England and WalesCivil Public Funding formerly Legal Aid provides different types of legal help depending on you r income and whether you pass amerits test. A solicitor, or member of a law centre or Citizens Advice, will beable to tell you whether you have reasonable cause of action andwhether you will be eligible for public funding.

Information about which solicitors undertake publicly fundedwork is available from the Community Legal Service Directory on or visit www. This does not usuallycover a solicitor representing a client in court or at a tribunal. If you apply for Civil Legal Aid, the Scottish LegalAid Board will carry out a full assessment of you r financialsituation and will tell you if you are eligible. You can also find solicitors who do legalaid work in The Yellow Pages or by contacting the Law Society of Scotland on or at www.

Civil Legal Aid allows legal representation by a solicitor or counselin civil proceedings in the courts in Northern Ireland. To qualify, you must have reasonable grounds for bringing ordefending a case and you r disposable income and capital mustnot exceed certain limits.

Criminal Legal Aid is granted at the discretion of the courts inNorthern Ireland and is provided free to defendants if it isdesirable, in the interests of justice, to do so.


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