Handels, The Commercial Employees' Union, is Sweden's third-largest blue-collar union, with over members. Although the union was founded in , it's in many ways a young organization. We are active in more than 25 different workplaces and represent a wide range of groups and industries. The majority of our members are in the retail sector, but we also organize groups such as florists, hairdressers, storage and warehouse personnel, opticians, watchmakers, office staff and students in vocational training.

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We represent commercial enterprises on issues concerning employment and economic policy. Svensk Handel is tasked with creating the best trading conditions for commercial enterprises both large and small.

Svensk Handel is the largest member organisation within Swedish trade and industry. Our organisation unites in excess of 10 member companies with around employees, active across various branches of retail and wholesale trade.

Commerce is unquestionably a sector with considerable significance for the national economy. Every commercial enterprise is welcome to become a member of Svensk Handel. Our members benefit from a wide range of support and services to help them in their daily business.

They also gain access to a broad suite of membership benefits, including insurance, reduced card processing charges and support in the event of legal disputes. Svensk Handel acts for a world featuring free trade with no barriers. We also seek to highlight the importance of import, ease the regulatory burden on companies and increase state investment in training and research.

Moreover, we strive to reduce card and cash processing charges. Svensk Handel acts as the employers' party within the industry, tasked with negotiating and reaching collective agreements with trade unions. Today, we have about 20 central collective agreements in force with 12 different trade unions. These collective agreements regulate wages and employment conditions for thousands of employees.

Svensk Handel provides an employers' service, providing assistance with labour law, contract issues, human resources issues, negotiation, process and training. Each day, we handle employment law enquiries regarding forms of employment, leave and disputes, for example.

Svensk Handel Legal provides our members with a business law service covering everything from rental enquiries, marketing law, company types, contract law, consumer law, competition law to issues around transferral of company ownership.

Taking payment efficiently is a priority area for a commercial enterprise. Today, large numbers of small commercial enterprises lose a significant share of their earnings through card processing charges, while large companies regularly pay sums in the millions to banks and other service providers.

Svensk Handel works strategically in order to reduce card processing costs, and achieve more straightforward, secure transactions. We can even negotiate a customised redemption agreement — a popular membership benefit. Svensk Handel actively monitors the development of new technologies and presents advantageous offers to member companies.

Svensk Handel works actively to combat crime. We field enquiries relating to crime control, security services, crime statistics, practical advice, employee theft and fire prevention. Svensk Handel's Warning List is a service providing access to a register of unscrupulous companies. A free mobile phone application is also available with the same function. Our focus is to reduce crime affecting the industry, often in tandem with the police force and other actors.

We also contribute towards the development of improved products and services in the area of security. Another of our priorities is influencing legislation — for example, we believe shoplifting should be classified as theft, and all forms of armed robbery as gross.

Svensk Handel boasts a proud, long-standing track record of commitment to issues around corporate responsibility. We also provide information regarding initiatives, standards and certification under development in the CSR field. At EU level, Svensk Handel works towards the establishment of fair conditions throughout the EU as a whole, thereby eliminating trade barriers.

We also provide support to member companies with knowledge and advice on e-commerce, ethics, the environment and corporate responsibility, either domestically or in other countries in which a company may be operating.

Shopping tourism today generates SEK 80 billion of retail trade, and interest in Sweden as a tourist destination continues to grow.

Svensk Handel has teamed up with a number of its partners in the tourist industry to develop 20 new Swedish tourist destinations by the year Svensk Handel offers specialist expertise within commercial development and establishment within retail trade.

We can contribute with knowledge on both local and regional markets. Svensk Handel liaises with decision makers on a regional level and actively lobbies politicians on specific issues such as security, the environment, infrastructure and corporate establishment and development. Publicerad: In English. Contact us. About Svensk Handel. Kontakta oss Fler kontaktuppgifter. Huvudkontor 18 info svenskhandel. Varningslistan 18 varningslistan svenskhandel. Personuppgiftspolicy Om Cookies Om webbplatsen.

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