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Back to top. View in: Desktop. Home Forums Recruiting Pick'em LSU Football Schedule. Sign In Register. Jump to page Page 1 2 3 4 Page 1 of So I have been working on this for a week or so since work is slow right now. Seems like a good time to post. Please do not post until I have finished. This is my take on the Greyskull LP. I have quoted the Book multiple times in this, but overall this is my interpretation of the program upon successfully completing multiple runs with the program and having others do the same.

Since so many seemed overwhelmed with the Greyskull Book I figured I would right a primer covering the basics of how and why to use the Greyskull LP and who would benefit. Essentially if you are tired of being a fat frick, tired of being weak, tired of being skinny fat, tired of not making progress or just want to be a little more awesome……well this program is for you.

The Greyskull LP is the program where egos are crushed and monsters are born. Decide for yourself, but I cannot recommend this program enough to those that are not extremely extremely advanced and even then the principles hold true. The Greyskull LP is not just a novice program. It is a program that can be used by anybody at any level especially with the techniques laid out in the power building book which is essentially an advanced manual for the LP.

If you think you are past the stage of running a program like this I encourage you to read the The Intermediate Syndrome. Any person who is tired or disillusioned with the results from other programs.

Make no mistake about it, the GSLP is a results oriented program because in the end all that matters are the results. If you have run the ever so popular Stronglifts or Starting Strength programs and are just tired of the Fat gains that come along with it, then the GSLP is the program for you.

If you are just starting out in lifting and want a program that is going to last longer that weeks, this is the program for you. I mean an impromptu pickup basketball game should never be a cardinal sin.

If you are tired of being in the gym days a week and not getting the results you want, this program is for you. Whether you want to gain muscle or lose fat, there is a variation for you on the GSLP program. If you are an intermediate lifter and are tired of complicated programing and just want to get back to slinging around heavy arse slag iron, the GSLP is for you. Essentially due to the programs principles, it can be adapted for anybody and everyone.

Intro- The 3rd edition of the book can be found here please take the time to read and digest the book as it is full of wisdom for novice and intermediate lifters alike. John had run the Starting Strength program as prescribed by Mark, but at some point just became extremely disillusioned with the fat he was gaining, with the demotivating resets, and with constantly hitting a wall after very little, if any, progress.

At some point he hated what he saw in the mirror and when he asked for advice on getting past sticking points on the lifts…. Johnny refused to accept this and set out to find a better way. In the books you will see this influence of Mark and Daunte, but you will also notice a lot of bodyweight movements. The finger prints off all three men can be found on the entire program and this mixture of Progression, Intensity, and Frequency is what makes the Greyskull LP what it is.

Greyskull started off as one of the original cross fit gyms and Johnny hosted the coaching seminars along with Mark to certify coaches. At the time there was no cross fit coaching cert and anybody could become one. Eventually Johnny came to the realization that the Crossfit brand was hurting his business not helping it. He wrote two awesome articles about why he left and how to unfrick your Crossfit gym.

The LP started as just a reset protocol for the starting strength program. Johnny would allow his trainees to push the last set to failure while performing a reset to not make them do the weight they already did for the same number of reps as before. Eventually the HS students he trained started asking if they could perform resets to gain muscle. Although he had fought the temptation for a while, Johnny realized that even the HS students understood they were gaining more muscle when they pushed the last set to failure.

In the End John set out to create a program that would rectify all of the issues with other LP programs while providing flexibility to allow trainees with different goals to actually achieve those goals. This led to the creation of the base Greyskull LP Program and the program in its current form did fix all of those issues.

In my opinion the GSLP is the perfect blend of hypertrophy and strength work and the program is unlike any other Novice or Intermediate program that I know of. Replies Options Top. The other LPs are Rigid and close minded forcing many to come up short of their goals.

Contrary to popular believe weight on the bar is not the only way to progress. If you want a strict adherence program, the GSLP is not it and honestly religion is for strict adherence not the gym.

Progress is everything and the only thing that fricking matters. Better nutrition from whole foods leads to be results in both strength and physique goals than a gallon of milk ever could. They are rotated either once a lift stalls multiple times, for simple variation and boredom, or to fill in physique goals.

No longer is wanting to due incline instead of bench or front squats instead of squats some taboo subject. The Greyskull LP is all about one thing, Progress. Linear Progression has existed since the story of Milo of Croton, the Greek wrestler who started carrying a Calf everyday on his shoulders.

As the calf grew, so did Milo until eventually Milo was carrying a full grown bull on his shoulders. The point of Linear Progression is to add small amounts of weights to the bar each session. This is common amongst all LP programs. The GSLP differentiates itself from others though because they slow this progression down, in fact they cut it in half only adding 2. This allows the user to continue to progress for much longer and not slam themselves into a wall.

Johnny adopted these changes because he never understood why you abandon the most basic premise in training after only a few months and he never accepted that an LP can only work for so long. Hence the Greyskull LP in its current form was born. Personal Records are motivating and really lets the individual push themselves much further than other wise. No longer are you forced to do only 5 reps and if you fail you must reset. Outside of the til failure final set, Greyskull also scales back the squatting to twice per week and the dead lifts to once per week.

This allows the user to not feel so beat up and continue to progress. Combined with the reduced weight additions, this combination allows the user to run the program and continue to progress much longer than other LP programs. Also the GSLP is not a set in stone program and is more a set of principles and allows the user to choose specific plug ins to reach their specific goal.

Not everyone wants to be strong and fat, most begin lifting to look and feel better. Some want bigger arms, some want a bigger yolk, some just want to be ripped to shreds. No matter the goal the GSLP can be adjusted to fit unlike every other LP which says do what the program says and if you do anything else, its no longer the program. The base of the program will revolve around the 4 big lifts and their variants. The Squat 2. The Bench Press 3.

The Deadlift 4. Starting Strength and Stronglifts ; because we are trying to prolong progress and not hit a wall. Sure adding 10lbs per session and a total of 30lbs a week sounds great and so does a lbs increase over 6 months but is this really sustainable or are you going to hit a wall with the quickness? Its simple, less frequency, more intensity with the final set and slowly adding weight will prolong the progress and over a 6 month time will allow the trainee to make more progress then he would have on one of the aforementioned programs.

We are interested in the longevity of the progress. Adding 5 lbs 2 times per week would yield a lbs increase over 6 months, is this completely realistic, maybe? So why not spread the frequency out more and slow down the progression even more? Because bar weight is not the only variable we are using. Why do we only deadlift once per week while squatting twice per week? The deadlift responds better to being trained only once a week and a proper deadlift session will tax your CNS more so than a heavy squat session.

With a progression of 5lbs a week, this still adds up to lbs or so in 6 months. Simple, the press and bench use less muscles and are less taxing on your CNS then squats and deads. This allows us to recover at a much faster rate. In other words, the more often we can provide just enough stress on a particular muscle for it to cause micro tears to have to adapt to protect itself, the faster our strengths and muscle gains will be, but recovery must be considered hence the overall volume of the program and the layering of plugins slowly to ensure adaptation to the increased volume.

Replies 8. Part 3-Exercise order- See page 32 in the book for more info Because most people prefer to have a well-developed upper body, we focus our intensity on the upper body lifts first in a workout. This is when we are freshest and keeps us from our CNS being shot due to the load that deads and squat place on the nervous system. No matter how grueling a bench or press session is, it will not come close to taxing the CNS or causing fatigue like the deadlift or squat do. Because of this CNS strain we perform squats and deads as the last lift of the day, always.

Also because we have removed the squat on Day 3 it allows us to prioritize the deadlift when compared to the other LP programs. Focusing our intensity on the upper body lift first allows to fall into the trap of the other notable LP programs which call for the squat first.

This is noticeable in before and after pics from trainees that have run these programs and an over development of the lower body or should we say under development of the upper body is very noticeable. The final advantage to this order is it allows the lifter to lay on the floor and cry for a few minutes after the hard squat and deadlift sessions.

If you do squats first and its hard as shit, but you grind out a new rep and weight record, the last thing you want to do is turn around 5 minutes later is go try and do the same thing on a bench or press session.



This book is intended to give the reader an inside look at what it is like to train at Greyskull. The program presented follows a hypothetical male trainee through twelve grueling weeks designed to produce significant, total-body hypertrophy, and build an imposing, strong physique. This is by no means a default representation of the training conducted here, but rather a snapshot of some of the methods that we employ. Undertaking this program for twelve weeks will certainly produce for you a very favorable set of results. While the GSLP is almost infinitely flexible and adaptable, programs like the one presented in this book are still commonplace for trainees who have been at it a bit longer. This is the first look Ive offered in print at the Powerbuilding methods that I am frequently asked about.


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