A dividing head is an accessory for accurately and repeatably rotating a piece of work through a small angle, for example to rotate a gear blank by the angle of a single tooth. Dividing heads are usually used with milling machines for making gears, reamers, etc. The problem with dividing heads is that they tend to be expensive. A less expensive alternative to a dividing head is a spin indexer, which can also be used to rotate work through a small angle. The problem with spin indexers is that they limit your choice of angle. The goal of this project is to build a dividing head from an inexpensive spin indexer and parts borrowed from the Gingery dividing head project.

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Privacy Terms. The Home Machinist! A site dedicated to enthusiasts of all skill levels and disciplines of the metalworking hobby. Skip to content. Quick links. The main frame of it is done. Now I'm trying to find the gears at a low price. I've found them in Mc Master Carr catalog. Anyone know where to find these gears at that price? I've toyed with the idea of making the gears myself but I don't know if I can as I do not know how to cut the worm to the right shape the worn is a 12 pitch and I know that 12 tpi is not the same, any ideas on that?

Thanks Norman. But might be worth a try. Dave J. Every day I ask myself, "What's the most fun thing to do today. I don't think Sherman or Mr. Peabody are around nor is the wayback machine working, it may need the same gears I need. I used to work in the oil field and some of our meters had the worm gears in them of different types and sizes wish now I'd kept some of the thrown away parts now.

We switched to turbine meters and all of the spare parts from the worm gear driven meters went into the trash. I wonder how well a home made worn and worm gear would work if by chance I could get the ratio at 40 to 1? I'd have to make it by either cutting a hob or using a tap to cut the worm wheel. I'm not sure if more tpi or less tpi would be the best way to go. Once you decide on a gear ratio, you have to select the pitch so the gears are a suitable size to fit in your housings.

If your housings are sized according to the plans, you have little or no leeway to change the gears, you need a 40 tooth gear and worm of a pitch that fit the housings. Don Young. Thanks, Henry. I belileve that after you get done with that section you will, if you are a machinist to begin with, be able to make this gear set, if you have the machine tools to begin with, which you don't as you will need a dividing head to manufacture any gear.

You aren't going to make a gear with a file and a dremel tool and a lathe isn't a machine shop, only one machine tool.

Once you get out of the area of straight cut spur gears you pretty well have to have a milling machine that you can gear a dividing head to the lead screw in order to mill a helix. That is what a worm is and the gear that it runs with is a worm gear and that also has a helix angle to work with the worm.

I really encourage you to read a few of these old books and in the process you will probably find out that most of what "Dave" has been selling to all of you is actually free and really easy to access now that we have the intenet and the ability to download 'out of copyright books'. The price of these gears is really cheap considering the skill and equipment required to make a worm and worm gear of the class required by a dividing head. I'm really not sure I understand everything I know about this Greg Hornbostel.

I have the start of the dividing head cast and machined here's a couple of photos. This all of the patterns I have made,only pattern left to make is the indexing plate pattern. These patterns are made from scrap wood and MDF coated with varnish and waxed.

The white one I tried some cheap spray paint on it just to see how it would work for a finish I think the varnish works better..

I hope to be able to cast most of the patterns today. I started machining the steel parts and will post photos later. Last edited by norman on Sun Mar 19, am, edited 2 times in total. On the left side is the unfinished casting that will be the index plate carrier. I have 5 parts in there Some times things don't always go good I had 2 of the patterns leak out of the bottom. These are the 2 parts that leaked out no big deal I'll just remelt them. The leak happened because I didn't plug a vent hole good enough.

I'm now working on the plates so I'm getting close to having this project done. Board index All times are UTC.


dividing head "Gingery designed"

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Gingery-Style Dividing Head

Privacy Terms. The Home Machinist! A site dedicated to enthusiasts of all skill levels and disciplines of the metalworking hobby. Skip to content. Quick links. The main frame of it is done. Now I'm trying to find the gears at a low price.

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