It seems that the world is warming up; we are aware that significant measures must be taken to combat activities that contribute to this problem. We must also be firm in our commitment to honour the Kyoto Treaty and to go beyond the rhetoric of environmental protection. We must replace fluorinated gases with safer alternatives and take real action towards stopping their release into the environment. However, it would be counterproductive to ban these gases in such a way that we simply destroy European companies, while simply moving manufactured products that use F-gases to countries that do not ban them, countries that may even see an EU ban on fluorinated gases as an opportunity to capture the refrigeration and other related markets.

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PL EN. Search Browse About. Article details. Link to site. Acta Geographica Lodziensia. Article title. Full texts: Download. Title variants. Languages of publication. The results of the measurements show that there are both similarities and differences in the seasonal and diurnal variability of the fluxes of these gases. All the measured net turbulent fluxes have been characterized by a clear annual variability. In the case of water vapor, the flux maximum was observed in summer, while the maximum value of the flow of carbon dioxide and methane appeared in winter.

Furthermore, all fluxes were characterized by a distinct diurnal course, in the case of water vapor clearly visible in summer and for the other gases in winter. Since carbon dioxide and methane in urban areas come mainly from anthropogenic emissions, the fluxes of these gases were also characterized by a weekly variability.

The fluxes at weekends were significantly lower, especially in the case of carbon dioxide. Such variability has not been observed in the case of the water vapor flux. Physical description. Eddy Covariance. Burba George, Dan Anderson.

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PL EN. Search Browse About. Article details. Link to site.


"gazy cieplarniane" in English

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