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Explaining the Pandemic to my Past Self Part 2. A man simply asks students in Beijing what day it is, 26 years after the Tiananmen Square Massacre. Their reactions are very powerful. Senior High School student in my hometown was not allowed to walk with his graduating class this year for speaking out against the incompetent administration.

A Tesla's onboard cameras record a woman who appears to be keying it. I think we all need to listen to Dave Chappelle talk about Emmit Till. Few people could keep up with Robin Williams the way Craig Ferguson could. I've seen the tecnique copied in viral videos, but noone credits this criminally underwatched dude that did it first. As taught by Star Trek. Guy spends 2 years driving through Europe in a van rigged as a studio and records street musicians.

Dog's dramatic reaction to getting shots. Mark Zuckerberg is a lizard person. I'm not really into the whole 'OK boomer' meme but it turns out we're not the first generation to make fun of them. Automatic golf club replaces all your clubs and improves your game. Paymoneywubby does Twitch staff impression then shows the email he received after being banned for 5 days. Watch Ricky easily get his child out of state custody.

This is the kind of quality entertainment I expect to see at 3am on Adult Swim. So underrated! Incredible acting from Sarah Goldberg in the show 'Barry', bookended by some classic Bill Hader hilarity.

These guys need a shoutout. Men saving seals from a life of torment. Man can do super realistic animal noises.

I promise it's more entertaining than it sounds. Storm chasers catch real time footage of Red Sprites, a type of lighting that goes up miles above storms, along with a new phenomenon. Walked across GTA 5's map 2 hours and made a short timelapse out of it. Hope you'll enjoy it! Amazon deforestation will cause drought in U. Stan Lee destroys Rob Liefields character design. I've only ever used one side of a cheese-grater".

Jackass decides to attempt sky dive without a parachute. Former CIA disguise expert who uses his skills to fix disfigured faces. This is the sales man of the year!! Excellent results haha. Getting botox and a makeover on only one side of your body This ams greatest [NSFW].

This is what happens when you ask regular people in China about the Tiananmen Square Massacre. Full story behind the viral video of the Australian firetruck overrun by bushfire flames. As a kid this is how I pictured cops would react to being told to go against the people they protect - RoboCop 3. As relevant a song today as it was 20 yrs ago.

A food video intro, but it just keeps going. Salieri reading Mozart's music in the movie "Amadeus" is one of the great scenes in cinema. Highly recommended if you love top-tier drama. A near death experience my guide dog saved me from!

I was completely in the dark. NSFW if anyone is still at work. Spliced vid, they didn't yoink him quite that fast. I think this deserves to be shared all around the world. Let's do this together! Great Oscar moment: Charlton Heston has a flat tire, and is late to present at the ceremony. An unprepared Clint Eastwood has to step in for him. One of the most incredible music comedians ever, Victor Borge. Lady Gaga meets June Brown.

Everyday deer enters house, eats breakfast, hangs out and watches Sports Center. Uriah Halls brutal spinning back kick knockout. Shark checks out swimmer in Panama City Beach.

What it's actually like making plans with people. Hi my name's Paul, I am new to the single scene. The more the substance oozes, the more frantic the robot grows Huge mudslide dragging several houses into the sea in Alta, Norway.

Sleeping Dog lets one rip - Cat's priceless reaction. My best friend IRL has a small Youtube channel and makes in-depth educational videos about traffic, with very few average viewers. Today he posted a video explaining toll booths and actually makes them seem interesting.

Here's a song I just made to teach kids about vaccines and getting over their fear of shots. I'm bracing myself for the influx of anti-vax parents in the YouTube comments. Robert Kennedy's speech following Dr. King's assassination -- words we should hear from our leaders today. In order to become a black cab driver in London, one must pass the knowledge test.

This includes memorizing over 25, street names and 20, points of interest, among other things. Take Me Home, Country Road played with the lyrics increasingly confused. Possibly the best audience ever filmed B. B King.

I made a video to reveal my Halloween Costume. Boy takes down hate preacher in the most Scottish way possible. Guy give hilarious commentary while riding an Alpine Coaster.

The Equifax boardroom when they said they're gonna send you a check. Eurovision Russia is really stepping up their game. Tiny meteorites are everywhere. He spent 3 yrs on this which he thinks were wasted. But what he made is unreal. It's a viewable horror book with its own soundtrack all made by him alone. I've never seen anything like it before.

I'm stunned. Strong David Lynch vibes. Remember to treat your mother right! Why this adorable otter family took over Singapore's streets. Since Alabama has been in the news lately, let's remember that time Top Gear went there and tried to get each other shot or arrested. Joel Michael Singer assaulted 2 3 innocents then was put down. This video by vice on a horrific honour killing in Pakistan led to the murder of activist who exposed the perpetrators after he's whereabouts where identified from the video.

George Carlin being current and poignant as fuck back in A really simple way to demonstrate the Greenhouse Gas Effect of carbon dioxide - two bottles filled partially with water, put a seltzer tablet in one to produce CO2, close the lid, put in front of a heat lamp, and measure the temperature. The Royal Navy's field gun competition, in which teams of sailors compete to transport a field gun and its equipment over and through a series of obstacles in the shortest time. I've spent the last four months writing and producing this music for trombone and loop pedal.

After years as an orchestral musician and playing other people's music, it feels great to finally play something that's all me. High School Fitness Program in Look at those muscles I've never seen a more cheerful guy in my life. Amazing jam session - Three random guys sing together. Jake Holmes- Dazed and Confused original version. Led Zeppelin gave overdue acknowledgment in


deadmau5 - Strobe - Evan Duffy Version (piano tutorial)



Deadmau5 Strobe Evan Duffy Piano Cover


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